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PubMed Score 456.79
PubTator Score 383.42

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Disease log2 FC p
chronic lymphocytic leukemia 1.312 1.2e-03
Multiple myeloma 1.127 1.4e-03
astrocytic glioma -1.300 4.8e-02
psoriasis -1.100 1.8e-04
atypical teratoid / rhabdoid tumor -1.200 1.1e-08
pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma liver m... -2.028 8.3e-03
intraductal papillary-mucinous carcinoma... -1.500 1.5e-03
intraductal papillary-mucinous neoplasm ... -1.300 2.6e-03
lung cancer 1.300 1.8e-03
interstitial cystitis -1.100 2.9e-04
ovarian cancer 1.700 9.0e-05

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26859895 report of the expression profile of RKIP in a heterogeneous group of soft tissue sarcomas; findings showed that only a small subset of cases exhibited RKIP loss, yet its loss is an independent biomarker of prognosis
26823735 RKIP inhibits glioma cell migration and invasivess by inhibiting MMP2/MMP9/HMAG2 expression.
26716415 Loss of RKIP is associated with neoplasms.
26617724 Downregulation or depletion of RKIP was related to the onset and progression of esophageal squamous cell carcinoma, and facilitated the invasion and metastasis of ESCC by downregulating E-cadherin and upregulating NF-kB p65.
26558823 Identify intestinal RKIP as capable of hydrolyzing prasugrel to its thiolactone metabolite.
26479924 RKIP is upregulated in heart failure.
26308852 RKIP Inhibits Local Breast Cancer Invasion by Antagonizing the Transcriptional Activation of MMP13
26238785 In triple negative breast cancer, RKIP regulates tumor-associated macrophage recruitment by blocking HMGA2, resulting in reduced expression of numerous macrophage chemotactic factors, including CCL5.
26238523 Study indicates that reduced RKIP expression is correlated with metastasis and recurrence of disease in stage II colorectal cancer (CRC) suggesting it as an important metastasis-suppressor gene in CRC.
26177829 The upregulated expression of RKIP in colorectal cancer cells inhibited cell invasion and metastasis, while downregulation of RKIP reduced chemosensitivity by inhibiting apoptosis induced by HCPT.
26116914 Raf kinase inhibitor protein mediated signaling inhibits invasion and metastasis of hepatocellular carcinoma.
25915430 RKIP is a metastatic suppressor and predictor for metastasis and prognosis in nasopharyngeal carcinoma, and RKIP downregulation promotes nasopharyngeal carcinoma invasion, metastasis and epithelial to mesenchymal transition by activating Stat3 signaling
25819500 This study showed that elevated amygdala HCNP-pp expression may contribute to mechanisms of major depression in women.
25597357 Here, we present a three-state model to explain the RKIP functional switch and discuss the role of the pocket loop in regulating RKIP activity. [review]
25597355 RKIP loss is a frequent occurrence in many solid tumor cancers and may serve as a viable prognostic biomarker. [review]
25597354 Here, we review RKIP's role as a metastasis suppressor and the signaling networks and genes regulated by RKIP in metastatic, triple-negative breast cancer. [review]
25597353 This brief review describes the role of RKIP in the regulation of drug sensitivity via disruption of the NF-kappaB/Snail/ YY1/RKIP loop that regulates resistance in cancer cells. [review]
25597352 Genetic an epigenetic control of RKIP transcription and review of known mechanisms employed by different types of chemotherapeutic agents to activate RKIP expression in cancer cells.[review]
25597351 Fine control of RKIP activity and regulation is crucial to avoid pathological processes, such as metastasis,pulmonary arterial hypertension, and heart failure.[review]
25547433 The overexpression of RKIP can enhance the sensitivity of human gastric cancer cells to cisplatin, which may be achieved via the NF-kappaB/Snail signaling pathway.
25337233 Data suggest that RKIP inhibits gastric cancer metastasis via the downregulation of its downstream target genes STAT3 and cyclin D1.
25329396 functional RKIP rs17512051 polymorphism may affect ccRCC susceptibility
25277181 downregulation of RKIP occurs frequently... suggesting RKIP being a critical tumor suppressor for clear cell renal cell carcinomas
25172097 RKIP inhibits gastric cancer cell survival and invasion by regulating the expression of HMGA2 and OPN.
25171481 Loss of RKIP expression was associated with unfavorable OS.
25128483 Results suggest that up-regulation of miR-27a could suppress RKIP expression and in turn contribute to chemoresistance of lung adenocarcinoma cells to cisplatin.
