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26842615 Low plasma concentration of PTX3 in early pregnancy is associated with subsequent development of gestational diabetes and with an enhanced risk for CVD as estimated by an elevated apoB/apoA ratio at 5 years postpartum.
26738395 Data show that serum pentraxin-3, nitric oxide (NO) and and tumour necrosis factor-alpha (TNFalpha) were significantly increased in alcoholic cirrhosis patients compared to controls.
26650391 PTX3 plays a non-redundant role in resistance against microbial pathogens and in the regulation of inflammation. (Review)
26576501 data indicate TLR engagement induces PTX3 expression in microglia and the expression is detectable in multiple sclerosis(MS)lesions; enhanced PTX3 expression is expressed in microglia in preactive MS lesions and in microglia/macrophages engaged in myelin phagocytosis in actively demyelinating lesions; it was not detected in CSF of MS patients
26546709 In stroke patients without cardiovascular, cardiopulmonary and infectious diseases, serum pentraxin-3 levels are not associated with stroke prognosis.
26508705 Pentraxin 3 sputum levels differ in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease vs asthma
26485684 Variation in PTX3 gene expression may produce even opposite effects depending on which target organ is considered and the physiopathological context. [Review]
26457877 Studies show that pentraxin 3 (PTX3) promoter and regulatory regions were highly methylated in selected human mesenchymal and epithelial tumors, in contrast to the normal counterpart.
26434104 PTX3 may be a useful biomarker for diagnosis of febrile neutropenia in patients with lung neoplasms.
26400151 Patients with hepatocellular carcinoma had higher PTX3 plasma levels compared to individuals with mild or severe fibrosis; PTX3 rs2305619 polymorphism and plasma levels were correlated with Child-Pugh scores B and C in hepatocellular carcinoma individuals
26367098 Demonstrate markedly higher PTX3 levels in NAFLD patients compared with controls, and in biopsy proven NASH patients compared with non-NASH ones.
26348770 These results support the potential of serum PTX3 as a lung cancer biomarker in high-risk subjects
26267536 Data show that human pentraxin 3 (PTX3) overexpression in transgenic mice inhibits tumor growth and angiogenesis.
26176960 PTX3 expressed in the eye cannot be detected systemically and systemic PTX3 may have little or no impact on age-related macular degeneration progression.
26124179 PTX3 is induced by chemotherapy in tumor stroma and has a role in progression of drug-resistant cancers
26070095 PTX3 levels are significantly elevated in all patients on hemodialysis, but presence and extended duration of tunneled permanent catheters are associated with incrementally higher levels of PTX3 and other inflammatory markers.
26054123 high plasma levels in pre-eclamptic patients
25982553 PTX3 is produced at the sites of inflammation, therefore it seems that elevated PTX3 may result from activation of cells involved in local urticarial processes
25977268 The authors show that PTX3 polymorphisms are independent risk factors for invasive mold infections among 1101 solid organ transplant recipients, thereby strengthening their role in mold infection pathogenesis and patients' risk stratification.
25964543 Our findings suggest that gastric cancer-derived PTX3 promotes macrophage recruitment, which may contribute to gastric cancer-related inflammation.
25920034 PTX3 was found to have a cardioprotective role in chronic Chagas disease patients.
25855355 In this study, we identify pentraxin 3 (PTX3) as a novel ligand of CFHR5
25854969 PTX3 levels were positively associated with the severity of coronary artery lesions. PTX3 is closely associated with the severity of coronary artery stenosis in patients with chronic renal dysfunction.
25832310 in children with lower respiratory tract infections, PTX-3 reflected disease severity but failed to predict length of hospital stay
25814534 patients with acute coronary syndrome had higher levels of pentraxin-3 and galectin-3; Patients with elevated levels of these biomarkers experienced higher number of deaths and had a lower mean left ventricular ejection fraction
25805362 renal expression is associated with proteinuria and interstitial fibrosis in lupus glomerulonephritis patients
25797258 Autocrine production of EGF-induced PTX3 in turn induces metastatic molecules, activating inflammatory cascades and metastasis
25774777 These data suggest that the relative levels of SAP and PTX3 present at sites of fibrosis may have a significant effect on the ability of monocytes to differentiate into fibrocytes.
25760650 These results indicated that serum and colonic expression of PTX3 were upregulated in patients with active Crohn's disease, suggesting serum PTX3 is superior to CRP in predicting Crohn's disease activity.
