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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 1,181
PubMed Score 4042.73
PubTator Score 2865.77

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Accession Q09160
Symbols HLAA


Gene RIF (1298)

26974162 Promiscuous Recognition of a Trypanosoma cruzi CD8+ T Cell Epitope among HLA-A2, HLA-A24 and HLA-A1 Supertypes in Chagasic Patients.
26967484 HLA-A alleles are associated with dermatitis herpetiformis in Chinese population.
26787886 Vitiligo risk associated with the MHC class I region thus derives from combined quantitative and qualitative phenomena: a SNP haplotype in a transcriptional regulator that induces gain-of-function, elevating expression of HLA-A RNA
26656886 the carriage of HLA-A SNP rs1655900 studied is not associated with the susceptibility to CT infection based on the data from the STD cohort.
26621839 Data indicate that adoptive transfer of peptide-induced cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTL) cells from HLA-A2 transgenic mice into human tumor xenograft SCID mice significantly inhibited tumor growth.
26600404 This report presents results of a study of similarities and dissimilarities comparing all possible pairs of 43 high resolution X-ray structures of human HLA-A2.
26564811 expression on melanoma variants with B-Raf kinase inhibitors plays a major role in their susceptibility to NK-cell cytotoxicity
26507656 mutant N-terminally extended peptides exhibited significantly increased HLA-A*02:01 binding affinity and elicited CD8(+) T cell stimulation in vitro similar to the wtgp100209-217 epitope.
26490229 HLA-A*31:01 was confirmed to be significantly associated with definite/probable cases of Stevens-Johnson syndrome/toxic epidermal necrolysis
26448174 HLA-A*02:06 with Toll Like Receptor 3 polymorphisms and HLA-A*02:06 with prostaglandin e receptor-3 polymorphisms exerted additive effects in Stevens-Johnson Syndrome with Surface Ocular Complications

AA Sequence

DSAQGSDVSLTACKV                                                           351 - 365

Text Mined References (1187)

PMID Year Title
26974162 2016 Promiscuous Recognition of a Trypanosoma cruzi CD8+ T Cell Epitope among HLA-A2, HLA-A24 and HLA-A1 Supertypes in Chagasic Patients.
26967484 2016 The HLA Alleles B*0801 and DRB1*0301 Are Associated with Dermatitis Herpetiformis in a Chinese Population.
26787886 2016 Autoimmune vitiligo is associated with gain-of-function by a transcriptional regulator that elevates expression of HLA-A*02:01 in vivo.
26656886 2016 Potential protective effect of a G>A SNP in the 3'UTR of HLA-A for Chlamydia trachomatis symptomatology and severity of infection.
26621839 2016 A HLA-A2-restricted CTL epitope induces anti-tumor effects against human lung cancer in mouse xenograft model.
26600404 2016 Clusters of Structurally Similar MHC I HLA-A2 Molecules, Found with a New Method, Suggest Mechanisms of T-Cell Receptor Avidity.
26564811 2016 HLA class I downregulation is associated with enhanced NK-cell killing of melanoma cells with acquired drug resistance to BRAF inhibitors.
26507656 2015 The T210M Substitution in the HLA-a*02:01 gp100 Epitope Strongly Affects Overall Proteasomal Cleavage Site Usage and Antigen Processing.
26490229 2015 Development of a simple genotyping method for the HLA-A*31:01-tagging SNP in Japanese.
26448174 2015 Genetic Predisposition to Stevens-Johnson Syndrome With Severe Ocular Surface Complications.