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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 23
PubMed Score 95.04
PubTator Score 31.11

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  Differential Expression (11)

Disease log2 FC p
oligodendroglioma 1.200 1.6e-13
psoriasis -2.100 7.6e-05
osteosarcoma -1.334 1.1e-03
ependymoma 1.100 2.1e-05
group 4 medulloblastoma 2.300 6.0e-07
astrocytoma 1.100 3.3e-02
atypical teratoid / rhabdoid tumor 1.500 3.8e-05
glioblastoma 1.100 1.7e-02
medulloblastoma, large-cell 2.200 2.3e-06
primitive neuroectodermal tumor 1.600 3.7e-06
lung cancer 1.600 2.5e-04

Gene RIF (12)

25755280 Results show that PATZ1 binds to p53 and inhibits p53-dependent transcription activation.
25595894 Loss of PATZ1 expression is associated with thyroid cancer progression.
24380431 these results propose that Patz1 is important for ESC pluripotency.
24336083 The data support a PATZ1 tumour-suppressive function based on its ability to enhance p53-dependent transcription and apoptosis.
22493480 disruption of one or both Patz1 alleles may favor lymphomagenesis by activating the BCL6 pathway
22052190 PATZ1 may have an important role in the regulation of EC senescence through an ROS-mediated p53-dependent pathway and contribute to vascular diseases associated with aging.
20677143 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20026299 these results showed a potentially novel mechanism of cAMP signaling mediated through the interaction of RIalpha with PATZ1.
18401526 The results show that ZNF278 promotes cell growth, and its knockdown suppresses cell proliferation. ZNF278 could be a potential proto-oncogene in colorectal cancer.
11751862 MAZR and MITF synergistically transactivated the mMCP-6 gene. MAZR appeared to play important roles in the normal phenotypic expression of mast cells in association with MITF
11744704 We report here the isolation and characterization of two novel nuclear BTB/POZ domain zinc finger isoformsthat are specifically expressed in early hippocampal neurons, cerebellar granule cells, and gliogenic progenitors as well as in differentiated glia
10949935 The short isoform of the Zinc finger Sarcoma Gene (ZSG) was isolated as a RNF4 interacting protein.

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Text Mined References (25)

PMID Year Title
25755280 2015 PATZ1 Is a DNA Damage-Responsive Transcription Factor That Inhibits p53 Function.
25595894 2015 PATZ1 acts as a tumor suppressor in thyroid cancer via targeting p53-dependent genes involved in EMT and cell migration.
24380431 2014 Patz1 regulates embryonic stem cell identity.
24336083 2013 PATZ1 interacts with p53 and regulates expression of p53-target genes enhancing apoptosis or cell survival based on the cellular context.
23186163 2013 Toward a comprehensive characterization of a human cancer cell phosphoproteome.
22493480 2012 POZ-, AT-hook-, and zinc finger-containing protein (PATZ) interacts with human oncogene B cell lymphoma 6 (BCL6) and is required for its negative autoregulation.
22052190 2012 POZ/BTB and AT-hook-containing zinc finger protein 1 (PATZ1) inhibits endothelial cell senescence through a p53 dependent pathway.
20677143 2010 [Association of single nucleotide polymorphisms of PATZ1 gene with azoospermia].
20068231 2010 Quantitative phosphoproteomics reveals widespread full phosphorylation site occupancy during mitosis.
20026299 2010 Interaction of the regulatory subunit of the cAMP-dependent protein kinase with PATZ1 (ZNF278).
18401526 2008 Zinc finger protein 278, a potential oncogene in human colorectal cancer.
18241078 2008 PATZ1 gene has a critical role in the spermatogenesis and testicular tumours.
15489334 2004 The status, quality, and expansion of the NIH full-length cDNA project: the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC).
15461802 2004 A genome annotation-driven approach to cloning the human ORFeome.
14702039 2004 Complete sequencing and characterization of 21,243 full-length human cDNAs.
12482659 2002 Interaction of human papillomavirus type 16 L2 with cellular proteins: identification of novel nuclear body-associated proteins.
12477932 2002 Generation and initial analysis of more than 15,000 full-length human and mouse cDNA sequences.
11751862 2002 Interaction and cooperation of mi transcription factor (MITF) and myc-associated zinc-finger protein-related factor (MAZR) for transcription of mouse mast cell protease 6 gene.
11744704 2002 Characterization of two novel nuclear BTB/POZ domain zinc finger isoforms. Association with differentiation of hippocampal neurons, cerebellar granule cells, and macroglia.
11719514 2002 PATZ attenuates the RNF4-mediated enhancement of androgen receptor-dependent transcription.
10949935 2000 A novel zinc finger gene is fused to EWS in small round cell tumor.
10713105 2000 A novel member of the BTB/POZ family, PATZ, associates with the RNF4 RING finger protein and acts as a transcriptional repressor.
10669750 2000 A combinatorial code for gene expression generated by transcription factor Bach2 and MAZR (MAZ-related factor) through the BTB/POZ domain.
10591208 1999 The DNA sequence of human chromosome 22.
9847074 1998 Toward a complete human genome sequence.