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Funding $2,178,783.74
PubMed Score 355.24
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Gene RIF (69)

26759260 FHL2 overexpression could contribute to the growth, proliferation, invasiveness, and metastasis of human tongue squamous cell carcinoma.
26759258 FHL2 might interact with Runx2 to mediate mesenchymal cell differentiation at the early stages of tooth development and human dental pulp cell differentiation.
26548523 Studies indicate that the LIM-only protein FHL2 interactome is functionally involved in the cardiovascular system.
26320172 KLF8-induced FHL2 activation is a novel and critical signaling mechanism underlying human colorectal cancer invasion and metastasis.
26222912 These results identify FHL2 as a novel gene associated with asthma severity in human.
26211626 Describe the molecular network governing FHL2 expression, and FHL2-linked cancers and the underlying molecular machinery. Review.
25917075 results provide evidence for the importance of the focal adhesion protein FHL2 in pancreatic cancer cell survival, proliferation and radiosensitivity
25855776 we conclude that FHL2 has both structural and functional protein-protein interactions with b-catenin in the podocyte nucleus and that FHL2 protein inhibition can mitigate Wnt/b-catenin-induced podocytopathy.
25596251 Enhanced FHL2 and TGF-beta1 expression is correlated with poor survival in human malignant melanoma
25554651 Tumoral expression of nuclear cofactor FHL2 is associated with lymphatic metastasis in sporadic but not in hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer-associated colorectal cancer.

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PMID Year Title
26759260 2016 Four and a half LIM domains 2 contributes to the development of human tongue squamous cell carcinoma.
26759258 2016 FHL2 mediates tooth development and human dental pulp cell differentiation into odontoblasts, partially by interacting with Runx2.
26548523 2016 Protein-protein interactions of the LIM-only protein FHL2 and functional implication of the interactions relevant in cardiovascular disease.
26320172 2015 KLF8 promotes tumorigenesis, invasion and metastasis of colorectal cancer cells by transcriptional activation of FHL2.
26222912 2015 Deficiency of FHL2 attenuates airway inflammation in mice and genetic variation associates with human bronchial hyper-responsiveness.
26211626 2015 The FHL2 regulation in the transcriptional circuitry of human cancers.
25917075 2015 LIM-only protein FHL2 critically determines survival and radioresistance of pancreatic cancer cells.
25855776 2015 Four-and-a-Half LIM Domains Protein 2 Is a Coactivator of Wnt Signaling in Diabetic Kidney Disease.
25596251 2015 Enhanced FHL2 and TGF-?1 Expression Is Associated With Invasive Growth and Poor Survival in Malignant Melanomas.
25554651 2015 Tumoral expression of nuclear cofactor FHL2 is associated with lymphatic metastasis in sporadic but not in HNPCC-associated colorectal cancer.