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Gene RIF (21)

26342464 Trim21 regulates Nmi-IFI35 complex-mediated inhibition of innate antiviral response
26146406 N-myc and STAT interactor sensitizes breast cancer cells to cisplatin treatment through DRAM1 dependent autophagy.
25907116 The results showed that SARS coronavirus protein 6 can promote the ubiquitin-dependent proteosomal degradation of Nmi.
25669971 overexpression or depletion of NMI revealed its regulation on G1/S progression and cell proliferation (both in vitro and in vivo), and this effect was partially dependent on STAT1, which interacted with and was regulated by NMI.
25387807 Its potential function in transcriptional activation of NMI.
25174825 Results show that aberrant miR-29 expression may account for reduced NMI expression in breast tumors and mesenchymal phenotype of cancer cells that promotes invasive growth.
24936061 identified NMI induction as a novel negative feedback mechanism that decreases IRE1alpha-dependent activation of JNK and apoptosis in cytokine-exposed beta cells
23034180 Thus our work reveals a novel NMI-mediated, transcription-independent ARF induction pathway in response to cellular stresses.
20237496 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19358268 Data suggest that overexpression of Nmi inhibits the Wnt/beta-catenin signaling via up-regulation of Dkk1 and retards tumor growth.

AA Sequence

QRAKNGGGEVDVVKCSLGQPHIAYFEE                                               281 - 307

Text Mined References (42)

PMID Year Title
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26342464 2015 Trim21 regulates Nmi-IFI35 complex-mediated inhibition of innate antiviral response.
26146406 2015 N-Myc and STAT Interactor regulates autophagy and chemosensitivity in breast cancer cells.
25907116 2015 Severe acute respiratory syndrome coronavirus protein 6 mediates ubiquitin-dependent proteosomal degradation of N-Myc (and STAT) interactor.
25669971 2015 High expression of N-myc (and STAT) interactor predicts poor prognosis and promotes tumor growth in human glioblastoma.
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