25017365 down-regulation of RKIP expression was observed in human gastric cell lines, and miR-224 could negatively regulate the expression and biological characteristics of RKIP, contributing to suppress the proliferation and invasion of gastric cells.
25015191 overexpression of RKIP could decrease the proliferation and increase the apoptosis of K562 cells.
24863296 Authors demonstrate that the N-terminus of human Raf1 kinase (hRaf11-147aa) binds with human RKIP (hRKIP) at its ligand-binding pocket, loop "127-149", and the C-terminal helix by nuclear magnetic resonance experiments.
24763848 Raf kinase inhibitor protein expression is a suitable and easily determinable marker in the primary tumour that could predict the risk of uveal melanoma to metastasize
24658061 RKIP synergizes with microtubule inhibitors to induce apoptosis and inhibit STAT3 activation of breast and prostate cancer cells. RKIP plays a critical role in opposing the effects of pro-oncogenic STAT3 activation.
24655025 RKIP expression could be involved in the suppression of NF-kappaB activation in Primary Sjogren syndrome salivary gland epithelial cells
24420151 The level of RKIP mRNA expression was found to be significantly downregulated in non-small cell lung cancers (NSCLC).
24395801 BACH1 acts in a double-negative (overall positive) feedback loop to inhibit RKIP transcription in breast cancer cells
24392454 Our findings newly described RKIP/miR-98 to HMGA2 link and provided a potential mechanism for glioma cell invasion
24335512 The expression of RKIP was significantly upregulated and the expression of bcl-2 was significantly downregulated in DHA-treated cells compared with control cells.
24330423 progressive loss of RKIP seems to play a major role in the neoplastic transformation of pancreas, correlates with aggressive features in PDAC and is associated with the presence of EMT in form of tumor budding
24123286 RKIP expression adds significant value to the molecular subclassification of breast cancer especially for the Luminal A subtype.
24048798 RKIP expression correlates with tumor grade and is a marker for good prognosis in high-grade gliomas.
23991415 Taking into account the PC phenotypes according to RKIP among PSA-PSMA profiles may improve distinguishing them from cancers that will become more aggressive.
23975428 RKIP, LOX and SDC2 are coordinately regulated and collectively encompass a prognostic signature for metastasis-free survival in ER-negative breast cancer patients
23959677 BP1 interacted with PC-PLC, positively regulated PC-PLC activity and negatively regulated autophagy in HUVECs.
23872143 This work may shed light on the underlying molecular mechanisms of how hRKIP recognizes and binds diverse substrate ligands.
23814485 A new p53 target gene, RKIP, is essential for DNA damage-induced cellular senescence and suppression of ERK activation.
23674108 RKIP inhibits esophageal cancer cell invasion by downregulating the expression of GRK-2, LIN28 and MMP-14.
23636063 Study shows that RKIP expression may be of some value as a marker for abnormal cervical cells.
23632477 The clinical relevance of RKIP expression as an independent prognostic factor is restricted to the tumour centre. Loss of RKIP predicts features of epithelial-mesenchymal transition and correlates with frequent distant metastasis.
23601922 Down-regulation of both RKIP and pRKIP expression could represent a useful marker of metastatic melanoma.
23527098 loss of RKIP expression can be one of the factors that are behind the aggressiveness, malignant progression and chemotherapy resistance of cervical cancer.
23460950 This demonstrates the potential utility of RKIP in identifying 'high-risk' Dukes' B patients
23376254 Loss of PEBP1 associates with clinical risk factors, but since with no significant influence on survival in gastrointestinal stromal tumor patients.
23359513 Review highlights recent advances in RKIP research, underscoring its potential role as master modulator of many pivotal intracellular signaling cascades that control cellular growth, motility, apoptosis, genomic integrity, and therapeutic resistance.
23284715 The yeast two-hybrid screen and the coimmunoprecipitation analysis identify the HIV-1 Nef interacting human protein phosphatidylethanolamine binding protein 1 (PEBP1) in cells
23259789 RKIP inhibited the migration and invasion of SGC7901 cells. Furthermore, we observed that RKIP inhibited the growth of SMGC7901 cells in xenografts in nude mice
23254962 The results show that RKIP is an independent prognostic factor for survival in patients with locoregionally advanced nasopharyngeal carcinoma
23095933 Androgens induce RKIP expression through androgen receptor-mediated transcriptional modulation of the RKIP promoter in the prostate.