25747934 For the first time a direct role of PTX3 on vascular function and blood pressure homeostasis is shown, identifying the molecular mechanisms involved.
25732129 Sucrose non-fermenting AMPK related kinase/Pentraxin 3 combined role in immunometabolic signaling and DNA damage response is proposed to accelerate cardiovascular complications in systemic lupus erythematosus patients
25695775 our study identified a previously undescribed pathogenic role of PTX3 during virus infection
25679762 PTX3, an effector molecule belonging to the humoral arm of innate immunity, acts as an extrinsic oncosuppressor gene in mouse and man by regulating Complement-dependent, macrophage-sustained, tumor-promoting inflammation.
25664655 Letter: pentraxin 3 levels are up-regulated in women with fibromyalgia.
25641196 Results indicate that GDF8 down-regulates PTX3 expression via SMAD-dependent signaling in human granulosa cells suggesting a potential role for GDF8 in the regulation of follicular function.
25620175 Increased expression of PTX3 is correlated with tumor invasion of lung adenocarcinoma.
25604633 Data showed the association between the PTX3 rs3816527 gene polymorphism with susceptibility to migraine only in the male patients.
25553422 PTX3 is able to modulate the innate response to gliadin in celiac disease and it could regulate the adaptive immune response.
25550806 PTX3 could exacerbate endothelial dysfunction, at least partially, through IKK/IkappaB/NF-kappaB activation and overexpression of iNOS and NO, and advance the development of atherosclerosis.
25543194 A high PTX3 level and IgM staining in skin biopsies from Henoch-Schonlein purpura patients may be harbingers of subsequent renal involvement.
25538378 plasma pentraxin-3 levels has a prognostic role in patients with stable coronary artery disease after drug-eluting stent implantation
25530683 review of the role of Pentraxin 3 as a prognostic biomarker in patients with systemic inflammation or infection
25496843 may differentiate normal and abnormal fetal growth among women presenting at third trimester of pregnancy with a small for gestational age fetus
25491620 Elevated levels of serum PTX3 were associated with severity of illness in psoriasis patients.
25467846 Data suggest that up-regulation of plasma PTX3 by exercise is blunted in obesity; here, at baseline and after 30 min of continuous submaximal aerobic exercise, obese subjects exhibited 40% lower plasma PTX3 compared to normal-weight subjects.
25447599 This study demonistrated that POEMS activity does not influence PTX3 circulating levels.
25435748 It is possible that PTX3 can be used as a diagnostic biomarker of retinal vein occlusion.
25412085 Results showed elevated plasma PTX3 levels in patients with chronic thromboembolic pulmonary hypertension and can be used for disease detection.
25401491 PTX3 concentrations in SLE patients might serve as a indicator of the activation/dysfunction of vascular endothelium.
25394473 Arterial inflammation and progression of vascular involvement influence plasma PTX3 levels in Takayasu arteritis.
25385504 In systemic sclerosis patients, exposure to high concentrations of PTX3 may suppress endothelial progenitor cell-mediated vasculogenesis and promote vascular manifestations such as digital ulcers and pulmonary arterial hypertension.
25373851 PTX3 is also associated with other cardiovascular risk factors.
25344970 In the early phase of acute pancreatitis (AP), the concentrations of PTX3 achieved maximum earlier than CRP or SAA, enabling to differentiate between mild, moderate or severe AP in the first day of the disease.
25323314 Elevated PTX3 was an independent predictor of 30-day cardiac events and mortality.
25303877 Circulating levels of PTX3 were elevated in COPD patients.
25237185 Morning PTX3 levels reflect obstructive sleep apnea-related acute inflammation and are a useful marker for improvement in OSA following CPAP therapy.
25190808 Weak, transient cross-linking by products of the quaternary hyaluronan/inter-alpha-inhibitor/TSG-6/PTX3 interactions can simultaneously support two processes, matrix stabilization and matrix expansion.
25178940 The aim of this study was to determine the incidence and role of pentraxin-3 (PTX-3) overexpression as a predictive/prognostic marker in small-cell lung carcinoma (SCLC).
25159210 Plasma PTX3 is positively associated with diabetic retinopathy development and progression, and may be a more accurate predictor of its development than hsCRP.
