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25383893 Data indicate N-terminomics on the human and mouse granzymes A and K by combined fractional diagonal chromatography (COFRADIC).
24711407 Extracellular GrK is an unexpected direct modulator of lipopolysaccharide-TLR4 signaling during the antimicrobial innate immune response.
21666061 Granzyme K plays an important physiological role in immunoregulation of adaptive immunity underlying the cytotoxicity of CD56(bright) natural killer (NK) cells toward activated T cells.
20377743 Gr3 proenzymes is activated by cathepsin C which concomitantly decreased the molecular weight to that of active Gr3.
19201868 p53 is as a cytotoxic bomb that can be triggered by granzyme K, leading to potentiating killing efficacy.
19059912 GrK not only constitutes a redundant functional backup mechanism that assists GrA-induced cell death but that it also displays a unique function by cleaving its own specific substrates.
17438453 Rsults indicate that plasma levels of Granzyme K could serve as a useful diagnostic marker to stage sepsis, permitting better classification, specific treatments of patients, and may play a functional role in the development of sepsis.
17308307 GzmK-induced caspase-independent death occurs through Bid-dependent mitochondrial damage that is different from GzmA
17008916 We found human GzmK triggers rapid cell death independently of caspase activation. The features of death are characterized by rapid externalization of phosphatidylserine, nuclear morphological changes and single-stranded DNA nicks.
12387726 The present findings thus introduce the possibility that human beta-tryptase, after mast cell degranulation and exposure to neutral pH in the tissue, may dissociate into active monomers with properties that are distinct from the tetrameric counterpart.

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PMID Year Title
25383893 2014 Substrate specificities of the granzyme tryptases A and K.
24711407 2014 Granzyme K synergistically potentiates LPS-induced cytokine responses in human monocytes.
21666061 2011 Unexpected role for granzyme K in CD56bright NK cell-mediated immunoregulation of multiple sclerosis.
20377743 2010 Recombinant human progranzyme 3 expressed in Escherichia coli for analysis of its activation mechanism.
19201868 2009 Ignition of p53 bomb sensitizes tumor cells to granzyme K-mediated cytolysis.
19059912 2009 Granzyme K displays highly restricted substrate specificity that only partially overlaps with granzyme A.
17438453 2007 Altered levels and molecular forms of granzyme k in plasma from septic patients.
17308307 2007 Granzyme K directly processes bid to release cytochrome c and endonuclease G leading to mitochondria-dependent cell death.
17008916 2007 Granzyme K cleaves the nucleosome assembly protein SET to induce single-stranded DNA nicks of target cells.
15489334 2004 The status, quality, and expansion of the NIH full-length cDNA project: the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC).