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26517690 Data indicate P2X3 purinergic receptors as potential new targets for hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) therapy.
26253104 The results from this study demonstrate that there is a significant difference in the expression of the purinergic P2X2, P2X3 and P2X7 receptors in the different histological layers of the human urinary bladder.
26241848 Urothelial P2X3 receptors decreased significantly in responders after Lipotoxin instillation, but not after BoNT-A injection.
26184350 Results demonstrate that the stoichiometry of the heterotrimeric hP2X2/3 receptor is not fixed, but determined by the relative availability of P2X2 and P2X3 subunits
25336328 esophagitis increases mRNA expressions of P2X3 and P2X7 receptors accompanied by up-regulation of TRPV1 and neurotrophic factors (NGF and GDNF).
24989924 Conformational flexibility of the agonist binding jaw of the human P2X3 receptor is a prerequisite for channel opening
24868547 sensory proteins P2X3 and TRPV1 are in correlation with urothelial differentiation, while P2X5 and TRPV4 have unique expression patterns
24764033 TRPV1-, TRPV2-, P2X3-, and parvalbumin-immunoreactivity neurons in the human nodose ganglion innervate the pharynx and epiglottis through the pharyngeal branch and superior laryngeal nerve
24223907 Data indicate that Markov models are suitable to simulate agonist antagonist interactions at fast desensitizing receptors such as the P2X3R.
23959888 Data indicate that MgATP2- activates P2X1 and P2X3, but not P2X2 and P2X4 receptors.
23917247 ATP-gated P2X3 channels in enterochromaffin cells are downregulated in ulcerative colitis.
22963434 Structure and function of P2RX3 is reviewed, and its role in treatment of pain is discussed. [Review Article]
22498660 The effects of single alanine substitutions of amino acid residues in the supposed ATP binding site of the human P2X3 receptor on the agonistic effect of nucleotide analogs.
22378790 one subunit of P2X2 and two subunits of P2X3 form P2X2/3 heteromeric receptors, whereas two subunits of P2X2 and one subunit of P2X6 constitute P2X2/6 receptors
22160848 HEK 293 cells are not permissive for stable P2X3 expression afer a significant time-dependent cell loss; often used in a recmbinant expression system, HEK cells represent a limiting permissive environment for P2X3 receptors.
22052556 An early and broad expression of P2X3 receptors was found in prenatal dorsal root ganglion neurons.
21098022 Amino acid residues constituting the agonist binding site of the human P2X3 receptor.
20699225 Lipid raft association and cholesterol sensitivity of P2X1-4 receptors for ATP
20418063 P2X3 positive fibres in the trigeminal sensory system were significantly increased in burning mouth syndrome patients compared with controls.
20308565 Released ATP activates P2X(3) receptors in the beta-cell plasma membrane, resulting in increased [Ca(2+)](i) and enhanced insulin secretion.
20110693 P2X(1) receptors showed an anti-inflammatory effect reducing NF-kappaB activation and TNF-alpha release whilst P2X(3) receptors mediated opposite response.
19960242 The present data indicate a novel target, P2X3 receptors, to express the action of Cdk5 on membrane proteins involved in pain perception.
19456993 These cells expressed P2X3 receptors. Suburothelial myofibroblasts may be intermediate in processing adenosine triphosphate-mediated sensory activation
18805451 Sodium Ferrulate may inhibit the initiation of pain and primary afferent sensitization mediated by P2X(3) receptor during chronic constriction injury.
18600577 genetic and pharmacological approaches have provided converging evidence that activation of P2X3-containing channels is an important mediator of acute and persistent nociceptive signaling--review
17052768 These data indicate that PKC activation can enhance both the Ca(2+) signal as well as the cation current through P2X(3)R, however it appears that the regulation is unlikely to be a result of direct phosphorylation of the receptor.
