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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 65
PubMed Score 610.59
PubTator Score 475.90

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  Disease Sources (4)

Disease Target Count P-value
psoriasis 6685 3.93247127551031E-86
non-small cell lung cancer 2798 4.58127328521977E-18
lung carcinoma 2844 6.18310979383423E-12
malignant mesothelioma 3163 1.11099655336116E-8
lung cancer 4473 6.89601034068202E-7
pituitary cancer 1972 7.27181358507163E-6
lung adenocarcinoma 2714 7.47144466955322E-6
ovarian cancer 8492 5.29267090491186E-5
ulcerative colitis 2087 1.10199583018359E-4
chronic lymphosyte leukemia 232 3.14482790347943E-4
hepatocellular carcinoma 550 8.11655926809777E-4
cutaneous lupus erythematosus 1056 0.00161847735434582
interstitial cystitis 2299 0.008759516528519
gastric cancer 436 0.0125702706955745
ependymoma 2514 0.0131668664433988
acute myeloid leukemia 785 0.0246855785622424
Waldenstrons macroglobulinemia 765 0.035452404606678
mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma 480 0.0457962647510774
Disease Target Count Z-score Confidence
Rheumatoid Arthritis 1171 0.0 2.0


  Differential Expression (18)

Disease log2 FC p
gastric cancer -1.200 0.013
hepatocellular carcinoma -1.700 0.001
Waldenstrons macroglobulinemia 1.128 0.035
malignant mesothelioma 3.100 0.000
ependymoma -1.100 0.013
cutaneous lupus erythematosus 1.900 0.002
chronic lymphosyte leukemia -1.100 0.000
non-small cell lung cancer -2.101 0.000
lung cancer -4.700 0.000
interstitial cystitis 1.500 0.009
lung adenocarcinoma -1.190 0.000
lung carcinoma -1.700 0.000
mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lympho... 1.296 0.046
acute myeloid leukemia 1.300 0.025
ulcerative colitis 1.700 0.000
ovarian cancer 1.300 0.000
pituitary cancer 1.600 0.000
psoriasis 1.400 0.000


Accession Q01151 Q5THX9 hCD83
Symbols BL11


  Ortholog (9)

Gene RIF (60)

26575844 nonspreading Rift Valley fever virus infection of monocyte-derived immature denditic cells results in incomplete maturation, associated with gradual downregulation of CD83.
26561569 Triple costimulation via CD80, 4-1BB, and CD83 ligand elicits the long-term growth of Vgamma9Vdelta2 T cells in low levels of IL-2.
26129803 These results suggest that HTLV-I induces CD83 expression on T cells via Tax1 -mediated NF-kappaB activation, which may promote HTLV-I infection in vivo.
25997495 Sustained expression of CD83 was observed when CD4+ T cells were induced by transforming growth factor-beta to differentiate into CD4+CD25+ forkhead box P3+ regulatory T (iTreg) cells.
25701785 GRASP55 interacts with CD83 shortly after induction of dendritic cells maturation and that this interaction plays a role in CD83 glycosylation as well as in surface expression of CD83 on dendritic cells.
25275127 Both HIV-1 Nef and Vpu downregulate the cell surface expression of CD83
25243645 suggesting that a negative feedback regulation may exist in monocyte differentiation into dendritic cells (DCs) based on sCD83 released from the mature DCs
25151500 CD83(+) T cells share important features with regulatory T cells, identifying CD83 as a novel lineage marker to discriminate between different T cell populations.
24696476 Both HIV-1 Nef and Vpu downregulate the cell surface expression of CD83
24643878 HSV-1 ICP0 alone induces CD83 degradation independent of its E3 ubiquitin ligase function and of the ubiquitin machinery.

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Text Mined References (68)

PMID Year Title
26575844 2015 Nonspreading Rift Valley Fever Virus Infection of Human Dendritic Cells Results in Downregulation of CD83 and Full Maturation of Bystander Cells.
26561569 2016 Triple costimulation via CD80, 4-1BB, and CD83 ligand elicits the long-term growth of V?9V?2 T cells in low levels of IL-2.
26129803 2015 Human T-cell leukemia virus type-I Tax induces the expression of CD83 on T cells.
25997495 2015 Continuous expression of CD83 on activated human CD4? T cells is correlated with their differentiation into induced regulatory T cells.
25701785 2015 CD83 and GRASP55 interact in human dendritic cells.
25243645 Soluble CD83 inhibits human monocyte differentiation into dendritic cells in vitro.
25151500 2015 Murine CD83-positive T cells mediate suppressor functions in vitro and in vivo.
24643878 2014 Herpes simplex virus type 1 ICP0 induces CD83 degradation in mature dendritic cells independent of its E3 ubiquitin ligase function.
24268989 2014 IDO and CD83 expression in human epidermal Langerhans cells.
23339870 2013 Multiple interferon regulatory factor and NF-?B sites cooperate in mediating cell-type- and maturation-specific activation of the human CD83 promoter in dendritic cells.