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osteosarcoma -6.702 1.5e-08
group 3 medulloblastoma 2.300 2.1e-04
psoriasis 1.100 3.1e-03

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26903544 a broad range of hitherto unrelated human red cell disorders are caused by variants in KLF1, a master regulator of erythropoiesis, which were previously considered to be extremely rare causes of human genetic disease [review]
26840243 results suggest that KLF1 directly regulates the beta-globin gene, but probably has less direct impact on expression of the gamma-globin gene in fetal erythroblasts
26303528 The study identified the DEK oncoprotein as a critical factor that interacts with an essential upstream enhancer element of the EKLF promoter and exerts a positive effect on EKLF levels.
26159733 erythrocyte lineage enforces exclusivity through upregulation of EKLF and its lineage-specific cytokine receptor (EpoR) while inhibiting both FLI-1 and the receptor TpoR (also known as MPL) for the opposing megakaryocyte lineage
26053062 a successful induction of gamma-globin includes a reduction in BCL11A, KLF1 and TAL1 expression.
25976964 Studies indicate that Kruppel-like factor 1 (KLF1) mutations have been associated with severe hematologic disorders.
25724378 Described is a case of severe neonatal anemia with kernicterus caused by compound heterozygosity for null mutations in KLF1, each inherited from asymptomatic parents. One of the mutations is novel. This is the first described case of a KLF1-null human.
25694242 KLF1 mutations are associated with increased hemoglobin F and A2 expression.
25690802 Here we describe a Japanese patient with mild beta-thalassemia with an intact beta-globin gene but a new missense mutation of c.947G > A or p.C316Y in the KLF1 gene which is strongly associated with the expression of the beta-globin gene.
25585695 A KLF1-targeted promoter-reporter assay showed that the two mutations reduce the expression of the HBB, BCL11A, and CD44 genes involved in erythropoiesis.
25583416 The patient with the p.F182L variant (KLF1: c.544T > C) had noticeably high Hb A2 levels (7.6%), consistent with the phenotypic effect of several previously characterized KLF1 mutations in the same exonic region.
25528728 These results indicate that KLF1 plays a role in facilitating and/or stabilizing GATA-1 and TAL1 occupancy in the erythroid genes, contributing to the generation of active chromatin structure such as histone acetylation and chromatin looping
25457384 SCF-mediated gamma-globin gene expression in adult human erythroid cells is associated with KLF1, BCL11A and SOX6 down-regulation.
24916507 expression of erythroid Kruppel-like factor (EKLF) precedes PlGF, and its enforced expression in erythroid progenitor cells induces PlGF mRNA
24857170 Molecular defect in the alpha-globin and beta-globin genes, and in the KLF1 gene were found in the borderline hemoglobin A2 Chinese individuals.
24829204 findings suggest that KLF1 mutations occur selectively in the presence of beta-thalassemia to increase the production of HbF, which in turn ameliorates the clinical severity of beta-thalassemia.
24711040 The frequency of rare Lu(a-b-) blood group in Shanghai was approximately 0.02%, and all the individuals had an In(Lu) phenotype. The molecular basis of such samples may be related to mutations in the EKLF/KLF1 gene.
24594363 In erythroid cells, pull down experiments identified the presence of a novel complex formed by HDAC5, GATA1, EKLF and pERK which was instead undetectable in cells of the megakaryocytic lineage.
24443441 Mutations in Kruppel-like factor 1 cause transfusion-dependent hemolytic anemia and persistence of embryonic globin gene expression.
24139988 Select activation-degradation regions like the ones found in EKLF and SREBP1a function in part through their ability to form noncovalent interactions with ubiquitin.
23806141 Data suggest that the Kruppel-like factor 1 (KLF) mutations could be one of the causes of hereditary persistence of fetal hemoglobin (HPFH) in regions where thalassemias are common.
23474875 KLF1 conscripts the adult-stage beta-globin gene to replace the gamma-globin gene within the active chromatin hub in a stage-specific manner.
23223429 Simvastatin and tBHQ suppress KLF1 and BCL11 gene expression and additively increase fetal hemoglobin in primary human erythroid cells.
23209159 Regulators, including BCL11A, MYB, and KLF1, hold great promise to develop targeted and more effective approaches for HbF induction
23161389 The 1st KLF1 gene promoter mutation (KLF1:g.-148G > A) associated with increased HbF resides in an Sp1 binding site & prevents Sp1 binding. It is involved in human fetal globin gene switching.
23125034 Data show that KLF1 haploinsufficiency is responsible for the In(Lu) blood type.
22965552 EKLF mRNA level was significantly decreased in the blood and bone marrow of 5q- syndrome and in all Diamond-Blackfan anemia patients.
