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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 40
PubMed Score 120.72
PubTator Score 59.57

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  Disease (4)

Disease Target Count Z-score Confidence
Crohn's disease 304 0.0 2.0
Type 1 diabetes mellitus 104 0.0 1.0
Disease Target Count Z-score Confidence
Systemic scleroderma 66 3.456 1.7
Cancer 2346 3.257 1.6


  Differential Expression (34)

Disease log2 FC p
glioblastoma -2.100 6.4e-05
gastric cancer -1.600 1.1e-02
hepatocellular carcinoma -1.600 2.6e-05
pancreatic cancer 2.200 2.2e-04
malignant mesothelioma -1.300 1.1e-06
astrocytic glioma -2.100 1.9e-02
oligodendroglioma -2.400 6.5e-03
osteosarcoma 2.304 6.5e-03
chronic lymphosyte leukemia -1.100 9.3e-09
posterior fossa group B ependymoma -1.900 1.1e-04
non diabetic and post-ischemic heart fai... -1.100 3.9e-03
atypical teratoid / rhabdoid tumor -2.100 4.0e-04
medulloblastoma -1.500 4.9e-03
medulloblastoma, large-cell -3.100 3.3e-05
primitive neuroectodermal tumor -2.800 1.1e-04
acute quadriplegic myopathy 2.766 1.1e-11
juvenile dermatomyositis 1.067 1.5e-10
adrenocortical carcinoma -1.725 2.3e-04
primary pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma 2.174 6.5e-04
tuberculosis -2.600 7.0e-07
intraductal papillary-mucinous adenoma (... 1.600 2.0e-03
intraductal papillary-mucinous carcinoma... 1.300 4.6e-03
lung cancer -3.500 1.0e-04
interstitial cystitis -1.200 1.5e-03
pediatric high grade glioma -1.300 9.8e-03
pilocytic astrocytoma -1.100 3.5e-02
pancreatic carcinoma -1.100 2.4e-03
aldosterone-producing adenoma -1.387 4.6e-02
psoriasis -1.200 1.1e-05
lung carcinoma -1.800 7.7e-13
spina bifida -2.083 4.3e-02
ovarian cancer 2.800 1.0e-05
pituitary cancer -3.900 3.7e-06
chronic rhinosinusitis -1.342 2.8e-02

Gene RIF (18)

26581505 The binding and expression of c-Fos/Fra-2 increased as a function of severity of tongue lesions, yet selective participation of c-Jun appears to promote poor differentiation and aggressive tumorigenesis.
25375657 FOSL2 facilitates TGF-beta1-induced migration by interaction with Smad3 in non-small cell lung cancer.FOSL2 positively regulates TGF-beta1 signalling .
24587342 FRA2 is a STAT5 target gene regulated by IL-2 in human CD4 T cells.
23482931 SOX4 is a direct target gene of FRA-2 and induces expression of HDAC8 in adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma.
23339184 we show that the suppression was mediated, at least in part, by a suspension culture-driven decrease in the levels of two members of the AP1 transcription factor complex, c-Jun and Fra2
22523431 This study suggests that Fra-2 transgenic mice as an animal model of systemic sclerosis-associated pulmonary arterial hypertension display main characteristic features of the human disease.
22493372 results demonstrate the presence of a common oncogenic cascade initiated by FRA2/JUND in CCR4-expressing mature T-cell malignancies such as ATLL and CTCLs
22326952 FOSL2 is a critical regulator of leptin expression in adipocytes
20837772 These findings reveal a novel function of Fra-2/AP-1 as a positive regulator of bone and matrix formation in mice and humans.
20675274 Results suggest that Fra-2 protein may be more effective than ATF-2 protein in cyst formation originated from epithelial cells of dental follicles.
20039427 Fra-2 is overexpressed in SSc and acts as a novel downstream mediator of the profibrotic effects of TGFbeta and PDGF.
19933934 Fra-2 is present in human systemic sclerosis and may contribute to the development of microvasculopathy by inducing endothelial cell apoptosis and by reducing endothelial cell migration and chemotaxis.
19874574 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19620306 Fra-2 transgenic natural killer (NK)T cells produce unusually high amounts of interleukin (IL)-2 and IL-4, and proliferate abnormally.
19321746 Genes for Fra2, Id2, and CSF1-receptor are deregulated, regardless of whether the in anaplastic large cell lymphoma contains the t(2;5).
18641127 FRA2 and AP1 have roles in development of pulmonary fibrosis
18071306 aberrantly expressed Fra-2 in association with JunD may play a major role in CCR4 expression and oncogenesis in adult T-cell leukemia.
17393299 Fra-2 overexpression is associated with a more aggressive tumor phenotype and is probably involved in breast cancer progression in vivo.

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Text Mined References (51)

PMID Year Title
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24587342 2014 FRA2 is a STAT5 target gene regulated by IL-2 in human CD4 T cells.
23482931 2013 SOX4 is a direct target gene of FRA-2 and induces expression of HDAC8 in adult T-cell leukemia/lymphoma.
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22326952 2012 FOSL2 promotes leptin gene expression in human and mouse adipocytes.
21980299 2011 A genome-wide meta-analysis of six type 1 diabetes cohorts identifies multiple associated loci.
21406692 2011 System-wide temporal characterization of the proteome and phosphoproteome of human embryonic stem cell differentiation.
20837772 2010 Fra-2/AP-1 controls bone formation by regulating osteoblast differentiation and collagen production.
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20102225 2010 Identification of bZIP interaction partners of viral proteins HBZ, MEQ, BZLF1, and K-bZIP using coiled-coil arrays.
20068231 2010 Quantitative phosphoproteomics reveals widespread full phosphorylation site occupancy during mitosis.
20039427 2010 The transcription factor Fra-2 regulates the production of extracellular matrix in systemic sclerosis.
19933934 2009 Transcription factor fos-related antigen-2 induces progressive peripheral vasculopathy in mice closely resembling human systemic sclerosis.
19874574 2009 Genetical genomic determinants of alcohol consumption in rats and humans.
19620306 2009 Aberrant selection and function of invariant NKT cells in the absence of AP-1 transcription factor Fra-2.
19321746 2009 Gene deregulation and spatial genome reorganization near breakpoints prior to formation of translocations in anaplastic large cell lymphoma.
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12052862 2002 Retinoic acid receptors inhibit AP1 activation by regulating extracellular signal-regulated kinase and CBP recruitment to an AP1-responsive promoter.
11708771 2001 Interaction of AP-1 with a cluster of NF-kappa B binding elements in the human TNF promoter region.
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10713367 2000 Interleukin-1beta induction of the chemokine RANTES promoter in the human astrocytoma line CH235 requires both constitutive and inducible transcription factors.
10419887 1999 Homocysteine-induced endoplasmic reticulum stress and growth arrest leads to specific changes in gene expression in human vascular endothelial cells.
8954781 1996 Chromosomal assignment of the human gene encoding the Fos-related antigen-2 (FRA2) to chromosome 2p22-p23.
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