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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 25
Grant Count 44
R01 Count 28
Funding $6,394,387.12
PubMed Score 336.57
PubTator Score 3042.01

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25561725 inhibition toward BMP2 and BMP7, but not GDF5. Although NBL1(S67Y) was able to antagonize BMP7 as effectively as PRDC, NBL1(S67Y) was still 32-fold weaker than PRDC against BMP2.
24810382 The DAN family proteins with regards to BMP inhibition and also highlights their emerging roles in the modulation of Wnt and VEGF signaling pathways.
22948749 NBL1 is a secreted protein that is highly restricted to the prostate. Underexpression of NBL1 correlated with prostate cancer progression.
21743959 CDKN2A, GATA3, CREBBP, ITGA2, NBL1 and TGM4 were down-regulated in the prostate carcinoma glands compared to the corresponding normal glands
19995712 This study was to establish if NBL1 was a molecular marker for pancreatic cancer.
15528323 Data demonstrate for the first time that Dan physically and functionally interacts with Slit proteins to act as a negative regulator for monocyte chemotaxis.
12150978 expression dependent on p73 during cisplatin-induced cell death and osteoblast differentiation

AA Sequence

GPGSQPGTHPHPHPHPHPGGQTPEPEDPPGAPHTEEEGAED                                 141 - 181

Text Mined References (27)

PMID Year Title
25561725 2015 Structure of neuroblastoma suppressor of tumorigenicity 1 (NBL1): insights for the functional variability across bone morphogenetic protein (BMP) antagonists.
25416956 2014 A proteome-scale map of the human interactome network.
24852370 2014 Genome-wide association study identifies a novel susceptibility gene for serum TSH levels in Chinese populations.
24810382 2014 The DAN family: modulators of TGF-? signaling and beyond.
23063586 2012 Members of the DAN family are BMP antagonists that form highly stable noncovalent dimers.
22948749 2013 The search for secreted proteins in prostate cancer by the Escherichia coli ampicillin secretion trap: expression of NBL1 is highly restricted to the prostate and is related to cancer progression.
21743959 2011 Analysis of laser-microdissected prostate cancer tissues reveals potential tumor markers.
19995712 2009 NBL1 and anillin (ANLN) genes over-expression in pancreatic carcinoma.
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