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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 13
PubMed Score 44.76
PubTator Score 34.46

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  Disease (1)

Disease Target Count P-value
osteosarcoma 7933 5.7e-08
Multiple Sclerosis 498 1.4e-02

Gene RIF (1)

19401215 The results demonstrate that TIP39 and the PTH2R are expressed in the brain of primates in locations that suggest involvement in regulation of fear, anxiety, reproductive behaviors, release of pituitary hormones, and nociception.

AA Sequence

FRERARLLAALERRHWLNSYMHKLLVLDAP                                             71 - 100

Text Mined References (13)

PMID Year Title
19401215 2009 Parathyroid hormone 2 receptor and its endogenous ligand tuberoinfundibular peptide of 39 residues are concentrated in endocrine, viscerosensory and auditory brain regions in macaque and human.
18240029 2008 Reviews in molecular biology and biotechnology: transmembrane signaling by G protein-coupled receptors.
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14988434 2004 Agonist-specific regulation of parathyroid hormone (PTH) receptor type 2 activity: structural and functional analysis of PTH- and tuberoinfundibular peptide (TIP) 39-stimulated desensitization and internalization.
12754053 2003 PTH2 receptor-mediated inhibitory effect of parathyroid hormone and TIP39 on cell proliferation.
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10854439 2000 Molecular determinants of tuberoinfundibular peptide of 39 residues (TIP39) selectivity for the parathyroid hormone-2 (PTH2) receptor. N-terminal truncation of TIP39 reverses PTH2 receptor/PTH1 receptor binding selectivity.
10526330 1999 TIP39: a new neuropeptide and PTH2-receptor agonist from hypothalamus.