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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 28
PubMed Score 53.68
PubTator Score 21.70

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  Disease (2)

Disease Target Count P-value
osteosarcoma 7933 1.5e-07
glioblastoma 5572 5.4e-07
ovarian cancer 8491 1.9e-04
psoriasis 6685 2.5e-04
lung cancer 4473 1.2e-02
non primary Sjogren syndrome sicca 840 4.1e-02
Disease Target Count Z-score Confidence
Silver-Russell syndrome 37 3.371 1.7


  Differential Expression (6)

Disease log2 FC p
psoriasis -1.200 2.5e-04
osteosarcoma -1.991 1.5e-07
glioblastoma -1.100 5.4e-07
lung cancer 1.100 1.2e-02
non primary Sjogren syndrome sicca 1.100 4.1e-02
ovarian cancer 1.600 1.9e-04

Protein-protein Interaction (180)

MPHOSPH10   U2SURP   CD3EAP   DHX15   PRPF4   SART1   HNRNPR   PRPF3   PPIH   PLRG1   NUDT21   RRP9   DHX16   AQR   CDC40   PQBP1   PRPF40A   WBP4   UTP20   BCAS2   SMNDC1   PCF11   CD2BP2   CPSF4   LSM8   SYF2   HNRNPC   SNRPB2   SNRNP70   SNRPA   HNRNPA1   SNRPA1   SNRPB   HNRNPL   RPS2   FBL   HNRNPA2B1   U2AF2   PTBP1   HNRNPH1   CSTF2   RBMX   RPS9   CDK7   PAPOLA   CCNH   HNRNPA3   HNRNPM   HNRNPF   HNRNPH2   HNRNPK   RPS7   RPS14   SNRPE   SNRPF   SNRPG   LSM3   LSM6   SNRPD1   SNRPD2   SNRPD3   RPS6   TRA2B   SNURF   NOP14   SRSF3   HNRNPU   U2AF1   SRSF2   CSTF1   SRSF1   SRSF4   CPSF1   SF3A3   CSTF3   HNRNPA0   SRSF9   SRSF5   SRSF6   SF3B2   KRR1   HNRNPD   PDCD11   WDR43   RNPS1   TTF1   PCBP1   PCBP2   SF3B3   SF3B4   SF3A2   SF3A1   TAF1C   TAF1A   SF1   SNRNP35   TWISTNB   USP39   TAF1B   DIEXF   SNRNP48   PTRF   PRPF8   FIP1L1   CWC27   GTF2H5   DDX46   PABPN1   ALYREF   DDX42   WDR75   CHERP   SUGP1   CCAR1   DHX37   SRRM1   CPSF7   PDCD7   PRPF38A   WDR36   ZCRB1   UTP15   U2AF1L4   SNRNP27   PRPF31   DHX38   EMG1   CLP1   UTP4   MAGOHB   PPWD1   SNRNP40   RRP36   IMP4   RBM17   RNPC3   CDC5L   HNRNPUL1   SNRNP25   NOC4L   UTP14A   SF3B5   UPF3B   CRNKL1   POLR1E   CSTF2T   DDX47   TAF1D   NOL6   NOL11   CWC22   NOP10   UTP3   DCAF13   IMP3   RBM22   NHP2   CWC25   GAR1   CWC15   ZNRD1   CPSF2   ZMAT5   PUF60   TSR3   LSM7   CPSF3   ISY1   PRPF19   SRRM2   RCL1   DDX52   WBP11   FCF1   LSM2   UTP11   LSM5   LSM4   RBM8A   DDX49  

Gene RIF (7)

23166591 Expression of HIV-1 Tat upregulates the abundance of NHP2 non-histone chromosome protein 2-like 1 (NHP2L1) in the nucleoli of Jurkat T-cells
22190034 Expression of HIV-1 Tat upregulates the abundance of NHP2 non-histone chromosome protein 2-like 1 (NHP2L1) in the nucleoli of Jurkat T-cells
19620283 snoRNP assembly factor NUFIP can regulate the interactions between TIP48 and TIP49 and the core box C/D proteins.
18044964 describe the solution NMR structure of free 15.5K, as well as studies of conformational flexibility from 15N NMR relaxation and H/D exchange experiments
12417735 Data show that binding of the 15.5 kD RNA binding protein to the box C/D motif of snoRNAs is essential for the association of other snoRNP-associated proteins.
12203836 the testis-specific expression of FA-1 antigen at the mRNA level
12011111 NHPX is specifically accumulated in both nucleoli and Cajal bodies (CBs) in vivo. The data show a specific temporal pathway involving the sequential and directed accumulation of NHPX in distinct subnuclear compartments

AA Sequence


Text Mined References (34)

PMID Year Title
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12011111 2002 In vivo analysis of NHPX reveals a novel nucleolar localization pathway involving a transient accumulation in splicing speckles.
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11081632 2000 A common core RNP structure shared between the small nucleoar box C/D RNPs and the spliceosomal U4 snRNP.
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