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PubMed Score 288.19
PubTator Score 105.09

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Disease log2 FC p
group 3 medulloblastoma 2.100 1.6e-02

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25153685 Phosducin regulates secretory activity in TT line of thyroid parafollicular C cells.
22365573 Data suggest that phosducin rs12402521 polymorphism is an important genetic predictor of obesity-related hypertension.
21191291 identification of Pdc as a gene for stress-induced hypertension offers new insights into the relationship between sympathetic nervous system activation, blood pressure regulation and genetic factors
20804785 Data suggest that the existence of a common epitope on the molecules of phosducin and beta-actin may reflect a topological similarity of a small region of their surfaces.
19959875 Candidate gene-based association studies in 2 different populations revealed several SNPs in the PDC gene to be associated with stress-dependent blood pressure phenotypes.
19454010 Interaction of HIV-1 Tat with PHD in T-cells is identified by a proteomic strategy based on affinity chromatography coupled with mass spectrometry
16421094 SUMO-1 controls the protein stability and the biological function of phosducin.
14758335 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
14758335 Phosducin mutations are not a major cause of dominant or recessive retinitis pigmentosa, Leber congenital amaurosis, or cone-rod degeneration.

AA Sequence

EFFAGDVESFLNEYGLLPEREVHVLEHTKIEEEDVE                                      211 - 246

Text Mined References (30)

PMID Year Title
25153685 2015 Phosducin regulates secretory activity in TT line of thyroid parafollicular C cells.
22365573 2013 Phosducin rs12402521 polymorphism predicts development of hypertension in young subjects with overweight or obesity.
21191291 2011 The identification of phosducin as a novel candidate gene for hypertension and its role in sympathetic activation.
20804785 2010 Phosducin and monomeric ?-actin have common epitope recognized by anti-phosducin antibodies.
19959875 2009 Phosducin influences sympathetic activity and prevents stress-induced hypertension in humans and mice.
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16710414 2006 The DNA sequence and biological annotation of human chromosome 1.
16421094 2006 SUMO-1 controls the protein stability and the biological function of phosducin.
14758335 2004 Mutation screening of the phosducin gene PDC in patients with retinitis pigmentosa and allied diseases.
12500174 2002 Presence of phosducin in the nuclei of bovine retinal cells.
12477932 2002 Generation and initial analysis of more than 15,000 full-length human and mouse cDNA sequences.
12107411 2002 Expressed sequence tag analysis of human retina for the NEIBank Project: retbindin, an abundant, novel retinal cDNA and alternative splicing of other retina-preferred gene transcripts.
11331285 2001 Modulation of the G protein regulator phosducin by Ca2+/calmodulin-dependent protein kinase II phosphorylation and 14-3-3 protein binding.
11287646 2001 Rethinking the role of phosducin: light-regulated binding of phosducin to 14-3-3 in rod inner segments.
10884381 2000 Phosphorylation of phosducin and phosducin-like protein by G protein-coupled receptor kinase 2.
10866677 2000 Modulation of CRX transactivation activity by phosducin isoforms.
10753654 2000 The carboxyl terminal domain of phosducin functions as a transcriptional activator.
10708513 2000 A 6-Mb high-resolution physical and transcription map encompassing the hereditary prostate cancer 1 (HPC1) region.
9843381 1998 PhLPs and PhLOPs in the phosducin family of G beta gamma binding proteins.
9701609 1998 Interaction of phosducin and phosducin isoforms with a 26S proteasomal subunit, SUG1.
9551090 1998 Phosducin-like protein (PhLP), a regulator of G beta gamma function, interacts with the proteasomal protein SUG1.
9020189 1997 Phosducin, potential role in modulation of olfactory signaling.
8889548 1996 Normalization and subtraction: two approaches to facilitate gene discovery.
8288259 1993 The gene for human phosducin (PDC), a soluble protein that binds G-protein beta gamma dimers, maps to 1q25-q31.1.
8288249 1993 Assignment of the phosducin (PDC) gene to human chromosome 1q25-1q32.1 by somatic cell hybridization and in situ hybridization.
8188267 1994 The sequence of the human phosducin gene (PDC) and its 5'-flanking region.
7961975 1994 Determination of the G beta gamma-binding domain of phosducin. A regulatable modulator of G beta gamma signaling.
2394752 1990 Protein kinase A phosphorylates retinal phosducin on serine 73 in situ.
2383274 1990 Isolation and analysis of the human MEKA gene encoding a retina-specific protein.
2210381 1990 Analysis of the human, bovine and rat 33-kDa proteins and cDNA in retina and pineal gland.