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Melanoma 261


Accession P26718 A8K7K5 A8K7P4 Q9NR41
Symbols KLR



1HYR   1KCG   1MPU   4PDC   4S0U  

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26791237 Bispecific protein rG7S-MICA recruits natural killer cells and enhances NKG2D-mediated immunosurveillance against hepatocellular carcinoma.
26616050 In conclusion DNT cell can significantly inhibit the growth of pancreatic carcinoma in vivo, and the mechanism may be involved in abnormal expressions of MICA and NKG2D.
26595802 Data show that NK cells derived from HER2-positive breast cancer (BC) patients after treatment with taxane-containing therapy expressed higher levels of NKG2D receptor than before treatment.
26509932 These data underscore that NKG2D downregulation contributes to impaired CD8 T-cell responses in untreated HIV-1 infection.
26508790 These results suggest that NKG2D-DAP10 endocytosis represents a means to decrease cell surface receptor abundance, as well as to control signaling outcome in cytotoxic lymphocytes.
26483398 The reduced cell surface expression of NKG2D in response to engagement by MICA-129Met variants appeared to reduce the severity of acute graft-versus-host disease.
26477527 study indicates a direct NKG2D-dependent stimulatory effect of human CD34+ cells on allogeneic NK cells. These findings may be relevant to the NK-mediated rejection effect in HLA-mismatched hematopoietic stem cell transplantation
26387089 data suggest that STAT3 contributes to NK cell recognition by modulating NKG2D ligands in K562/AO2 cells, which may a mechanism by which cells survive and cause relapse of leukemia.
26372382 Taken together, these results demonstrate that endogenous levels of IFN-alpha secreted by plasmacytoid dendritic cells induce natural killer cells to lyse HIV-1-infected autologous CD4+ primary T cells via the engagement of NKp46 and NKG2D.
26311146 these findings suggest that TGFbetainduced release of soluble MICA leads to downregulation of NKG2D, thereby preventing NK cellmediated cytotoxicity toward renal proximal tubular epithelial cells in renal IRI

AA Sequence

CMQRTV                                                                    211 - 216

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PMID Year Title
26791237 2016 A bispecific protein rG7S-MICA recruits natural killer cells and enhances NKG2D-mediated immunosurveillance against hepatocellular carcinoma.
26616050 2016 DNT cell inhibits the growth of pancreatic carcinoma via abnormal expressions of NKG2D and MICA in vivo.
26595802 2016 Taxanes enhance trastuzumab-mediated ADCC on tumor cells through NKG2D-mediated NK cell recognition.
26509932 2015 Expression and Function of NKG2D Is Impaired in CD8+ T Cells of Chronically HIV-1-Infected Patients Without ART.
26508790 2015 Ubiquitin-dependent endocytosis of NKG2D-DAP10 receptor complexes activates signaling and functions in human NK cells.
26483398 2015 The MICA-129 dimorphism affects NKG2D signaling and outcome of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.
26477527 2016 Human hematopoietic CD34+ progenitor cells induce natural killer cell alloresponses via NKG2D activation.
26387089 2015 STAT3 contributes to NK cell recognition by modulating expression of NKG2D ligands in adriamycin-resistant K562/AO2 cells.
26372382 2015 Lysis of HIV-1-infected autologous CD4+ primary T cells by interferon-alpha-activated NK cells requires NKp46 and NKG2D.
26311146 2015 Transforming growth factor-?1 regulates human renal proximal tubular epithelial cell susceptibility to natural killer cells via modulation of the NKG2D ligands.