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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 64
PubMed Score 167.01
PubTator Score 137.26

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  Disease Sources (3)

Disease Target Count
Methylmalonic acidemia 39
Disease Target Count P-value
psoriasis 6685 3.01112016289115E-143
non-small cell lung cancer 2798 4.37362462316919E-15
lung adenocarcinoma 2714 1.98633896009594E-11
ovarian cancer 8492 1.64511851814063E-6
lung cancer 4473 1.91866823566064E-6
malignant mesothelioma 3163 1.30192167481055E-5
ductal carcinoma in situ 1745 2.06559879036976E-4
invasive ductal carcinoma 2950 3.56443477359617E-4
pituitary cancer 1972 5.89820064412105E-4
interstitial cystitis 2299 0.002700162088147
esophageal adenocarcinoma 737 0.0195207517873976
group 3 medulloblastoma 2254 0.0226787430281389
osteosarcoma 7933 0.0230504562942535
breast carcinoma 1614 0.0294497508970911
Endometriosis 535 0.036885069938088
facioscapulohumeral dystrophy 286 0.0472758662712687
Disease Target Count Z-score Confidence
Cancer 2346 3.538 1.8


  Differential Expression (16)

Disease log2 FC p
malignant mesothelioma 1.100 0.000
esophageal adenocarcinoma -3.100 0.020
psoriasis 2.200 0.000
osteosarcoma 1.989 0.023
non-small cell lung cancer 2.365 0.000
lung cancer 2.600 0.000
breast carcinoma 1.100 0.029
interstitial cystitis -1.500 0.003
lung adenocarcinoma 4.000 0.000
group 3 medulloblastoma 1.600 0.023
Endometriosis 1.060 0.037
ductal carcinoma in situ 2.200 0.000
invasive ductal carcinoma 2.800 0.000
ovarian cancer 2.600 0.000
pituitary cancer 1.700 0.001
facioscapulohumeral dystrophy 1.700 0.047


Accession P29373 B2R4Z8 D3DVC5 F1T098 Q6ICN6
Symbols RBP6



1BLR   1BM5   1CBQ   1CBS   1XCA   2CBS   2FR3   2FRS   2FS6   2FS7   2G78   2G79   2G7B   3CBS   3CR6   3CWK   3D95   3D96   3D97   3F8A   3F9D   3FA6   3FA7   3FA8   3FA9   3FEK   3FEL   3FEN   3FEP   3I17   4I9R   4I9S   4M6S   4M7M   4QGV   4QGW   4QGX   4YBP   4YBU   4YCE   4YCH   4YDA   4YDB   4YFP   4YFQ   4YFR   4YGG   4YGH   4YGZ   4YH0   4YKM   4YKO   5HZQ  

  Ortholog (9)

Species Source
Chimp OMA EggNOG
Macaque OMA EggNOG Inparanoid
Mouse OMA EggNOG Inparanoid
Rat OMA EggNOG Inparanoid
Dog OMA EggNOG Inparanoid
Cow OMA EggNOG Inparanoid
Opossum OMA EggNOG Inparanoid
Anole lizard OMA Inparanoid
Xenopus OMA Inparanoid

Gene RIF (36)

26839961 in esophageal squamous carcinogenesis by significantly inhibiting cell growth, inducing cell apoptosis and blocking cell metastasis both in vitro and in vivo
25320093 The anticarcinogenic activities of CRABP2 are mediated by both HuR and RAR.
25034531 we demonstrated significant changes in CRABP1 and CRABP2 expression in non-small cell lung cancer samples
24751108 CBX3 and CRABP2 expression was markedly increased in lung cancer tissues
24709110 overexpression of CRABP-II is a late event of pancreatic carcinogenesis, and it could be used as a diagnostic marker
24687854 CRABP2 controls mRNA stabilization by HuR.
24269351 Factors involved in the retinoid pathway, in particular upregulation of CRBP, CRABP1 and CRABP2, also showed differential expression in tumors with different histological subtypes
24059243 Reengineering of cellular retinoic acid binding protein II (CRABPII) to be capable of binding retinal as a protonated Schiff base is described
23833249 all three proteins (RDH10, RALDH2, and CRABP2) appeared to be required for ATRA production induced by activation of PPARgamma
23327868 E-FABP showed high exp ression in NSCLC, and the increased E-FABP expression may involved in the occurrence and development of NSCLC

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Text Mined References (68)

PMID Year Title
26839961 2016 Cellular Retinoic Acid Binding Protein 2 Is Strikingly Downregulated in Human Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Functions as a Tumor Suppressor.
25416956 2014 A proteome-scale map of the human interactome network.
25320093 2014 Cellular retinoic acid-binding protein 2 inhibits tumor growth by two distinct mechanisms.
25034531 2014 Expression and clinical significance of CRABP1 and CRABP2 in non-small cell lung cancer.
24751108 2014 RNA sequencing identifies novel markers of non-small cell lung cancer.
24709110 2014 CRABP-II is a highly sensitive and specific diagnostic molecular marker for pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma in distinguishing from benign pancreatic conditions.
24687854 2014 Transcript stabilization by the RNA-binding protein HuR is regulated by cellular retinoic acid-binding protein 2.
24269351 2014 Proteome analysis of the effects of all-trans retinoic acid on human germ cell tumor cell lines.
24059243 2013 Rational design of a colorimetric pH sensor from a soluble retinoic acid chaperone.
23833249 2013 RDH10, RALDH2, and CRABP2 are required components of PPAR?-directed ATRA synthesis and signaling in human dendritic cells.