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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 74
Grant Count 15
R01 Count 12
Funding $1,229,372.71
PubMed Score 55.16
PubTator Score 42.70

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  Differential Expression (16)

Disease log2 FC p
psoriasis -1.400 0.000
sonic hedgehog group medulloblastoma -3.800 0.000
glioblastoma -1.800 0.005
atypical teratoid / rhabdoid tumor -4.400 0.000
medulloblastoma, large-cell -1.300 0.022
tuberculosis 1.200 0.000
intraductal papillary-mucinous carcinoma... -1.200 0.000
colon cancer -1.200 0.000
diabetes mellitus 1.200 0.002
interstitial cystitis -1.900 0.001
pediatric high grade glioma -1.600 0.002
lung carcinoma 1.800 0.000
Pick disease -1.200 0.002
Breast cancer -1.300 0.000
ovarian cancer -1.800 0.000
type I diabetes mellitus -1.050 0.015

Gene RIF (74)

26653855 Thus, Fcp1 coordinates Cdk1 and Gwl inactivation to derepress PP2A-B55, generating a dephosphorylation switch that drives mitosis progression.
25816751 IER5 functions as a positive feedback regulator of HSF1 and that this process involves PP2A/B55 and HSF1 dephosphorylation.
25634432 investigated CAG copies within PPP2R2B in 29 patients with spinocerebellar ataxia who are excluded from the most common subtypes; 3 patients carried 53, 46 and 54 CAG repeats respectively, while the other 26 cases harbored CAG repeats less than 30
25082878 Bcl-2 phosphorylation at Ser70 by selective tyrosine nitration of PP2A-B56delta stabilizes its antiapoptotic activity
24676687 Inactivation of protein-phosphatase 2A causing hyperphosphorylation of paraprotein targets in monoclonal gammopathy of undetermined significance, multiple myeloma and Waldenstrom's macroglobulinemia is due to an exchange of its regulatory subunits
24509904 PP2A-B55beta promotes cyclin E1 overexpression by antagonizing its degradation and its inhibition could represent a therapeutic mechanism for abrogating cyclin E1 function in cancers
24391510 We demonstrate that PP2A/B55 is required for Gwl dephosphorylation at the essential Cdk site Thr194. Ensa/ARPP19 dephosphorylation is mediated by the RNA
24244166 Identification of the adenovirus E4orf4 protein binding site on the B55alpha and Cdc55 regulatory subunits of PP2A: Implications for PP2A
24157919 Bod1 regulates protein phosphatase 2A at mitotic kinetochores.
23381641 Differential autophagic neuronal cell death under stress is determined by the cytoplasmic and mitochondrial-specific PPP2R2B isoforms.

AA Sequence

HPSENIIAVAATNNLYIFQDKVN                                                   421 - 443

Text Mined References (73)

PMID Year Title
26653855 2015 Fcp1 phosphatase controls Greatwall kinase to promote PP2A-B55 activation and mitotic progression.
26496610 2015 A human interactome in three quantitative dimensions organized by stoichiometries and abundances.
26002199 2015 The Repeat Expansion Diseases: The dark side of DNA repair.
25816751 2015 HSF1 transcriptional activity is modulated by IER5 and PP2A/B55.
25634432 2015 Identification of 46 CAG repeats within PPP2R2B as probably the shortest pathogenic allele for SCA12.
25082878 2014 Ser70 phosphorylation of Bcl-2 by selective tyrosine nitration of PP2A-B56? stabilizes its antiapoptotic activity.
24676687 2014 Inactivation of protein-phosphatase 2A causing hyperphosphorylation of autoantigenic paraprotein targets in MGUS/MM is due to an exchange of its regulatory subunits.
24509904 2014 PP2A-B55? antagonizes cyclin E1 proteolysis and promotes its dysregulation in cancer.
24391510 2014 PP2A/B55 and Fcp1 regulate Greatwall and Ensa dephosphorylation during mitotic exit.
24244166 2013 Identification of the adenovirus E4orf4 protein binding site on the B55? and Cdc55 regulatory subunits of PP2A: Implications for PP2A function, tumor cell killing and viral replication.