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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 89
PubMed Score 81.15
PubTator Score 96.72

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  Differential Expression (19)

Disease log2 FC p
Multiple myeloma 1.130 1.2e-04
psoriasis 1.100 3.2e-03
osteosarcoma 2.826 2.0e-06
ependymoma 1.300 2.0e-03
astrocytoma 1.200 3.9e-02
glioblastoma 1.100 2.9e-02
atypical teratoid / rhabdoid tumor 1.500 2.9e-03
medulloblastoma -1.100 2.5e-03
medulloblastoma, large-cell -2.100 9.1e-05
juvenile dermatomyositis 1.082 1.5e-10
lung cancer -1.400 2.2e-02
pilocytic astrocytoma 1.100 3.9e-02
lung adenocarcinoma 1.549 8.3e-07
progressive supranuclear palsy -1.100 9.2e-03
Breast cancer -1.100 2.8e-11
ovarian cancer 1.600 3.5e-04
Gaucher disease type 1 -1.600 2.5e-02
Down syndrome 2.000 6.1e-04
dermatomyositis 2.000 1.4e-04

Protein-protein Interaction (12)

Gene RIF (73)

26434199 the rs541458 and rs3851179 of PICALM SNPs are not related to development of behavioral and psychological symptoms of dementia in Turkish population
25898166 CALM is a major factor in controlling endocytic clathrin-coated vesicle size and maturation and hence in determining the rates of endocytic cargo uptake.
25359311 We detected a significant association of the MTHFR rs1801133 and PICALM rs3851179 polymorphisms with AD.
25241929 PICALM has a role in modulating autophagy activity and tau accumulation
25169757 allelic expression has shown that compelling PICALM allelic expression imbalance was not observed in most brain RNA samples
25022885 PICALM SNP is significantly associated with late onset Alzheimer disease.
24660791 physical activity attenuated the effects of genetic risk (ie. the constellation of PICALM, BIN1, and CLU polymorphisms) on episodic memory
24618820 multiple PICALM isoforms are expressed in the human brain, that PICALM is robustly expressed in microvessels, and that expression of total PICALM is modestly correlated with the AD-associated SNP rs3851179.
24613704 Data suggest a neural mechanism for APOE-PICALM interactions in patients with manifest Alzheimer's disease and indicate that the PICALM genotype modulates both brain atrophy and cognitive performance in APOE epsilon4 carrier
24578178 PICALM and CLU risk genotypes exert differential impacts on the hippocampal resting-state functional connectivity in healthy young subjects.
24095218 It might not play a major role in the genetic predisposition to Late-onset Alzheimer's disease in Han Chinese.
24076290 We identified a mutation in CALM1 underlying IVF manifesting in childhood and adolescence. The causality of the mutation is supported by previous studies demonstrating that F90 mediates the direct interaction of CaM with target peptides.
24067654 AP-2/PICALM complex functions as an autophagic cargo receptor for the recognition and shipment of APP-CTF from the endocytic pathway to the LC3-marked autophagic degradation pathway.
23870418 This results suggest that besides APOE, PICALM associated with Alzheimer's disease risk do not exert large effects on the age-at-onset phenotype of Alzheimer disease.
23741335 CALM is able to sort VAMP4 and VAMP7, even though they have sorting signals for other clathrin adaptors.
23670296 detection of PICALM-MLLT10 fusion transcript occurs in 7% of children with T-lineage ALL and is not associated with a poorer outcome for patients treated with contemporary, intensive chemotherapy
23650005 Genome-wide association studies found 3 new susceptibility loci for Alzheimer disease(AD): complement receptor 1,clusterin,and the phosphatidylinositol-binding clathrin assembly protein. These SNPS are not associated with AD in a Polish population.
23601808 PICALM affects age at onset of Alzheimer's dementia in Down syndrome.
23572399 The PICALM rs3851179 polymorphism is significantly associated with AD in the Asian population by both pooled analysis and meta-analysis methods.
23487024 A CALM-derived nuclear export signal is essential for CALM-AF10-mediated leukemogenesis.
23040034 Our results indicate that rs3851179 may not be an AD susceptibility locus in the Chinese population and the APOEepsilon4-negative subgroup.
22975751 results confirm the association of PICALM gene with Alzheimer disease susceptibility in Korean population
22952074 CLU and CR1 were associated with more rapid cognitive decline. PICALM was associated with an earlier age at midpoint of cognitive decline.
22943764 rs592297, a known coding synonymous SNP that is part of an exonic splice enhancer region in exon 5 of the PICALM gene, is in strong linkage disequilibrium with rs3851179.
22888099 model system to study the effects of intracellular Abeta in fusion with green fluorescent protein. We sent this fusion protein into the secretory pathway and showed that intracellular traffic pathways are necessary for the generation of toxic species.
22715855 Our results do not provide evidence that the PICALM rs3851179 polymorphism increase susceptibility to Parkinson disease, in the Greek population.
22639918 AP180 and CALM are endocytic adaptors dedicated to the sorting of small soluble N-ethylmaleimide-sensitive-factor attachment protein receptors. (Review)
22539578 The SNP genotype pattern at the PICALM gene is associated with episodic memory.
22539346 PICALM, an adaptor protein involved in clathrin-mediated endocytosis, regulates APP internalization and subsequent Abeta generation. PICALM contributes to amyloid plaque load in brain likely via its effect on Abeta metabolism.
22402018 In conclusion, we confirmed association of CLU, CR1, and PICALM genes with the disease status in our cohort through identification of a number of disease-specific variants
22064352 results strongly indicate that the differential regulation of these three genes is not due to the break point effect but as a consequence of the CALM/AF10 fusion gene expression, though the mechanism of regulation is not well understood
22015308 findings showed evidence of CR1, CLU, and PICALM and late-onset Alzheimer's disease (LOAD) susceptibility in an independent southern Chinese population