25148605 Suggest pentraxin 3 could be a new diagnostic marker for excessive inflammatory response in cardiac surgery.
25131923 A positive correlation was found between the expression of PTX3 in coronary plaque and macrophage cells type 2.
25049357 Mechanistically, engagement of MD-2 by PTX3-opsonized Aspergillus conidia activated the TLR4/Toll/IL-1R domain-containing adapter inducing IFN-beta-dependent signaling pathway converging on IL-10.
25048680 PTX-3 might have an atheroprotective role as well as serving as a simple biomarker in coronary atherosclerosis.
24979323 Serum PTX3 was higher in patients with coronary artery disease compared to controls. Increased PTX3 correlated with disease severity.
24958171 Results indicate that the oligomerization state of PTX3 is an indicator of sepsis outcome as its conversion from octamer to monomer correlates with greater survival.
24950910 There was an increase in PTX3 tissue expression between the first and second prostate biopsy. PTX3 serum levels were also higher in patients with prostate cancer than in patients with inflammation/BPH.
24936646 PTX3 may be a potential novel indicator of carotid plaque vulnerability.
24745336 genetic polymorphism is associated with susceptibility to acute pyelonephritis and cystitis
24724970 There is no correlation between fetal and maternal serum levels of PTX3 in either healthy pregnancies or those complicated by preeclampsia.
24709882 Serum PTX3, MMP-9 and C-reactive protein expression was significantly higher in the acute coronary syndrome patients compared with controls.
24705587 the results do not indicate that PTX3 can predict recurrent coronary events among MI survivors.
24675235 PTX3 overexpression inhibited cholesterol efflux via activation of extracellular signal-regulated protein kinases 1 and 2, down-regulated the expression of the key cholesterol transporter, ABCA1, and nuclear transcription factors, PPARgamma and LXRalpha.
24664887 The PTX3-driven increase in the osteoclastogenic potential of precursor osteoblasts (pOB) appears to be mediated by the effect of PTX3 on pOB RANKL production.
24652286 These results indicate that PTX3 is constitutively expressed and secreted by AM cells as an integral component of the AM HC-HA-PTX3 complex and contributes to the biological function of AM HC-HA-PTX3.
24628740 PTX3 was associated with cardiovascular disease risk factors, subclinical CVD, coronary artery calcium and incident coronary heart disease events.
24613562 PTX3 is a physiological constituent of the amniotic fluid and is elevated in the presence of spontaneous preterm labor reinforcing the theory that PTX3 plays a role in innate immune response during gestational complications associated with infectious/inflammatory conditions
24568622 After a kidney transplant, pentraxin 3 may not be useful in determining inflammatory status.
24503185 Interleukin-1-induced changes in the glioblastoma secretome suggest its role in tumor progression.
24476432 Genetic deficiency of PTX3 affects the antifungal capacity of neutrophils and may contribute to the risk of invasive aspergillosis in patients treated with hematopoietic stem-cell transplantation.
24474442 Peak level of PTX3 in acute aortic dissection was associated with the amount of transient pleural fluid accumulation, which may be associated with inflammatory vascular permeability.
24462365 PTX3 plasma levels do not predict carotid intima media thickness progression and incidence of cardiovascular events in the general population
24457902 PTX3 silencing using PTX3-specific siRNA prevented breast cancer cell migration, macrophage chemotaxis, and subsequent OC formation.
24350299 The current study provided the first evidence that decreased plasma PTX3 levels are associated with T2DM and diabetic nephropathy (DN) in Malay men and also suggested that PTX3 may have different effects in DN and chronic kidney diseases.
24347428 Plasma PTX3 levels were reduced in polycystic ovary syndrome women and independently associated with hyperandrogenism and other endocrine and ovarian features of PCOS.
24333560 Plasma PTX3 level may be a useful marker for predicting post-percutaneous coronary intervention cardiac cTnT elevation, which is associated with inflammatory status of culprit lesions.
24279306 PTX3 plays a role in the fertilization process.
24273922 findings suggest that PTX3 may be useful in early evaluation and prediction of the severity of acute pancreatitis
24261762 Patients with systemic lupus erythematosus have increased concentrations of PTX3 compared with control subjects. PTX3 was significantly associated with disease activity but not with carotid atherosclerosis.
24215445 Obesity is associated with low circulating PTX3 in acute coronary syndrome. This association is also observed in the presence of abdominal fat accumulation as reflected by elevated waist circumference.
