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Gene RIF (141)

26803614 DAOA gene may contribute to the risk for Psychotic disorders and that this gene may play a role as a modulator of executive function.
26539492 pLG72 level being significantly increased in the serum of patients with schizophrenia, have led us to propose that the ROS enhancement in mental diseases may be from the overexpression of pLG72 in brain cells.
26170631 Report in silico analysis of DAOA for the design of inhibitors for treatment of schizophrenia.
25263995 This study suggested that structural lipid alterations in oligodendrocyte glycosynapses are responsible for dysconnectivity in schizophrenia and that increased expression of G72 protein may play a role in the development of abnormal glycosynapses.
25078755 the mitochondrial methionine-R-sulfoxide reductase B2 (MSRB2) is a specific interaction partner of LG72.
25043320 DAOA (or G72) gene encodes for a protein that binds to and activates the D-serine amino acid oxidase that acts as a coactivator of the glycine binding site on the glutamatergic N-methyl D-aspartate (NMDA) receptor.
25031104 There were no regions with significantly reduced FA values in homozygous risk allele carriers.
24447945 DAOA genetic polymorphism were not found to confer a statistically significant increased risk of Schizophrenia, bipolar disorder or depressive disorder.
24417347 Suggest chronic nicotine administration improves cognitive symptoms in G72 mouse model of schizophrenia.
24237903 Data suggest that neuronal LG72 exhibits a rapid turnover (half-life of 25-40 min in U87 glioblastoma cells) and is degraded via proteasome system, albeit not ubiquitinated.

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SCNHKEITSTKAE                                                             141 - 153

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PMID Year Title
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26539492 2015 Identification of pLG72-Induced Oxidative Stress Using Systemic Approaches.
26170631 2015 Adaptive evolution and elucidating the potential inhibitor against schizophrenia to target DAOA (G72) isoforms.
25263995 2014 Lipidomics reveals dysfunctional glycosynapses in schizophrenia and the G72/G30 transgenic mouse.
25078755 2014 Identification of the mitochondrial MSRB2 as a binding partner of LG72.
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25031104 2015 Genetic variation in the G72 gene is associated with increased frontotemporal fiber tract integrity.
24939585 2015 Genome-wide association analysis demonstrates the highly polygenic character of age-related hearing impairment.
24447945 2014 Association between DAOA gene polymorphisms and the risk of schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and depressive disorder.
24417347 2014 Chronic nicotine improves short-term memory selectively in a G72 mouse model of schizophrenia.