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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 33
PubMed Score 35.12
PubTator Score 23.64

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  Differential Expression (12)

Disease log2 FC p
psoriasis 1.100 4.1e-06
osteosarcoma -1.940 3.0e-06
group 3 medulloblastoma 1.200 9.7e-03
primitive neuroectodermal tumor 1.200 1.0e-02
Atopic dermatitis 1.200 1.2e-03
pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma liver m... -1.836 6.3e-03
intraductal papillary-mucinous neoplasm ... 2.200 6.9e-03
atypical teratoid/rhabdoid tumor 1.300 7.1e-05
posterior fossa group A ependymoma 1.200 8.3e-05
spina bifida -2.153 1.4e-02
invasive ductal carcinoma 1.400 5.6e-03
ovarian cancer 1.500 6.4e-03

Gene RIF (4)

23716570 Results show PEX13 interacts with itself in peroxisomes in living cells and the import of PTS1 (peroxisomal targeting signal 1) proteins is specifically disrupted when homooligomerization of PEX13 is interrupted.
19449432 Zellweger syndrome caused by PEX13 deficiency: report of two novel mutations.
16006427 analysis of PEX13 substitution of Ile326 by threonine in a patient with peroxisomal biogenesis disorder [case report]
14715663 Pex13p has a role in determining the peroxisomal localization of Pex14p

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Text Mined References (32)

PMID Year Title
23716570 2013 Functional analysis of PEX13 mutation in a Zellweger syndrome spectrum patient reveals novel homooligomerization of PEX13 and its role in human peroxisome biogenesis.
22412388 2012 A genome-wide scan of Ashkenazi Jewish Crohn's disease suggests novel susceptibility loci.
22020285 2011 Image-based genome-wide siRNA screen identifies selective autophagy factors.
21525035 2011 PEX14 is required for microtubule-based peroxisome motility in human cells.
20531392 2010 The peroxisomal receptor Pex19p forms a helical mPTS recognition domain.
19946888 2010 Defining the membrane proteome of NK cells.
19449432 2009 Zellweger syndrome caused by PEX13 deficiency: report of two novel mutations.
17881773 2007 Peroxisomes in human and mouse testis: differential expression of peroxisomal proteins in germ cells and distinct somatic cell types of the testis.
17474147 2007 Systematic identification of SH3 domain-mediated human protein-protein interactions by peptide array target screening.
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16449325 2006 Failure of microtubule-mediated peroxisome division and trafficking in disorders with reduced peroxisome abundance.
16344560 2006 Diversification of transcriptional modulation: large-scale identification and characterization of putative alternative promoters of human genes.
16006427 2005 Molecular mechanism of a temperature-sensitive phenotype in peroxisomal biogenesis disorder.
15489334 2004 The status, quality, and expansion of the NIH full-length cDNA project: the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC).
15146197 2004 Transcriptome characterization elucidates signaling networks that control human ES cell growth and differentiation.
14715663 2004 Potential role for Pex19p in assembly of PTS-receptor docking complexes.
14702039 2004 Complete sequencing and characterization of 21,243 full-length human cDNAs.
12477932 2002 Generation and initial analysis of more than 15,000 full-length human and mouse cDNA sequences.
12096124 2002 Analysis of mammalian peroxin interactions using a non-transcription-based bacterial two-hybrid assay.
11865044 2002 Peroxisomal targeting signal receptor Pex5p interacts with cargoes and import machinery components in a spatiotemporally differentiated manner: conserved Pex5p WXXXF/Y motifs are critical for matrix protein import.
11829486 2002 Pex13, the mouse ortholog of the human peroxisome biogenesis disorder PEX13 gene: gene structure, tissue expression, and localization of the protein to peroxisomes.
11402059 2001 Multiple distinct targeting signals in integral peroxisomal membrane proteins.
11390669 2001 Human pex19p binds peroxisomal integral membrane proteins at regions distinct from their sorting sequences.
10704444 2000 PEX19 binds multiple peroxisomal membrane proteins, is predominantly cytoplasmic, and is required for peroxisome membrane synthesis.
10441568 1999 PEX13 is mutated in complementation group 13 of the peroxisome-biogenesis disorders.
10441330 1999 Isolation, characterization and mutation analysis of PEX13-defective Chinese hamster ovary cell mutants.
10332040 1999 Nonsense and temperature-sensitive mutations in PEX13 are the cause of complementation group H of peroxisome biogenesis disorders.
10087260 1999 Involvement of Pex13p in Pex14p localization and peroxisomal targeting signal 2-dependent protein import into peroxisomes.
9878256 1998 Genomic structure of PEX13, a candidate peroxisome biogenesis disorder gene.
9653144 1998 Identification of a human PTS1 receptor docking protein directly required for peroxisomal protein import.
9094717 1997 Pex14p, a peroxisomal membrane protein binding both receptors of the two PTS-dependent import pathways.
8858165 1996 Pex13p is an SH3 protein of the peroxisome membrane and a docking factor for the predominantly cytoplasmic PTs1 receptor.