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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 46
PubMed Score 152.61
PubTator Score 133.96

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  Differential Expression (2)

Disease log2 FC p
inflammatory breast cancer -1.100 1.6e-03
ovarian cancer -1.200 4.4e-04

Protein-protein Interaction (211)

EIF3F   EIF3D   EIF3H   RRP9   UTP20   EIF3G   EIF3J   EIF2S1   RPLP1   RPLP2   RPLP0   EIF4E   RPS17   RPSA   RPS2   RPL35A   RPL7   RPL17   EIF2S2   RPS4Y1   RPS3   EIF4B   RPL13   RPL10   RPL12   RPL9   RPL22   RPL4   RPS19   RPL3   RPL13A   EIF2S3   RPS27   RPL35   SSR1   RPL27A   RPL5   RPL21   RPL28   RPS9   RPS5   EIF1AX   RPL29   RPL34   EIF2B2   RPL14   EIF5   EIF3B   SEC61G   EIF3E   EIF4A1   RPS20   SPCS3   RPS3A   RPL26   RPL15   RPL27   RPL37A   RPL37   RPS7   RPS8   RPS15A   RPS16   RPS23   RPS18   RPS29   RPL7A   RPS4X   RPL23A   RPS6   RPL23   RPS15   RPS24   RPS25   RPS26   RPS28   FAU   RPL30   RPL39   RPL31   RPL10A   RPL32   RPL11   RPL8   RPL41   RPS27A   UBA52   RPL38   RPS21   NOP14   RPL24   RPL36A   RPL19   RPL18A   RPL6   EIF4G1   RPL18   EIF2B5   EIF3I   KRR1   EIF3A   EIF2B1   EIF4A2   EIF4H   WDR43   RNPS1   TSR1   DIEXF   EIF3M   SMG6   WDR75   DHX37   GSPT2   SMG8   WDR36   UTP15   UTP4   MAGOHB   RRP36   IMP4   LTV1   ERO1A   SMG1   EIF3C   RIOK1   RPP25   NOC4L   UTP14A   RIOK2   UPF3B   DDX47   SMG9   UPF3A   RPP21   NOL6   NOL11   UPF2   NOP10   UTP3   EIF2B3   PNO1   DCAF13   IMP3   NHP2   GAR1   EIF3K   SRP68   EIF2B4   TRMT112   TSR3   NOB1   SMG5   DDX52   FCF1   UTP11   RPL36   DDX49   RPL26L1   AK6   NAT10   CCDC137   BMS1   RBM28   YTHDC2   MYBBP1A   ZNF574   RRP12   ZNF430   SRPK1   PDCD11   STAU1   DHX30   CEBPZ   REXO4   DDX31   CCZ1   RBM19   DDX24   KRI1   CCDC59   RRP8   TTF1   GTPBP4   NOC2L   PRPF4B   RBMX2   RPL36AL   DCAF5   NOP9   DDX54   DDX18   PUM3   RPS13   CDK12   NSA2   SPTY2D1   RBM42   ZBTB24   TAF1D   NKTR   RPF2   BUD13   CENPV   PPAN-P2RY11   TAF1C   PCMTD1   SDAD1   NGDN   THAP12   ZNF121   FRMD8  

Gene RIF (16)

24074450 Partial silencing of RPS14 inhibits the proliferation of SKM-1, an acute myeloid leukemia cell line, and RPS14 negatively regulates p53 activation in SKM-1 cells.
23943650 Patients with nonclassical Diamond Blackfan anemia and other hypoproliferative anemias may have somatically acquired 5q deletions with RPS14 haploinsufficiency
23775087 Data indicate that RPS14 negates c-Myc functions by directly inhibiting its transcriptional activity and mediating its mRNA degradation via miRNA.
23506134 lower RPS14 predicts prolonged survival and possible response to lenalidomide in lower risk MDS patients.
23246961 RPS14 stabilized and activated p53 by inhibiting HDM2-mediated p53 polyubiquitination and degradation
22430631 Loss of RPS14 is associated with 5q-syndrome.
22391559 RPS14 and RPS19 have distinct roles in regulating the MDM2-p53 feedback loop in response to ribosomal stress
21873545 Combined loss of miR-145 and RPS14 cooperates to alter erythroid-megakaryocytic differentiation in a manner similar to the 5q- syndrome.
21068437 p53 accumulates selectively in the erythroid lineage in primary human hematopoietic progenitor cells after expression of shRNAs targeting RPS14, the ribosomal protein gene deleted in the 5q-syndrome, or RPS19.
20877624 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20491881 observations in the patient setting support the importance of RPS14 in the pathogenesis of MDS with del(5q)
20193850 Studied the methylation status of the RPS14 gene in 5q deletion (5q21.3q33.1) in 24 patients. In all, 21 of the 37 patients (57%) had copy number alterations. No homozygous losses or amplifications were observed.
19794090 Myelodysplactic syndrome patients with an intermediate-1 risk score and low RPS14 expression have a superior median overall survival compared to patients with high RPS14 expression.
19773262 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
18650472 low expression of RPS14 is not due to promoter hypermethylation, further supporting the haploinsufficiency model suggested by Ebert et al4 for the 5q- syndrome
18202658 results indicate that the 5q- syndrome is caused by a defect in RPS14 ribosomal protein function

AA Sequence

RRKGGRRGRRL                                                               141 - 151

Text Mined References (57)

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