23075684 deficiency of RKIP expression is positively correlated with carcinogenesis and invasion metastasis of NSCLC
23066640 RKIP may act as a tumor suppressor gene in esophageal cancer.
23066033 Findings establish RKIP as an inhibitor of MDA-9-dependent melanoma metastasis.
22983529 aberrant hypermethylation of RKIP may be one of the mechanisms that lead to loss or down expression of the gene in GCA especially in individuals with UGIC family history
22935977 In renal cell carcinoma, reduced RKIP expression is associated with tumour progression and metastasis. RKIP expression is a significant prognostic marker for patients with RCC.
22899242 The ERK/MAPK pathway is involved in the pathogenesis of gastric cancer; RKIP and 14-3-3epsilon exert an opposite effect on this pathway and the cells possibly via both direct and indirect reactions with the elements in this pathway.
22875620 Loss of RKIP gene is associated with acute monocytic leukemia.
22855160 the reduced expression of RKIP significantly correlated with both poor overall and disease-free survival in pancreatic cancer.
22833545 Treatment with recombinant human RKIP increased the migratory activity of MCF7 cells.
22809510 Taken together,these data indicate that miR-224 play an important role in metastasis of human breast cancer cells to the bone by directly suppressing the RKIP tumor suppressor.
22692503 Investigated the expression of RKIP and E-cadherin in lung squamous cell carcinoma tissue. The rates of positive RKIP and E-cadherin mRNA expression were significantly lower in lung squamous cell carcinoma than in the surrounding normal tissues.
22662230 H. pylori utilizes a tumor suppressor protein, RKIP, to promote apoptosis in gastric cancer cells.
22605662 RKIP could be identified as an independent prognostic factor on distant metastasis-free survival in locoregionally advanced nasopharyngeal carcinoma.
22562283 reduction of RKIP expression in hepatic colorectal metastasis had an independent predictive value for metastatic recurrence and less favorable clinical outcomes
22558375 ligand binding of PEBP1
22505648 EZH2 accelerates cancer cell invasion, in part, via RKIP inhibition
22492043 RKIP regulates MAPK/ERK signaling in the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) and photic entrainment of the SCN clock.
22463874 loss of RKIP was associated with tumour progression and poor survival. Negative RKIP expression combined with positive p-ERK expression was an independent predictor of poor outcomes in patients with gastric cancer.
22460832 analysis of RAF-kinase inhibitor protein (RKIP) downregulation in esophageal cancer and its metastases
22388727 Our data show that RKIP is frequently lost in AML and correlates with monocytic phenotypes and mutations in RAS.
22373584 Data suggest that the Raf kinase inhibitor protein (RKIP) may play a role in inhibiting cellular proliferation and cell migration.
22295570 RKIP inhibits the migration and invasion ability of human prostate cancer cells through regulation of the extracellular matrix.
22292035 In a subset of tumors, the absence of RKIP associates with highly malignant behavior and poor survival of patients, which may be a useful biomarker for tailored treatment of glioma patients.
22279539 Data suggest that the NRF2-KEAP 1 pathway as a possible target for personalized therapeutic intervention in RKIP depleted cancers.
22248055 investigated the direct role of YY1 in the regulation of EMT. This review discusses the molecular regulation of EMT in cancer cells through the activity of the dysregulated NF-kappaB/Snail/ YY1/PTEN/RKIP circuitry
22246605 Data suggest that Low or absent Raf kinase inhibitor protein (RKIP) expression may be associated with the onset and development of gastric cancer and its ability to invade and metastasize.
22102006 Downregulation of RKIP protein is associated with recurrence in esophageal squamous cell carcinoma.
22031589 This study demonstrated for the first time that RKIP expression is lost during the carcinogenic evolution of endometrial tumours and that the loss of RKIP expression is associated with a malignant phenotype.
21875465 Down-regulation of RKIP expression may serve as a predictive marker for hepatocellular carcinoma development, progression and metastasis.
21873975 An RKIP pathway metastasis signature (designated RPMS) derived from the complete signalling cascade predicts high metastatic risk better than the individual genes.
21831839 Colocalization of Raf-1 to PEBP1 is low in asthmatic tissue and cells compared with normals, whereas there is striking colocalization of 15LO1 with PEBP1 in asthma.
21732351 Results provide evidence that RKIP is a novel factor expressed in cytotrophoblast cells where it likely regulates cell migration.
