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26842753 The PRPH2 c.828+3A>T mutation results in multiple distinct phenotypes likely modified by protein haplotypes in trans.
26796962 Our data suggest that upregulation of PRPH2 levels in combination with defects in the PRPH2 function caused by the mutation might be an important mechanism leading to cone degeneration
26427414 Studies indicate that mutations in the photoreceptor specific gene retina degeneration slow (RDS; peripherin-2) lead to a variety of retinal degenerative diseases.
26061163 Bi-allelic PRPH2 mutations cause a distinct Leber congenital amaurosis phenotype in infancy; affected adults have prominent maculopathy.
26024099 reason for high qAF among many PRPH2/RDS-positive patients is not known; higher RPE lipofuscin accumulation may be a primary or secondary effect of the PRPH2/RDS mutation
25675413 The PRPH2 c.828+3A>T splice site mutation is a frequent cause of inherited retinal dystrophies and is owing to the founder effect.
25447119 The mutations in PRPH2 account for 10.3% of adRP in the French population, which is higher than previously reported (0%-8%) This makes PRPH2 the second most frequent adRP gene after RHO in our series.
24608669 This article reports a group of patients with molecularly confirmed mutations in the PRPH2 gene and (electro-) negative electroretinograms, an abnormality usually associated with inner retinal dysfunction.
22948568 5 single nucleotide polymorphisms (SNPs: rs3812153, rs7764439, rs390659, rs434102 and c:929G>A) were detected in PRPH2.
22863181 Mutation in PRPH2 gene is associated with Stargardt Disease.

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26796962 2016 In Vivo Analysis of Disease-Associated Point Mutations Unveils Profound Differences in mRNA Splicing of Peripherin-2 in Rod and Cone Photoreceptors.
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26061163 2016 Peripherin mutations cause a distinct form of recessive Leber congenital amaurosis and dominant phenotypes in asymptomatic parents heterozygous for the mutation.
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