24132243 Systemic pre-PCI PTX3 was associated with high-risk plaque components and impaired post-PCI myocardial perfusion. Thus, PTX3 may be a reliable predictor of outcome in STEMI patients.
24060373 Gene expression in irradiated arteries compared to non-irradiated showed a consistent up-regulation of PTX3 in all patients and in a majority of veins.
24039869 Pentraxin-3 serum levels are associated with disease severity and mortality in patients with systemic inflammatory response syndrome.
24012697 PTX3 levels are elevated in non-ST-elevation acute coronary syndrome.
23991979 High PTX3 expression is associated with lung cancer.
23979265 Local PTX3 production in the left atrium might reflect the local inflammation of atrial fibrillation.
23954061 Systemic PTX3 levels comprise a useful inflammatory marker that reflects coronary plaque vulnerability.
23863905 Human colostrum contains high levels of PTX3. Breast epithelial cell and CD11b(+) milk cells constitutively produce PTX3. PTX3 ingested during lactation was detected in neonates and may protect against infection.
23817411 These results demonstrate that ficolin-1 and PTX3 heterocomplex formation acts as a noninflammatory "find me and eat me" signal to sequester altered-host cells.
23771016 Arterial stiffness is increased in overweight and obese individuals. The increase in arterial stiffness may, at least in part, be associated with an obesity-related reduction in plasma PTX3 concentrations
23735470 PTX3 levels were higher in SCD patients in VOC, being associated with longer hospital stay. Higher initial PTX3 concentrations were related to the development of ACS with a further increase in PTX3 levels observed upon progression to ACS.
23690668 The observations point to a cardiovascular protective effect of PTX3 associated with the ability of tuning inflammation and favor the hypothesis that the increased levels of PTX3 may reflect a protective physiological mechanism.
23664694 PTX3 expression differed across low and high-grade tumors based on histopathological diagnosis and clinical severity, positively correlating with tumor grade and severity.
23658833 Elevated circulating levels and tissue expression of PTX3 in uremia reflect endothelial dysfunction.
23643952 Plasma PTX3 levels are elevated in heart failure (HF) and might be used as diagnostic value in classification of patients with HF.
23625866 PTX3 is an anti-inflammatory mediator which essentially protects against the perils of atherosclerosis and myocardial infarction. [review]
23609129 Plasma pentraxin 3 may be a better marker of peripheral artery disease in hemodialysis patients than C-reactive protein.
23579776 higher synovial fluid levels are associated with juvenile idiopathic arthritis disease severity
23527487 This review of the general properties of PTX3 and C-reactive protein (CRP) as prototypes of long and short pentraxins, respectively, emphasizing in particular the functional role of PTX3 as a prototypic pattern recognition molecule.
23475792 increased levels in serums from cystic fibrosis patients, but low in their respiratory secretions
23443958 PTX3 is significantly associated with kidney dysfunction.
23434196 pentraxin 3 might modulate the inflammatory process involved in the pathogenesis of cardiovascular disease
23424081 Long pentraxin-3 is an epithelial-stromal fibroblast growth factor-targeting inhibitor in prostate cancer.
23401658 importance of the mitogen-activated protein kinase/extracellular signal-regulated kinase1/2 and nuclear factor kappa-light-chain-enhancer of activated B-cell pathways for regulated PTX3 expression in retinal pigment epithelial cells
23341967 A high PTX3 level on hospital admission predicts severe sepsis and case fatality in patients with suspected infection
23285251 PTX3 concentration itself is unlikely to be even a modest causal factor for acute myocardial infection but is a prognostic marker after.
23245734 Increased levels of plasma PTX3 are associated with accelerated atherosclerotic change and increased albuminuria in young patients with type 1 diabetes.
23237880 Serum pentraxin 3 levels are associated with the complexity and severity of coronary artery disease in patients with stable angina pectoris.
23235124 PTX-3 stands out as a rapid and sensitive marker of hemodialysis-induced inflammation. Membrane flux and hemodiafiltration did not alter the inflammatory response.
23182717 Data show that a photodynamic therapy (PDT) dose-dependent upregulation of CRP gene, as well as of PTX3 and ficolin 1 genes in lung tumor A549 cells, and indicate critical role played by PI3K/Akt/AP-1 pathway.
23169308 Increased PTX3 levels are associated with adverse outcomes following paracetamol-induced acute liver injury.
23100088 PTX3 and MMP-9, which are not affected by prednisolone, could be sensitive biomarkers for assessing Takayasu arteritis activity.
