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medulloblastoma, large-cell 1.100 0.001


Accession Q05066
Symbols TDF




1HRY   1HRZ   1J46   1J47   2GZK  

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Chimp OMA EggNOG Inparanoid

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26121024 The aim of this study was to compare two Y chromosome markers-SRY and DYS14-for their utility in the diagnosis of fetal gender
26013162 SRY is involved in the maintenance of cancer stem-like characteristics through OCT4.
25783200 The SRY gene in plasma extracellular vesicles transferred to vascular endothelial cells may play an important role in the pathogenesis of atherosclerosis
25374395 These findings demonstrate that autosomal retention of SRY can be sub-microscopic and emphasize the importance of PCR and FISH in the genetic workup of the monosomic X male
25274159 High levels of SRY expression correlated with cancer progression and poor HCC patient survival. However, high SRY levels are not significantly correlated with HCC sex bias.
25267720 Results show that SRY could be expressed in tissues of Hirschsprung patients. It binds to the promoter of RET gene by competing with SOX10 for its interaction with PAX3 and NKX2-1 repressing their transcriptional expression and RET's as well.
25258310 Findings demonstrate that the folding, trafficking, and gene-regulatory function of testis-determining factor SRY requires an invariant aromatic "buttress" beneath its specific DNA-bending surface.
24708242 Data suggest that sex-determining region Y protein SRY upregulation after dopamine cell injury is initially a protective response in males, but diminishes with gradual loss in dopamine cells.
24668626 Overall, these results indicated that the main mechanism of sex reversal are not associated with mutations in the coding regions of SOX9 and DAX1 or copy number variations of SOX9, which is consistent with results of previous studies.
24128372 A proximal promoter construct for the MAS gene was repressed by the SOX [SRY (sex-determining region on the Y chromosome) box] proteins SRY, SOX2, SOX3 and SOX14, of which SRY is known to interact with the KRAB domain.

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PMID Year Title
26121024 2015 Noninvasive Diagnosis of Fetal Gender: Utility of Combining DYS14 and SRY.
26013162 2015 SRY and OCT4 Are Required for the Acquisition of Cancer Stem Cell-Like Properties and Are Potential Differentiation Therapy Targets.
25783200 2015 SRY gene transferred by extracellular vesicles accelerates atherosclerosis by promotion of leucocyte adherence to endothelial cells.
25773886 2015 Microchimerism in alopecia areata.
25374395 2015 An infertile 45,X male with a SRY-bearing chromosome 13: a clinical case report and literature review.
25274159 2015 Sex-determination gene SRY potentially associates with poor prognosis but not sex bias in hepatocellular carcinoma.
25267720 2015 SRY interference of normal regulation of the RET gene suggests a potential role of the Y-chromosome gene in sexual dimorphism in Hirschsprung disease.
25258310 2014 Structure-function relationships in human testis-determining factor SRY: an aromatic buttress underlies the specific DNA-bending surface of a high mobility group (HMG) box.
24708242 2014 Transient neuroprotection by SRY upregulation in dopamine cells following injury in males.
24668626 2014 Investigation of mutations in the SRY, SOX9, and DAX1 genes in sex reversal patients from the Sichuan region of China.