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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 75
Grant Count 216
R01 Count 144
Funding $27,520,444.96
PubMed Score 258.01
PubTator Score 198.73

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Accession P50553 A8K3C4 Q9BQ30 ASH-1
Symbols ASH1


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27076429 This report identifies novel roles for the transcription factor Ascl1 in enteric gliogenesis and neurogenesis
26596584 hASH1 is a specific marker to distinguish neuroendocrine tumors from squamous cell carcinomas and adenocarcinomas
26403073 Data show that chrysin suppressed cell proliferation and reducing expression of achaete-scute complex-like 1 (ASCL1) and the neuroendocrine biomarker chromogranin A (CgA).
26292211 marker for neurogenic potential in cultured retinal progenitor cells
26253517 ASCL1 expression is regulated by BRD4 is frequently overexpressed in small cell lung cancer.
25267614 Achaete-scute homolog 1 (ASCL1), a transcription factor required for proper development of pulmonary neuroendocrine cells, is essential for the survival of a majority of lung cancers with neuroendocrine features.
25124043 data suggest that a prominent down-regulation of hnRNP-A2/B1 during hypoxia is associated with the post-transcriptional suppression of hASH1 synthesis.
24982138 lentiviral overexpression of transcription factors ASCL1, SOX10, and NKX2.2 in NPCs was sufficient to induce Sox10 enhancer activity, OPC mRNA, and protein expression consistent with OPC fate
24037524 ASCL1 and RET expression defines a clinically relevant subgroup of lung adenocarcinoma characterized by neuroendocrine differentiation.
23739972 Ascl1 modulates multiple steps of oligodendrocyte precursor cell development in the postnatal brain and in response to demyelinating insults.

AA Sequence

SYSSDEGSYDPLSPEEQELLDFTNWF                                                211 - 236

Text Mined References (76)

PMID Year Title
27076429 2016 Ascl1 Is Required for the Development of Specific Neuronal Subtypes in the Enteric Nervous System.
26596584 2016 hASH1 is a specific immunohistochemical marker for lung neuroendocrine tumors.
26403073 2015 Chrysin suppresses achaete-scute complex-like 1 and alters the neuroendocrine phenotype of carcinoids.
26292211 2015 VSX2 and ASCL1 Are Indicators of Neurogenic Competence in Human Retinal Progenitor Cultures.
26253517 2015 Sensitivity of Small Cell Lung Cancer to BET Inhibition Is Mediated by Regulation of ASCL1 Gene Expression.
25267614 2014 ASCL1 is a lineage oncogene providing therapeutic targets for high-grade neuroendocrine lung cancers.
25124043 2014 Shutdown of achaete-scute homolog-1 expression by heterogeneous nuclear ribonucleoprotein (hnRNP)-A2/B1 in hypoxia.
24982138 2014 Transcription factor induction of human oligodendrocyte progenitor fate and differentiation.
24037524 2014 ASCL1 and RET expression defines a clinically relevant subgroup of lung adenocarcinoma characterized by neuroendocrine differentiation.
23739972 2013 Ascl1/Mash1 promotes brain oligodendrogenesis during myelination and remyelination.