23062219 Data suggest that elevated maternal PTX3 plasma level is biological marker of altered endothelial function, typical of preeclampsia or intrauterine growth retardation; elevation in maternal PTX3 increases with disease severity.
23012252 Plasma PTX3 level is associated with inflammatory responses in Multiple sclerosis and neuromyelitis optica
22889492 Data suggest that plasma PTX3 is up-regulated in first trimester in pregnant women with history of recurrent miscarriage or embryo loss; in patient group, pentraxin-3 showed significant positive correlation with number of previous miscarriages.
22883522 The high expression of PTX3 in placentas from the preeclamptic patients suggests that PTX3 may be involved in the pathologic process of preeclampsia.
22847671 In multiple myeloma PTX3 behaves as an anti-angiogenic molecule and an inhibitor of cross-talk between plasma cells and endothelial cells/fibroblasts.
22834944 selective pressure on PTX3 variants that affect the innate immune response to infectious agents, could also produce the observed high incidence of DZ twinning in Gambians.
22822025 Genetic variants of PTX3 protein are associated with primary graft dysfunction after lung transplantation.
22785134 High PTX3 expression is associated with coronary atherosclerotic plaques.
22747472 High PTX3 is associated with acute renal allograft rejection.
22714118 PTX3 and TNF-alpha are increased in preeclampsia and are likely involved in the pathogenesis of preeclampsia
22687644 PTX3 is negatively associated with insulin resistance and associated with changes in insulin resistance induced by physical activity in overweight and obese children.
22617341 The plasma level of PTX3 may be a useful biomarker for predicting the tissue characteristics of coronary plaque using integrated backscatter intravascular ultrasound. Statin therapy may have a beneficial effect with regard to the reduction of PTX3 levels.
22577258 Pentraxin 3(PTX 3) is an endogenous modulator of the inflammatory response [review]
22546644 Data show in the renal transplant (RT) recipients serum Pentraxin3 (PTX3) was significantly higher than the hemodialysis (HD) patients.
22529962 PTX3 expression is increased in asthmatic airways. HASMC can both produce and respond to PTX3. PTX3 is a potent inhibitor of HASMC migration induced by FGF-2 and can upregulate CCL11/eotaxin-1 release.
22447522 Serum amyloid A (SAA) induces pentraxin 3 (PTX3) production in rheumatoid synoviocytes.
22319633 Level of PTX3 is independently associated with atherosclerosis and manifest cardiovascular disease but not early vessel pathology
22309253 PTX3 has been identified as a non-redundant protective factor against infections caused by A. fumigatus. [Review]
22304663 PTX3 level is increased in patients with polycystic ovary syndrome in concordance with insulin resistance.
22278372 AZU1 exhibited high affinity binding to PTX3 in a calcium ion-dependent manner
22267482 TSG-6 reverts the inhibitory effects exerted by PTX3 on FGF2-mediated angiogenesis through competition of FGF2/PTX3 interaction.
22178425 Higher levels of PTX3 are independently associated with increased mortality after ischemic stroke.
22123215 high PTX3 is associated with peripheral artery disease.
22072855 Data show that PTX3 expression is down-regulated in human esophageal squamous cell carcinoma due to gene promoter hypermethylation.
22053612 Levels of sPTX 3 and sIL-6 were significantly higher in RA patients than controls.
21989653 Local expression of PTX3 is a feature of vascular inflammation in giant cell arteritis.
21953577 Plasma pentraxin 3 levels could be a new biochemical marker for Parkinson's (PD)disease and may be associated with the severity of motor dysfunction and other clinical symptoms in PD patients.
21948359 The long pentraxin PTX3 is a prototypic soluble pattern recognition molecule that is produced at sites of infection and inflammation by both somatic and immune cells.
21933102 cord blood level not associated with histological chorioamnionitis
21920889 In COPD, airflow limitation and reduced transfer coefficient for carbon monoxide are associated with lower pulmonary interstitial expression of PTX3.
21915248 Human pentraxin 3 binds to the complement regulator c4b-binding protein.
21914683 Serum levels of inflammatory marker pentraxin 3 decreased during cardiac rehabilation as exercise capacity increased.
