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26600195 POU3F4 mutation in profoundly deaf patients may have poorer prognosis after cochlear implantation, than other types.
26499074 findings may greatly contribute to the elucidation of the roles of the Oct and Myc proteins in osteoblast direct reprogramming. The results may also lead to establishment of novel regenerative therapy for various bone resorption diseases
25928534 POU3F4 mutations are associated with X-linked deafness
24687041 Audiological, medical, and family histories were collected and family members interviewed to compare hearing thresholds and case histories between cases with mutations in SMPX versus POU3F4.
24608376 Our data suggest that different POU3F4 mutations might show different recurrence rate in siblings of the incomplete partition type III anomaly especially in East Asian population
23606368 Results show three novel mutations in the POU3F4 gene resulting in profound hearing loss in both humans and mice.
23400403 We concluded that the probable presence of the third window effect is not limited to the particular type of POU3F4 mutation.
23076972 Frameshift truncation and extension mutations in the C-terminus of POU3F4 lead to cytoplasmic localization and subsequent proteosomal degradation due to structural aberrations, which cause transcriptional inactivity and thus nonsyndromic hearing loss.
22389666 Study found no mutations in GJB6 or POU3F4 in nonsyndromic Tibetan Chinese patients with hearing impairment.
21250553 novel mutations in the POU3F4 gene resulting in congenital X-linked deafness DFN3.
21209840 pou3f4 expression in inner ear might be under the control of distinct regulatory elements that fine-tune the spatio-temporal activity of this gene
21193157 DNA sequencing of the POU3F4 gene revealed a novel nucleotide variation, c.647G to A. The additional mutation confirms the crucial role of POU3F4 in auditory function.
20668882 Data suggest that multiple enhancers control the expression of Pou3f4 in the inner ear and these may contribute to the phenotype observed in DFN3 patients.
20412083 evaluation of DFN3 patients with deletions in the POU3F4 locus and detection of carrier female using MLPA.
19930154 The phenotype of eight independent females carrying POU3F4 anomalies is defined, and a late-onset hearing loss is found in three patients.
19671658 Results strongly suggest that the deafness in DFN3 patients is largely due to the null function of POU3F4.
19438930 two novel mutations of the POU3F4 gene in X-linked deafness type 3 patients in the Korean population
16229168 POU3F4 did not contribute to Y linked familial deafness in a Chinese pedigree.
12062767 This publication describes mutations in a similar mouse gene.
12062767 model of DFN3 non-syndromic deafness
9889200 This publication describes mutations in a similar mouse gene.
9667433 This publication describes mutations in a similar mouse gene.

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TVKTDTSCHDL                                                               351 - 361

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20668882 2010 Multiple enhancers located in a 1-Mb region upstream of POU3F4 promote expression during inner ear development and may be required for hearing.
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7911044 1994 The brain-specific POU-box gene Brn4 is a sex-linked transcription factor located on the human and mouse X chromosomes.
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7581392 1995 Further mutations in Brain 4 (POU3F4) clarify the phenotype in the X-linked deafness, DFN3.