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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 43
PubMed Score 128.03
PubTator Score 78.94

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  Disease Sources (3)

Disease Target Count
IGA Glomerulonephritis 454
Disease Target Count P-value
juvenile dermatomyositis 1189 1.03337315845998E-9
colon cancer 1475 8.19599925421712E-5
psoriasis 6685 1.34558812656305E-4
ovarian cancer 8492 0.00486211643809218
Waldenstrons macroglobulinemia 765 0.00746747661752686
lung cancer 4473 0.0189424362203657
Disease Target Count Z-score Confidence
Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome 32 3.142 1.6
DiGeorge syndrome 46 3.008 1.5


  Differential Expression (6)

Disease log2 FC p
Waldenstrons macroglobulinemia 1.114 0.007
psoriasis 1.300 0.000
juvenile dermatomyositis 1.008 0.000
lung cancer 1.600 0.019
colon cancer 1.700 0.000
ovarian cancer 1.500 0.005


Accession Q14493 B3KRJ5
Symbols HBP



4L8R   4QOZ   2KJM  

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25266719 arsenic, a carcinogenic metal, decreases cellular levels of SLBP by inducing its proteasomal degradation and inhibiting SLBP transcription via epigenetic mechanisms
25002523 Although the C-terminal tail of dSLBP does not contact the RNA, phosphorylation of the tail promotes SLBP conformations competent for RNA binding and thereby appears to reduce the entropic penalty for the association.
24255165 C-terminal extension of Lsm4 interacts directly with the histone mRNP, contacting both SLBP and 3'hExo.
24122909 the S/G2 stable mutant form of SLBP is degraded by proteasome in G1, indicating that indicating that the SLBP degradation in G1 is independent of the previously identified SLBP degradation at S/G2
23941746 Alternative splicing allows the synthesis of HBP/SLBP isoforms with different properties that may be important for regulating HBP/SLBP functions during replication stress.
23329046 the crystal structure of a ternary complex of human SLBP RNA binding domain, human 3'hExo, and a 26-nucleotide stem-loop RNA is reported.
23286197 Data suggest that oligomerization and SLBP phosphorylation regulate SLBP-SLIP1-histone-mRNA complex formation/disassociation; sequential and ordered assembly is required.
23286197 This paper describes the biophysical characterization of human SLBP and the SLBP-SLIP1 complex. Human SLBP is an intrinsically disordered protein that is phosphorylated at 23 Ser/Thr sites when expressed in a eukaryotic expression system such as baculovirus. Unphosphorylated human SLBP forms a high affinity heterotetramer with SLIP1 and the SLBP-SLIP1 complex is regulated by SLBP phosphorylation.
23234701 Using yeast two-hybrid screening, the authors identify CT initiation factor-interacting protein (CTIF) as a protein that binds directly to SLBP. SLBP preferentially associates with the CT complex of histone mRNAs consisting of CBP80/CBP20, but not with the eIF4E/eIF4G (ET) complex, as has been proposed. Rapid degradation of histone mRNA on the inhibition of DNA replication requires association of SLBP with CTIF.
22907757 This paper shows that SLBP is a substrate for the prolyl isomerase Pin1. Pin1, along with PP2A, facilitates dissociation of the SLBP-histone mRNA complex at the end of S-phase, thereby promoting histone mRNA decay and SLBP ubiquitination.

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Text Mined References (50)

PMID Year Title
25893362 2015 A Potential New Mechanism of Arsenic Carcinogenesis: Depletion of Stem-Loop Binding Protein and Increase in Polyadenylated Canonical Histone H3.1 mRNA.
25266719 2014 Arsenic induces polyadenylation of canonical histone mRNA by down-regulating stem-loop-binding protein gene expression.
25002523 2014 Molecular mechanisms for the regulation of histone mRNA stem-loop-binding protein by phosphorylation.
24255165 2014 The C-terminal extension of Lsm4 interacts directly with the 3' end of the histone mRNP and is required for efficient histone mRNA degradation.
24122909 2014 Translation regulation and proteasome mediated degradation cooperate to keep stem-loop binding protein low in G1-phase.
23941746 2013 Replication stress-induced alternative mRNA splicing alters properties of the histone RNA-binding protein HBP/SLBP: a key factor in the control of histone gene expression.
23329046 2013 Structure of histone mRNA stem-loop, human stem-loop binding protein, and 3'hExo ternary complex.
23286197 2013 Assembly of the SLIP1-SLBP complex on histone mRNA requires heterodimerization and sequential binding of SLBP followed by SLIP1.
23234701 2013 Rapid degradation of replication-dependent histone mRNAs largely occurs on mRNAs bound by nuclear cap-binding proteins 80 and 20.
23186163 2013 Toward a comprehensive characterization of a human cancer cell phosphoproteome.