21900125 PTX3 gene expression is upregulated in visceral adipose depots in obesity, despite lower plasma PTX3 protein, and by some proinflammatory cytokines in cultured adipocytes.
21883907 Elevated PTX3 levels were associated with the development of primary graft dysfunction after lung transplantation in idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis patients
21880642 pentraxin 3 is an early predictor of complications in hematologic patients with neutropenic fever.
21796992 Lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM could induce the expression of PTX3 in Caco-2 cells.
21764903 These results identify PTX3 as a novel FGF8b antagonist endowed with antiangiogenic and antineoplastic activity with possible implications for the therapy of hormonal tumors.
21716666 this is a review of the studies on PTX3, with emphasis on pathogen recognition and cross-talk with other components of the innate immune system. [Review]
21677138 Neutrophils in patients with acute myocardial infarction release PTX3, which modulates the activatory cross-talk between activated platelets and leukocytes and possibly contributes to its cardioprotective effects.
21529268 might be a more sensitive marker for cardiovascular disease than hsCRP and TNFalpha in patients with chronic kidney disease
21501295 PTX3 protein may contribute to cell-mediated immune defense in inflamed colon tissue, and in particular in crypt abscess lesions, of patients with ulcerative colitis.
21490156 data indicate interaction of M-ficolin with PTX3 arises from its ability to bind sialylated ligands; M-ficolin-PTX3 interaction described represents a novel case of cross-talk between soluble pattern-recognition molecules
21465531 SAA up-regulates PTX3 production via FPRL1 significantly, and thus, contributes to the inflammatory pathogenesis of atherosclerosis.
21423699 PTX3 proved to be a specific independent prognostic biomarker in bacteremia.
21391986 In individuals at high risk of cardiovascular disease, the PTX3 concentration is associated with hypertension, insulin resistance, & hypercholesterolemia risk factors but not with subclinical atherosclerosis.
21389698 Uric acid and pentraxin-3 may have a role in coronary artery disease risk in patients with stage 2 and 3 kidney disease
21388349 The long pentraxin PTX3 at the crossroads between innate immunity and tissue remodelling.
21330486 Both PTX3 and soluble TWEAK levels associated with the endothelial dysfunction observed with progressive kidney failure.
21257721 Data suggest that more studies are needed to establish if PTX3 has clinical utility for lung cancer diagnosis and management.
21173097 High PTX3 is associated with Inflammation and thrombosis in essential thrombocythemia and polycythemia vera.
21112127 This study provides the first demonstration of a role for astrocytic CEBPD and the CEBPD-regulated molecule PTX3 in the accumulation of damaged neurons, which is a hallmark of AD pathogenesis.
21106539 Interaction between MBL and PTX3 led to communication between the lectin and classical complement pathways via recruitment of C1q, whereas SAP-enhanced complement activation occurs via a hitherto unknown mechanism
21072499 data suggest that endogenously expressed PTX3 plays a protective role in pathogenesis of acute lung injury and a lack of PTX3 may enhance neutrophil recruitment, cell death, activation of coagulation cascades, and inflammatory responses in the lung.
21072498 Acute increased concentrations of PTX3 found in CSF but not in plasma are related to vasopasm occurrence in subarachnoid hemorrhage.
20927127 In 172 Caucasian Cystic fibrosis patients homozygous for the F508del mutation Pseudomonas aeruginosa colonization was significantly associated only with rs2305619 SNP.
20927127 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20683616 PTX3 provides a paradigm for the mode of action of humoral innate immunity.
20640440 Circulating pentraxin3 and C-reactive protein significantly increased immediately after peak ergometer exercise, while they did not increase after 70% anaerobic threshold exercise.
20628086 Observational study of gene-disease association, gene-environment interaction, and pharmacogenomic / toxicogenomic. (HuGE Navigator)
20515753 PTX-3 in our patients with hypoxic respiratory failure is affected by the severity of the hypoxic insult and correlate with the cardio-vascular impairment
20508541 Endurance-trained individuals had higher levels of circulating PTX3 than sedentary controls. PTX3 may play a partial role in endurance exercise training-induced cardioprotection.
20430947 Antihypertensive drugs improve flow-mediated dilation and normalize proteinuria, PTX3, and sTWEAK in diabetic CKD stage I patients with hypertension.