21689459 we found that phospho-RKIP was a predictive indicator of survival.
21685394 Rkip prevents cilia formation and is associated with Cep290-mediated photoreceptor degeneration.
21672326 RKIP may play a role in cervical-cancer genesis and metastasis; RKIP down-regulation was associated with metastatic disease in human cervical cancer.
21664646 In colorectal cancer progression, vascular endothelial growth factor overexpression seems to play a role in the tumor center, whereas Laminin5gamma2-positivity combined with Raf-1 kinase inhibitor protein loss is associated with tumor invasion at the front.
21617351 Downregulation of RKIP increased the level of free Raf-1 and thereby elevated the mitochondrial translocation of Raf-1 during HBx-mediated hepatocarcinogenesis.
21556737 RKIP may contribute to the production of metalloproteinases, IL-6 and IL-8, and Fibroblast-like synoviocyte invasiveness by regulating ERK and NF-kappaB activation in rheumatoid Fibroblast-like synoviocytes
21426659 The deficiency of RKIP expression is positively correlated with carcinogenesis and invasion metastasis of lung squamous cell carcinoma.
21332389 The frequent alteration in the YY1-RKIP balance might represent a marker of malignant progression and be exploited for therapeutic interventions in HCC.
21303975 RKIP/GSK3 axis is both a potential therapeutic target and a prognosis-based predictor of cancer progression.
21180766 The data suggest that modulation of the cell cycle checkpoints and motility by RKIP may be fundamental to its metastasis suppressive function in cancer and that RKIP role in a cell is more intricate and diverse than previously thought.
21080875 results strongly suggest that RKIP is a metastasis suppressor in pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma
21074977 current data demonstrate no statistically significant correlation between the RKIP staining in primary cutaneous squamous cell carcinomas and their metastatic lesions
20869966 PEBP1 expression in pancreatic cancer was not associated with pTMN stage, differentiation grade and pathologic diagnosis.
20855151 Data show that a regulatory loop involving an opposing relationship between RKIP and the NF-kappaB pathway may control the level of MMP expression and cell invasion.
20853079 reduced RKIP mRNA levels and the elevated levels of B-RAF in pT1, grade III tumors vs. normal tissue, corroborate that these genes are involved in the pathogenesis of urinary bladder cancer.
20739083 PEBP1, prevalently down-regulated in hepatocellular carcinoma, was significantly associated with tumor invasive characteristics
20734161 RKIP expression is significantly reduced in anaplastic thyroid carcinoma as compared to other subtypes of thyroid carcinoma
20682295 Hippocampal cholinergic neurostimulating peptide (HCNP) precursor peptide expression patterns are altered in the hippocampus of transgenic mice compared with wild-type littermates.
20564197 suggested that RKIP was a potential biomarker for the radiosensitivity and prognosis of nasopharyngeal carcinoma (NPC), and its dysregulation might play an important role in the radioresistance of NPC
20533335 Six proteins were detected as up-regulated in higher grade astrocytomas and the most important finding was nucleophosmin (NPM) (p<0.05), whereas four proteins were down-regulated, among them raf kinase inhibitor protein (RKIP) (p<0.05).
20463977 This work defines the binding properties of RKIP ligands under near physiological conditions, establishing RKIP's affinity for hydrophobic ligands and the importance of bulky aliphatic chains for inhibiting its function.
20043910 Results show that RKIP has an overall inhibitory effect on the NF-kappaB transcriptional activities via IkappaB kinase complex
20028985 Bcr-Abl represses the expression of RKIP, continuously activates pERK1/2, and suppresses FoxM1 expression, resulting in proliferation of CML cells.
19957553 RKIP could inhibit metastasis, and also inhibit the growth of ovarian cancer cells.
19955695 the conserved signal transduction modulator RKIP was shown to enhance several aspects of neuronal differentiation via enhanced crosstalk from PKC to ERK-1/2 and enhancement of G-protein-coupled receptor signaling.
19779262 The expression of RKIP and E-cadherin in prostate cancer tissues was obviously lower than that in the benign prostatic hypertrophy tissues.
19705153 loss of RKIP expression could have an important role as prognostic marker in Gastrointestinal stromal tumours (GISTs).