15475563 negative residues in the P2X3 ATP receptor ectodomain are structural determinants for desensitization and the Ca2+-sensing modulatory sites
15331767 Effect of acute hypoxia on cloned homo- and heteromeric P2X3 receptors expressed in human embryonic kidney 293 cells.
14520770 in fibers of human tooth pulp ... may play a role in perception of dental pain
12885270 Review. Activation of P2X(3)-containing channels is an important mediator of persistent nociceptive signalling. The data also indicate potential discrete roles for homomeric P2X(3) & heteromeric P2X(2/3) receptor activation in acute & chronic pain.

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26517690 2015 P2X3 purinergic receptor overexpression is associated with poor recurrence-free survival in hepatocellular carcinoma patients.
26253104 2015 Localization of P2X receptor subtypes 2, 3 and 7 in human urinary bladder.
26241848 2015 Presence of Cleaved Synaptosomal-Associated Protein-25 and Decrease of Purinergic Receptors P2X3 in the Bladder Urothelium Influence Efficacy of Botulinum Toxin Treatment for Overactive Bladder Syndrome.
26184350 2015 Flexible subunit stoichiometry of functional human P2X2/3 heteromeric receptors.
25336328 2014 Evidence for up-regulation of purinergic receptor genes associating with TRPV1 receptors and neurotrophic factors in the inflamed human esophagus.
24989924 2014 Conformational flexibility of the agonist binding jaw of the human P2X3 receptor is a prerequisite for channel opening.
24868547 2014 Correlation between urothelial differentiation and sensory proteins P2X3, P2X5, TRPV1, and TRPV4 in normal urothelium and papillary carcinoma of human bladder.
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22160848 2012 P2X3 receptor expression by HEK cells conditions their survival.
22052556 2012 Prenatal expression of purinergic receptor P2X3 in human dorsal root ganglion.
21098022 2011 Amino acid residues constituting the agonist binding site of the human P2X3 receptor.
20699225 2010 Lipid raft association and cholesterol sensitivity of P2X1-4 receptors for ATP: chimeras and point mutants identify intracellular amino-terminal residues involved in lipid regulation of P2X1 receptors.
20418063 2010 Sensory purinergic receptor P2X3 is elevated in burning mouth syndrome.
20308565 2010 ATP-gated P2X3 receptors constitute a positive autocrine signal for insulin release in the human pancreatic beta cell.
20110693 2010 P2X(1) and P2X(3) purinergic receptors differentially modulate the inflammatory response in human osteoarthritic synovial fibroblasts.
19960242 2010 The Cdk5 kinase downregulates ATP-gated ionotropic P2X3 receptor function via serine phosphorylation.
19456993 2009 Expression of P2X3 purinoceptors in suburothelial myofibroblasts of the normal human urinary bladder.
18805451 2008 Role of sodium ferulate in the nociceptive sensory facilitation of neuropathic pain injury mediated by P2X(3) receptor.
18600577 2008 Homomeric and heteromeric P2X3 receptors in peripheral sensory neurons.
17895406 2007 Go it alone no more--P2X7 joins the society of heteromeric ATP-gated receptor channels.
17052768 2007 Protein kinase C regulation of P2X3 receptors is unlikely to involve direct receptor phosphorylation.
16554811 2006 Human chromosome 11 DNA sequence and analysis including novel gene identification.
15489334 2004 The status, quality, and expansion of the NIH full-length cDNA project: the Mammalian Gene Collection (MGC).
15475563 2004 Identification of negative residues in the P2X3 ATP receptor ectodomain as structural determinants for desensitization and the Ca2+-sensing modulatory sites.
15331767 2004 Selective modulation of ligand-gated P2X purinoceptor channels by acute hypoxia is mediated by reactive oxygen species.
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9016352 1997 Characterization of recombinant human P2X4 receptor reveals pharmacological differences to the rat homologue.
7566120 1995 Coexpression of P2X2 and P2X3 receptor subunits can account for ATP-gated currents in sensory neurons.
7566110 1995 Painful connection for ATP.