22393050 Studies show that Ppm1b plays a multilayered role in regulating the availability and optimal activity of the EKLF protein in erythroid cells.
22102705 KLF1 mutations could make a significant contribution to Hb F variance in malarial regions where hemogobinopathies are common. A single altered KLF1 allele is sufficient to increase Hb F levels.
22093801 Mutated KLF1 results in delayed fetal hemoglobin switching in humans, confirming previous in vitro and animal studies and the crucial role of KLF1 in regulating globin gene expression.
21821711 Six different KLF1 mutations were identified in 52 of 145 subjects with borderline HBA2 and normal mean corpuscular volume and mean corpuscular hemoglobin.
21778342 E325K protein may therefore actively interfere with EKLF-dependent processes by destabilizing transcription complexes, providing a rational explanation for the severity of the disease phenotype.
21670263 solution structure of the EKLFTAD2/Tfb1PH complex indicates that EKLFTAD2 binds Tfb1PH in an extended conformation, which is in contrast to the alpha-helical conformation seen for p53TAD2 in complex with Tfb1PH
21610079 KLF1 and KLF2 positively regulate the embryonic and fetal beta-globin genes through direct promoter binding.
21273267 Data show that the association of KLF1 mutations with very high levels of zinc protoporphyrin.
21190291 KLF1 Directly Coordinates Almost All Aspects of Terminal Erythroid Differentiation.
21157349 KLF1, a vital erythroid transcription factor, activates BCL11A and assists in coordinating the switch from fetal to adult hemoglobin
21055716 the study of this disease-causing mutation in KLF1 provides further insights into the roles of this transcription factor during erythropoiesis in humans.
20686118 Overexpression of either KLF1 or LMO2 partially rescued the defect in erythropoiesis caused by c-myb silencing, whereas only KLF1 was also able to repress the megakaryocyte differentiation enhanced in Myb-silenced CD34+ cells.
20676099 Haploinsufficiency for KLF1 causes hereditary persistence of fetal hemoglobin.
20676097 KLF1 controls globin gene switching by directly activating beta-globin and indirectly repressing gamma-globin gene expression.
20642331 Results indicate that detailed analysis of the distribution of the HBB gene mutations is useful for genetic counseling in the region.
20379614 Clinical trial of gene-disease association and gene-environment interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
19850899 The effect of EKLF on megakaryocyte-erythroid progenitor lineage decision and commitment is cell autonomous in bone marrow reconstitution assays where stem cells lacking EKLF favor the megakaryocyte differentiation pathway.
19251649 EKLF directs different modes of tissue-specific transcriptional activation depending on the architecture of its target core promoter.
19220418 EKLF and the co-activator BRG1 are co-opted by short-chain fatty acid derivatives to activate the gamma globin genes
19097174 A higher expression of EKLF was found in secondary AML versus primary AML. Nevertheless, patients expressing EKLF had a longer overall survival and event free survival than those patients that did not express EKLF.
18523154 EKLF restricts megakaryocytic differentiation to the benefit of erythrocytic differentiation and suggest that this might be at least partially mediated by the inhibition of FLI-1 recruitment to megakaryocytic and Fli-1 gene promoters.
18487511 A search for mutations in erythroid transcription factors showed mutations in the promoter or coding sequence of EKLF in 21 of 24 persons with the In(Lu) phenotype.
18329016 These studies suggest there is an unexplored role for EKLF in the cytoplasm that is separate from its well-characterized nuclear function.
18195733 Sp1/Sp3, but not EKLF, is involved in the activation of the GATA-1 erythroid promoter, and that histones H3 and H4 are highly acetylated in this promoter region for an actively transcribed GATA-1
16858401 Our results further indicate that in hematopoietic progenitors, EKLF influences chromatin organization at the human beta-globin locus and is instrumental for human beta-gene potentiation
16184297 Erythroid Kruppel-like factor (EKLF; KLF1) is a transcription factor, originally identified in this laboratory, which plays a crucial role as a transcriptional activator at the adult beta-globin locus.
15937668 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
14976188 bifunctional control of IL-12 p40 by EKLF and its modulation of NFkappaB support a potential function for this factor in orchestrating IL-12 p40 production in macrophages
11844803 nuclear localization determinants of EKLF depend on basic residues with the Kruppel zinc finter dna binding domains

AA Sequence

SDHLALHMKRHL                                                              351 - 362

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