20399512 Clinical trial of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20391484 Coronary artery disease patients with inflammatory rheumatic disease (IRD) had higher mean serum Pentraxin3 levels than patients without IRD and healthy controls
20378410 Expression of target genes was detected in cumulus cells, with relatively low concentrations of ObR-Long. Strong mutual correlations were found between mRNA levels of leptin receptor isoforms and between the short isoforms of the leptin receptor and PTX3
20363749 long pentraxin PTX3 forms an asymmetric octamer with two binding sites for FGF2
20356766 in acute myocardial infarction and infectious myocarditis, pentraxin 3 is produced by macrophages, the endothelium, and, to a lesser extent, myocardiocytes, and localized in the interstitium
20134101 pentraxin 3 may have a role in obesity-induced decrease in arterial distensibility
20121391 maternal plasma PTX3 (pentraxin 3) concentration increases with advancing gestational age and is significantly elevated during labor at term and in the presence of spontaneous preterm labor or preterm rupture of membranes
20022320 Amniotic fluid pentraxin 3 appears to be a marker of intra-amniotic inflammation.
19917159 Serum PTX3 (pentraxin-3) levels were similar in febrile systemic lupus erythematosus patients with infection and flare
19913121 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19900712 role as a multifunctional soluble pattern recognition receptor acting as a non-redundant component of the humoral arm of innate immunity [Review]
19846603 results reported here provide the first evidence that the long pentraxin PTX3 plays a role in female fertility in humans
19846603 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19811281 PTX3 may represent a valuable marker for early detection and prediction of preeclampsia in patients with type 1 diabetes.
19794969 PTX3-overexpressing clones showed a powerful anti-fibroblast growth factor 2 (FGF2) activity in FGF2-dependent capillary morphogenesis.
19792835 PTX3 is a physiologic constituent of the amniotic fluid, and its median concentration is elevated in the presence of intra-amniotic infection/inflammation.
19772962 The study demonstrates a close association between PTX3 deposition and complement activation in failed arteriovenous fistula (AVF) and suggests a role for PTX3 in modulating innate immunity in the pathogenesis of AVF stenosis.
19718477 PTX3 may have a role in inflammation in acute chest pain
19632990 These results demonstrate that PTX3 and Ficolin-2 may recruit each other on pathogens.
19565609 Increase in maternal plasma PTX3 in pregnancies that subsequently develop early preeclampsia is evident from 11-13 weeks but the underlying mechanism for such an increase remains uncertain.
19396030 Determining the production and regulation of PTX3 during mechanical ventilation may be critical in preventing or reducing ventilator-induced lung injury
19389798 myelomonocytic cells and MoDC are a major source of TSG-6 and that PTX3 and TSG-6 are coregulated
19327124 showed the relationship between plasma PTX3 levels and established coronary risk factors
19273457 These results suggest that elevated serum PTX3 levels are associated with the disease severity of systemic sclerosis.
19211665 Report effect of renin angiotensin system blockade on pentraxin 3 levels in type-2 diabetic patients with proteinuria.
19164811 In these older adults, PTX3 was associated with CVD and all-cause death independent of CRP and CVD risk factors.
19131771 High serum PTX3 is associated with pulmonary fungal infections.
19079137 study shows that intracellular PTX3 translocates at the surface of late apoptotic neutrophils and acts as an 'eat-me' molecule for their recognition and capture by macrophages
19050261 A role is proposed for PTX3 in the localization of complement factor H regulatory activity to surfaces that bind PTX3, thus modulating alternative pathway activation and preventing excessive inflammatory response to tissue injury.
19014569 Plasma PTX3 levels may not only have laboratory values that differentiate NASH from non-NASH, but be a marker of the severity of hepatic fibrosis in NASH.
18703503 Cell-specific regulation of PTX3 by glucocorticoid hormones in hematopoietic and nonhematopoietic cells
18685085 Human chorionic gonadotropin-induced hormones progesterone and estrogen increase the PTX3 production by human monocytes.
18676013 Emphasis on two new players involved in regulating inflammation at the maternal-fetal interface: the long pentraxin PTX3 and the decoy receptor for inflammatory chemokines D6.
18650775 PTX3 was an early indicator of shock in patients with severe meningococcal disease that followed a pattern of induction distinct from CRP.
18571180 visceral adipose tissue production of PTX3 seems to contribute to the mechanisms underlying the development of atherosclerosis
18417746 In stage 5 chronic kidney disease and type 2 diabetes with normal renal function, pentraxin 3 was independently associated with proteinuria. Pentraxin 3 and proteinuria were associated with endothelial dysfunction in patients with type 2 diabetes.
