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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 55
PubMed Score 104.38
PubTator Score 91.10

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  Differential Expression (9)

Disease log2 FC p
psoriasis 1.200 1.1e-03
breast carcinoma 1.100 6.2e-03
primary Sjogren syndrome -1.100 3.5e-02
lung adenocarcinoma 1.066 2.7e-03
lung carcinoma -2.400 1.6e-27
spina bifida -2.103 4.6e-02
ductal carcinoma in situ 2.800 1.5e-03
invasive ductal carcinoma 3.100 5.5e-03
pituitary cancer -1.100 2.6e-04

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27036110 Overexpression of PRSS8 mRNA and high levels of prostasin in multiple subtypes of early stage ovarian tumors may provide clinical biomarkers for early detection of ovarian cancer.
26867056 It is concluded that prostasin protein level change is less likely to be causally involved in placental dysfunction in preeclampsia.
26252104 Polymorphism of the prostasin gene is closely associated with poor pregnancy outcomes of early-onset severe preeclampsia.
25931204 In urinary exosomes, NCC and prostasin had a diurnal pattern parallel to ADH and aquaporin 2, confirming that, in healthy subjects, both prostasin and NCC relate to water balance.
25188517 Prostasin regulate the Lin28/Let-7 loop in ovarian cancer cells.
24890150 The higher frequency of C allele of prostasin gene at rs12597511 is associated with severe preeclampsia.
24434518 Prostasin repress cancer cells and contribute to chemoresistance by modulating the CASP/PAK2-p34/actin pathway.
23707658 Our study suggested that Axl and prostasin expression may be closely related to carcinogenesis, metastasis, and prognosis of ovarian adenocarcinoma.
23673661 prostasin is a non-enzymatic co-factor for matriptase activation
23443662 Prostasin requires expression of endogenous matriptase to stimulate barrier formation since matriptase depletion by siRNA silencing abrogates prostasin barrier-forming activity.
23344129 urinary prostasin correlates with the aldosterone to renin ratio, and it is physiologically modulated by natriuresis in normotensive individuals
22582115 prostasin is present, mature and active on the apical surface of wild-type and cystic fibrosis bronchial epithelial cells
21933610 Study does not provide evidence of a major role of prostasin variation in blood pressure modulation.
21678412 Expression of matriptase and prostasin is closely correlated in breast cancer cell lines and in breast cancer tissues. Matriptase and prostasin display a near identical spatial expression pattern in the epithelial compartment of breast cancer tissue.
21148558 Transport via the transcytotic pathway makes prostasin available as a substrate for matriptase.
20696767 the matriptase-prostasin proteolytic cascade is tightly regulated by two mechanisms: 1) prostasin activation temporally coupled to matriptase autoactivation and 2) HAI-1 rapidly inhibiting not only active matriptase but also active prostasin
20204133 Luciferase assay using CYP11B2 promoter revealed that prostasin significantly increased the transcriptional activity of CYP11B2.
20089521 Prostasin may regulate trophoblast cell proliferation via modulating the EGFR-MAPK signaling pathway.
20078940 Essential hypertension in Xinjiang Kazakhs is not associated with the 2827C>T polymorphism in the prostasin gene.
20078940 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19911255 Hepsin activates prostasin and cleaves the extracellular domain of the epidermal growth factor receptor.
19849847 Loss of prostasin expression in bladder transitional cell carcinomas is associated with epithelial-mesenchymal transition.
19847458 In the in vitro cultured human choriocarcinomal JEG-3 cells, treatment with functional antibody against prostasin led to promotion in cell invasion capability, as well as increase in the production of MMP-2, MMP-26, TIMP-1, and TIMP-4.
19606239 prostasin is overexpressed in many epithelial ovarian cancers; a potential tumor marker
19555470 the mRNA level of PN-1 is significantly elevated in colorectal cancer tissue
19388054 study presents structures of the extracellular domain of active prostasin in several forms; of particular interest is the S1 subsite loop which opens and closes in response to basic residues or divalent ions, directly binding Ca(+2) cations
19262497 it is not clear, at the present time, whether endogenous aldosterone regulates prostasin expression or vice versa
19127211 Suggest that urinary prostasin could be a novel biomarker and/or mechanism for renal pressure natriuresis in normotensive black adolescents.
18922802 crystallographic analysis of prostasin
18583984 Genetic variation of the prostasin gene may be implicated in the development of hypertension in youths.
18583984 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
18310226 prostasin, an upstream prostasin-activating protease, and PN-1 regulate Na+ absorption in the airway and that abnormal prostasin expression contributes to excessive proteolytic activation of ENaC in cystic fibrosis patients
17940283 reduced activity of a matriptase-prostasin proteolytic cascade is the etiological origin of human ARIH and provides an important mouse model for the exploration of matriptase function in ARIH
17532063 Data show that prostasin induces protease-dependent and independent molecular changes in the human prostate carcinoma cell line PC-3.
17145811 The PRSS8 gene was shown to effectively separate these two tumor(chromophobe renal cell carcinoma (RCC) and benign oncocytoma) groups by quantitative reverse transcription-PCR using fresh tissue samples, with similar trends seen on formalin-fixed tissues.
16541421 Dihydrotestosterone regulates prostasin expression in prostate cells via sterol-regulatory element-binding protein stimulation and SLUG repression of prostasin promoter
16103126 HAI-1B is a potential physiological regulator of prostasin function
15474520 prostasin is a channel activating protease; analysis of its substrate specificity
15246975 prostasin is a major regulator of ENaC-mediated Na+ current in DeltaF508 cystic fibrosis epithelia
11756432 protease-mediated regulation of sodium absorption is a function of human airway epithelia, and prostasin is a likely candidate for this activity.

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PMID Year Title
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21148558 2011 Transport via the transcytotic pathway makes prostasin available as a substrate for matriptase.
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19606239 2009 Prostasin, a potential tumor marker in ovarian cancer--a pilot study.
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17145811 2006 Gene expression profiling separates chromophobe renal cell carcinoma from oncocytoma and identifies vesicular transport and cell junction proteins as differentially expressed genes.
16541421 2006 Androgen regulation of prostasin gene expression is mediated by sterol-regulatory element-binding proteins and SLUG.
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