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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 15
PubMed Score 21.67
PubTator Score 11.90

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  Disease (1)


  Differential Expression (6)

Disease log2 FC p
malignant mesothelioma 1.500 9.2e-06
ependymoma -1.100 1.0e-02
oligodendroglioma -1.100 6.1e-03
lung cancer 1.300 2.6e-03
group 3 medulloblastoma 1.200 1.6e-03
ovarian cancer 1.100 1.4e-03

Gene RIF (2)

22944692 Positional proteomics analysis identifies the cleavage of human peptidylprolyl isomerase H (PPIH; cyclophilin H) at amino acid residues 69-70 by the HIV-1 protease
12875835 Free and complexed cyclophilin H have virtually identical conformations suggesting that the U4/U6-60K binding site is pre-shaped and the peptidyl-prolyl-cis/trans isomerase activity is unaffected by complex formation

AA Sequence

FGKIIDGLLVMRKIENVPTGPNNKPKLPVVISQCGEM                                     141 - 177

Text Mined References (21)

PMID Year Title
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