21965661 AP-2 and epsin-1 are both required to promote efficient internalization of activated PAR1 and recognize discrete receptor sorting signals
21912625 relationship of Parkinson's disease with SNPs of CLU, CR1 and PICALM
21706055 In leukemia cells, full-length CALM-AF10 localized to the nucleus with no consistent effect on growth factor endocyctosis, and suppressed histone H3 lysine 79 methylation regardless of the presence of clathrin
21358043 Single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs) are not significantly different within PICALM sporadic Alzheimer disease patients and unrelated age- and sex-matched healthy controls of Han Chinese.
21347408 variants in BIN1, CLU, CR1 or PICALM are associated with changes in the CSF levels of biomarkers
21300948 This study provides compelling independent evidence that genetic variants in CLU, CR1, and PICALM are genetically associated with risk for AD.
21297266 This study suggested that the PICALM rs3851179 showed no statistically significant difference between LOAD cases and controls.
21221849 Data show that CALM influences the cell surface level of the AMPA receptor subunit GluR2.
21220176 we confirmed that PICALM is a genetic determinants of Alzheimer disease.
21059989 picalm polymorphisms were associated with late-onset Alzheimer disease in an independent cohort from the National Institute on Aging Late-Onset Alzheimer's Disease Family Study
21059989 Observational study and genome-wide association study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20951388 results suggest that the PICALM gene rs3851179 polymorphism may not play a major role in the development of LOAD in the Han Chinese population.
20951388 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20838239 This study showed the presence of picalm in endothelial cells of human brain tissue, and it suggests an increase in PICALM expression in Alzheimer disease.
20739100 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20738160 Polymorphism of the clusterin gene may confer symptomatic specificity in schizophrenia, whereas polymorphism of the clathrin assembly lymphoid myeloid gene does not affect susceptibility to schizophrenia.
20697030 This study confirmed in a completely independent data set that CR1, CLU, and PICALM are AD susceptibility loci in European ancestry populations.
20697030 Observational study of gene-disease association and gene-gene interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
20674675 In this review, PICALM is a major Alzheimer's disease susceptibility gene indirectly implicated in the herpes simplex virus life cycle; PICALM binds to a protein used by the virus for nuclear egress.
20570404 While no Alzheimer Disease association was observed with single nucleotide polymorphisms, a trend of association was seen with the Picalm and Clusterin single nucleotide polymorphisms.
20570404 Observational study and meta-analysis of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20558387 Observational study and genome-wide association study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20554627 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20554627 These results show near-perfect replication and provide the first additional evidence that PICALM is associated with the risk of late onset alzheimer disease.
20534741 Data confirmed genetic associations for Alzheimer's disease with APOE, CLU, PICALM and CR1 SNPs.
20534741 Observational study and genome-wide association study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20460622 Observational study, meta-analysis, and genome-wide association study of gene-disease association and gene-gene interaction. (HuGE Navigator)
19734902 Having removed Single Nucleotide Polymorphism within the APOE, CLU and PICALM loci from the analysis, focused on those that showed the most evidence for association with Alzheimer's disease
19734902 Observational study and genome-wide association study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19450545 RNA interference-mediated knockdown of AP180 reduces the generation of Abeta1-40 and Abeta1-42, whereas CALM knockdown has no effect on Abeta generation.
18182011 Overexpression of CALM leads to the reduction of cell surface VAMP2, whereas knockdown of CALM by RNA interference results in the accumulation of surface VAMP2.
18094714 review discusses the normal structure and function of CALM and AF10, the spectrum of clinical findings seen in patients with CALM-AF10 fusions, CALM-AF10 mouse models and highlights the role of HOXA cluster gene activation in CALM-AF10 leukemia
18074379 PICALM protein might contribute to the observed phenotype.
18037964 CALM/AF10 (MLLT10) fusion protein might interfere with normal Ikaros (IKZF1)function, and thereby block lymphoid differentiation in CALM/AF10 positive leukemias.
17804713 Expression of a CALM-AF10 fusion gene leads to Hoxa cluster overexpression and acute leukemia in transgenic mice.
17597474 A novel AF10-CALM fusion transcript is reported in gamma/delta-T cell type lymphopblastic leukemia.
17170719 Presence of CALM-AF10 fusion in children with acute megakaryoblastic leukemia without Down syndrome.
17097559 Data demonstrate that the leukemia-propagating cell in murine CALM/AF10-positive acute myeloid leukemia differs from normal hematopoietic stem cells by B220 surface expression and immunoglobulin heavy chain rearrangement.
16491119 Expression of CATS was able to markedly increase the nuclear localization of CALM and of the leukemogenic fusion protein CALM/AF10
16262731 CALM plays a critical role in the regulation and orderly progression of coated bud formation at the plasma membrane.
12461747 A novel chromosomal inversion at 11q23 in acute myeloid leukemia fuses the CALM gene to the MLL gene.

AA Sequence

SQPVMRPPNPFGPVSGAQIQFM                                                    631 - 652

Text Mined References (100)

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