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Disease log2 FC p
oligodendroglioma 1.800 7.1e-11
astrocytoma 1.400 1.3e-10
osteosarcoma -2.595 1.6e-06
posterior fossa group B ependymoma 3.100 7.7e-15
medulloblastoma, large-cell -1.400 2.5e-02
group 4 medulloblastoma -3.100 2.6e-08
non primary Sjogren syndrome sicca -1.100 3.0e-02
lung carcinoma 1.400 8.4e-21
pituitary cancer 1.300 4.0e-02
psoriasis -1.400 9.1e-13

Gene RIF (47)

26312378 Comprehensive retinal dystrophy panel revealed a homozygous mutation in CRB1 (p.Pro836Thr:c.2506C>A) in both twins.
26165328 Two novel variants were detected: c.2536G>T (p.G846X) in the CRB1 gene and c.4929delA (p.Lys1643fsX2) in the CEP290 gene.
25760605 Removal of this side chain enhances the binding affinity by more than fivefold, suggesting that access of Crb to Pals1 may be regulated by intradomain contacts or by protein-protein interaction.
25323024 The phenotypes of these novel mutations for early-onset retinal dystrophy (EORD) are typical of CRB1-associated EORD
24811962 This report illustrates a novel presentation of a macular dystrophy caused by CRB1 mutations affecting 2 siblings exhibiting a relatively well-developed retinal structure and preservation of generalized retinal function.
24715753 The results from this study show that patients with Leber congenital amaurosis carry CRB1 null mutations more frequently than patients with retinitis pigmentosa.
24664696 Mutations in CRB1 and ABCA4 were found in a Swedish family with Leber congenital amaurosis and Stargardt disease.
24565864 Study showed that CRB1 and CRB2 in human retinas have an opposite pattern of expression in Muller glia and photoreceptor cells compared with mouse retinas, and that Crb2 influences the severity of the murine Crb1-linked retinal dystrophies.
24535598 Macular nummular pigmentation is a gene-specific indication for CRB1associated retinal dystrophy.
24512366 CRB1 mutations may be associated with intraretinal cystoid spaces. The use of carbonic anhydrase inhibitors can result in improved visual acuity in some patients.
24508727 the mammalian apical CRB1 complex might control retinogenesis and prevents onset of Leber congenital amaurosis or retinitis pigmentosa.
24138049 Retinal degenerations associated with nanophthalmos and hyperopia, or with keratoconus, can serve as further clinical cues to mutations in CRB1.
23871396 We report the case of a 15-year-old girl affected by CRB1 gene-negative retinitis pigmentosa and Coats-like exudative vasculopathy
23767994 The phenotypic spectrum of recessive CRB1 mutation includes childhood cone-rod dystrophy with macular cystic degeneration and the associated ERG can be electronegative.
23592920 R764H is a novel mutation associated with CRB1-related autosomal recessive retinitis pigmentosa.
23449718 we showed that mutations in CRB1 are a common cause of eary onset retinal degeneration among the Jewish and Arab-Muslim populations in Israel and the Palestinian Territories
23443024 Four patients with Leber congenital amaurosis were homozygous for a novel mutation in the CRB1 gene, while of two cases with Stargardt disease, one was homozygous for c.5461-10T>C in the ABCA4 gene and another was carrier of the same mutation.
23379534 study represents the most complete mutational screening of CRB1 in a Spanish LCA and EORP cohort, allowing us to establish gene-specific frequencies and to provide a wide spectrum of CRB1 mutations in the Spanish population
23362850 We report a novel CRB1 mutation in inherited retinal dystrophy in a Lebanese family.
23077403 A novel homozygous missense mutation (p.Gly833Asp) in the CRB1 gene is responsible for retinitis pigmentosa, nanophthalmos, and optic disc drusen in a Turkish family.
23001562 there is no clear genotype-phenotype correlation for CRB1 mutations, which suggests that other components of the CRB complex may influence the severity of retinal disease
22876132 CRB1 (c.2548 G>A) is the likely disease-causing gene in one non-consanguineous Australian pedigree with autosomal recessive retinitis pigmentosa.
22863181 Mutation in CRB1 gene is associated with Stargardt Disease.
22219627 Digenic and triallelic mutations of CRB1 and SPATA7 were detected in a Chinese family with Leber congenital amaurosis. The results imply that CRB1 and SPATA7 may not interact with each other directly.
22065545 A review of seven novel mutations and classification of over 150 reported CRB1 sequence variants that were found in more that 240 patients with inherited retinal dystrophies.
21757580 CRB1 mutations lead to early-onset severe loss of vision with thickened, disorganized, nonseeing retina. Impaired peripheral vision can persist in late disease stages.
20956273 Mutations in CRB1 are associated with a range of recessively inherited retinal dystrophies, including Leber congenital amaurosis, childhood- and juvenile-onset rod-cone and cone-rod dystrophies.
20816195 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20805571 The corneas of human carriers of CRB1 mutations display shape deviations compared with what has been observed in normal individuals
20801516 Observational study of genetic testing. (HuGE Navigator)
20591486 Observational study of genetic testing. (HuGE Navigator)
19753312 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19407021 Although the results cannot exclude other gene mutations, they suggest that LCA patients with a CRB1 mutation may have a particular susceptibility to keratoconus.
18682814 This study presents the case of a compound heterozygous fetus for two mutations in CRB1 (1q3.1-q32.2).
18334942 Two distinct retinal dystrophies with mutations affecting two different genes ABCA4 and CRB1 genes cosegregated in this family.
17988153 overexpression of human CRB1 and related isoforms, CRB2 and CRB3, had no effect on the levels of presenilin complex components, on NCT maturation or on presenilin endoproteolysis
17724218 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
16936081 In human heterozygotes of CRB1 mutations (parents of offspring with Leber congenital amaurosis), distinctive regional retinal dysfunctions were found by multifocal ERG (electroretinography) measurements
16767206 Observational study of genetic testing. (HuGE Navigator)
16543197 Mutation in CRB1 is co-inherited with high hyperopia and Leber congenital amau
16505055 Microarray-based mutation detection allowed the identification of 32% of LCA sequence variants and represents an efficient first-pass screening tool. Mutations in CRB1, and to a lesser extent, in GUCY2D, underlie most LCA cases in this cohort
16272259 AIPL1, CRB1, GUCY2D, RPE65, and RPGRIP1 mutations may have roles in juvenile retinitis pigmentosa
15623792 The PPCRA (Pigmented paravenous chorioretinal atrophy) phenotype is associated with a Val162Met mutation in CRB1 which is likely to affect the structure of the CRB1 protein.
15459956 REVIEW--overview of the currently known CRB1 sequence variants and prediction of their effects: a genotype-phenotype correlation model for CRB1 mutations
12567265 Mutation disrupting the cytoplasmic domain of CRB1 is associated with Leber congenital amaurosis in arabs
11850624 intracellular domain of CRB1 behaves similarly to its Drosophila counterpart when overexpressed in the fly eye
11231775 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)

AA Sequence

AMERLI                                                                   1401 - 1406

Text Mined References (84)

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22219627 2011 Lack of phenotypic effect of triallelic variation in SPATA7 in a family with Leber congenital amaurosis resulting from CRB1 mutations.
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11734541 2001 CRB1 has a cytoplasmic domain that is functionally conserved between human and Drosophila.
11559858 2001 CRB1 mutations may result in retinitis pigmentosa without para-arteriolar RPE preservation.
11389483 2001 Leber congenital amaurosis and retinitis pigmentosa with Coats-like exudative vasculopathy are associated with mutations in the crumbs homologue 1 (CRB1) gene.
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