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Accession P60900 B2R7J9 B4DQR4 B4DXJ9 P34062 Q6IB60
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5GJQ   5GJR   5L4G   4R3O   4R67   5A0Q   5LE5   5LEX   5LEY   5LEZ   5LF0   5LF1   5LF3   5LF4   5LF6   5LF7  

Gene RIF (63)

26661414 Our results provide evidence on new T1DM-susceptible loci in the PSMA3, PSMA6 and PSMC6 proteasome genes and give a new insight into the T1DM pathogenesis
26657688 Data indicate that proteasome subunit alpha 6 (PSMA6) direct contacts with proteasome subunit alpha 7 (PSMA7) tetradecamer.
24875235 Evidence of a sex-specific association of PSMA6 genetic variants with subtypes of juvenile idiopathic arthritis.
24809174 The data show that LMP2 and PSMA6 gene polymorphism is not a risk factor of ischemic stroke in Ukrainian population.
23111455 The G allele of PSMA6-8C/G polymorphism is a risk factor associated with increased coronary artery disease susceptibility. [Meat-analysis]
23026512 Investigation suggests that -8 C/G variant of PSMA6 gene may be associated with T2DM and diabetes-related metabolic traits in Chinese Dongxiang and Han populations.
22944692 Positional proteomics analysis identifies the cleavage of human proteasome (prosome, macropain) subunit, alpha type, 6 (PSMA6) at amino acid residues 30-31 by the HIV-1 protease
22882272 The PSMA6 variant rs1048990 appears to affect susceptibility to ischaemic stroke in both caucasian and african american populations.
22310064 PSMA6 polymorphisms were not associated with phenotype of coronary atherosclerosis.
20953189 Observational study and genome-wide association study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)

AA Sequence

KPSEIEVGVVTVENPKFRILTEAEIDAHLVALAERD                                      211 - 246

Text Mined References (93)

PMID Year Title
26661414 2016 Genetic variations in the PSMA3, PSMA6 and PSMC6 genes are associated with type 1 diabetes in Latvians and with expression level of number of UPS-related and T1DM-susceptible genes in HapMap individuals.
26657688 2015 Disassembly of the self-assembled, double-ring structure of proteasome ?7 homo-tetradecamer by ?6.
25416956 2014 A proteome-scale map of the human interactome network.
24875235 2014 Juvenile idiopathic arthritis subtype- and sex-specific associations with genetic variants in the PSMA6/PSMC6/PSMA3 gene cluster.
24809174 2014 [Frequency of allele polymorphism of immune proteasome catalytic subunits in patients with ischemic stroke].
24275569 2014 An enzyme assisted RP-RPLC approach for in-depth analysis of human liver phosphoproteome.
23376485 2013 Proteomic analysis of podocyte exosome-enriched fraction from normal human urine.
23186163 2013 Toward a comprehensive characterization of a human cancer cell phosphoproteome.
23145062 2012 Human ALKBH4 interacts with proteins associated with transcription.
23111455 2013 Quantitative assessment of the influence of PSMA6 variant (rs1048990) on coronary artery disease risk.