19564817 The investigation of PEBP binding properties towards morphine and morphine analogs, is reported.
19551145 RKIP has a role in potentially sequestering toxic compounds, including locostatin, that may have deleterious effects on cells
19405953 This protein has been found differentially expressed in the Wernicke's Area from patients with schizophrenia.
19367706 RKIP is an invasion suppressor protein in nasopharyngeal carcinoma
19357705 loss of RKIP is a functional somatic event in carriers of C-RAF germline mutations, which contributes to the development of t-AML
19342899 Both BRAF and RKIP expression levels exhibit a decrease from normal skin tissue and actinic keratosis, going to squamous cell carcinoma.
19291429 Raf kinase inhibitor protein expression was highest in nonneoplastic gastric tissue, low in primary gastric cancer tissue, and lowest in metastatic gastric cancer tissue.
19228192 Elevated expression of RKIP in nitric-oxide-treated keratinocytes may contribute to the pathological & physiological features of NO-inhibited proliferation.
19165527 Using shotgun mass spectrometry, we found this protein differentially expressed in the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex from patients with schizophrenia.
19153603 Raf kinase inhibitory protein suppresses a metastasis signalling cascade involving LIN28 and let-7
19103740 RKIP uses a flexible pocket to integrate ligand binding- and phosphorylation-dependent interactions and to modulate the MAPK signaling pathway
19101508 These results demonstrating the absence of a disease-specific SNP in the HCNPpp promoter region suggest that the decrease in expression of this gene in late-onset AD patients can manifest from transcriptional or posttranscriptional changes in activity.
19096942 Non-phosphorylated RKIP is associated with nasopharyngeal carcinoma.
19034380 This protein has been found differentially expressed in the temporal lobe from patients with schizophrenia.
18567796 RKIP expression was inversely associated with the invasiveness of five ovarian cancer cell lines.
18483365 predictive and protective role of cytoplasmic RKIP expression in gastric adenocarcinoma of the intestinal subtype
18375747 RKIP loss by hypermethylation of its promoter could have a significant influence on colorectal cancer aneuploidy, which might explain its association with metastatic progression
18329792 RKIP could play an important role in the down-regulation of wild-type BRAF, serving thus as an endogenous inhibitor of the MAPK pathway in nasal polyps and their adjacent turbinate mucosa
18294816 the RKIP conserved pocket may constitute a novel phosphoamino-acid binding motif and is absolutely required for RKIP function
18172264 combined analysis of N stage, vascular invasion, and RKIP expression is highly predictive of distant metastasis in patients with mismatch repair--proficient colorectal cancer.
17952120 RKIP is a novel component of the Snail transcriptional regulatory network important for the progression and metastasis of cancer.
17911631 RKIP overexpression regulates tumor cell sensitivity to TRAIL via inhibition of Yin Yang 1, up-regulation of death receptor 5, and modulation of apoptotic pathways.
17179102 RKIP expression in primary colorectal cancers correlates with overall and disease-free survival, and can be useful for identifying early-stage colorectal cancer patients at risk of relapse
17145707 2',5'-oligoadenylate synthetase activation may occur in prostate cancer cells stimulated by cellular mRNAs for RKIP.
17097642 The Raf kinase inhibitory protein (RKIP) binds to Raf-1 interfering with binding of the MEK substrate and potentially also Raf-1 activation.
17030190 down-regulation of RKIP expression is a major factor in activation of the IGF-I/ERK/MAPK pathway during human hepatocarcinogenesis
17018026 Together these data identify PEBP as a potential in vivo calpain substrate and indicate that increased PEBP levels may contribute to impaired proteasome function.
16916643 These results indicate that RKIP regulates Aurora B kinase and the spindle checkpoint via the Raf-1/MEK/ERK cascade and demonstrate that small changes in the MAP kinase (MAPK) pathway can profoundly impact the fidelity of the cell cycle.
16865242 Raf kinase inhibitor protein is downregulated in hepatocellular carcinoma
16513087 data show for the first time that RKIP is upregulated during macrophage and dendritic cell differentiation.
16243812 Results suggest that in human breast cancer, RKIP is a metastasis suppressor gene whose expression must be down-regulated for metastases to develop.
15782137 Low expression of RKIP and its antagonistic action on B-Raf suggests that RKIP may play an important role in melanoma turmorgenesis
15327891 Review. The discovery, structure, function, and significance of RKIP in cancer are discussd.
14766752 RKIP may represent a novel effector of signal transduction pathways leading to apoptosis
14654844 After stimulation of G-protein-coupled receptors, RKIP dissociates from its known target, Raf-1, to associate with GRK-2 and block its activity [RKIP]

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