18292565 Human PTX3 binds to influenza A virus and mediates a range of antiviral activities, including inhibition of hemagglutination, neutralization of virus infectivity and inhibition of viral neuraminidase.
18048494 Estradiol and progesterone are involved in PTX3 induction and regulation during implantation. Also, of the factors secreted by trophoblast, IL-1beta induces PTX3 in human endometrial stromal cells.
18045580 Expression of pentraxin-3 (PTX3) not only in macrophages but also in neutrophils may reflect the role of PTX3 in inflammation.
17947708 PTX3 activates a complement-dependent humoral amplification loop of the innate response to a microbial ligand
17786277 These data suggest that PTX3 protein may represent an additional and stable marker of inflammation in chronic renal failure.
17675295 PTX3 directly interacts with inter-alpha-trypsin inhibitor and has a role in hyaluronan organization and cumulus oophorus expansion
17611589 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
17611589 findings support previous data showing that VDR SNPs modulate the risk for pulmonary tuberculosis in West Africans and suggest that variation within DC-SIGN and PTX3 also affect the disease outcome
17496115 PTX3 may have a role in atherosclerosis and cardiovascular disease in hemodialysis patients
17487767 Cardiac surgical procedures performed with cardiopulmonary bypass are associated with a more pronounced release of PTX3 immediately after operation.
17441979 This study demonstrated a significant association between CSF levels of IL-1beta, Il-6, and IFN-gamma and the severity ot EV71 brain stem encephalitis.
17424885 Innate factors PTX3 and C1q are involved in the homeostasis of nasal mucosa and the pathogenesis of nasal polyposis.
17380301 PTX3 and p66((ShcA)) mRNA levels are significantly more elevated in WBCs and in adipose tissue samples of patients with high levels of LDL compared to those with low levels.
17277044 Sources of PTX3 in the lung and the regulatory mechanisms of its expression ni acute injury and infection.
17095712 The levels of plasma PTX3 were increased in patients with arterial inflammation, especially unstable angina pectoris.
16981714 These results provided evidence of an involvement of the PTX3 sugar moiety in C1q recognition and complement activation.
16865225 PTX3 could be used as a further marker of disease activity of psoriasis.
16769728 there is an FGF2-binding domain in the N-terminal extension of PTX3 spanning the PTX3-(97-110) region
16647920 Significantly higher levels of pentraxin 3 were found in preeclampsia. Intrauterine growth restriction pregnancies showed intermediate levels between normal and preeclamptic patients.
16617159 The coordinated induction by primary, proinflammatory signals of C1q and PTX3 and their reciprocal regulation during inflammation influences the clearance of apoptotic cells by antigen-presenting cells and possibly plays a role in immune homeostasis.
16380821 Review discusses clinical significance of different levels of PTX3, its role in induction or protection from autoimmunity, and the presence of specific PTX3 autoantibodies in different autoimmune diseases.
16339571 TNF-alpha induced PTX3 expression in human lung cell lines and primary epithelial cells; knockdown of either JNK1 or JNK2 with small interfering RNA also significantly reduced the regulated PTX3 expression
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TGGAESCHIRGNIVGWGVTEIQPHGGAQYVS                                           351 - 381

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9407058 1997 Multimer formation and ligand recognition by the long pentraxin PTX3. Similarities and differences with the short pentraxins C-reactive protein and serum amyloid P component.
9119472 1997 Expression of a long pentraxin, PTX3, by monocytes exposed to the mycobacterial cell wall component lipoarabinomannan.
8131794 1993 IL-1 inducible genes in human umbilical vein endothelial cells.
7949102 1994 Inducible expression of PTX3, a new member of the pentraxin family, in human mononuclear phagocytes.
7679696 1993 TSG-14, a tumor necrosis factor- and IL-1-inducible protein, is a novel member of the pentaxin family of acute phase proteins.
7523502 1994 Relationship of TSG-14 protein to the pentraxin family of major acute phase proteins.
1730767 1992 A novel secretory tumor necrosis factor-inducible protein (TSG-6) is a member of the family of hyaluronate binding proteins, closely related to the adhesion receptor CD44.
1429570 1992 Interleukin-1-inducible genes in endothelial cells. Cloning of a new gene related to C-reactive protein and serum amyloid P component.