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Accession P15018 B2RCW7 B5MC23 Q52LZ2 LIF
Symbols CDF



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1PVH   1EMR   2Q7N  

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Gene RIF (150)

26817565 This review discusses the role of LIF and the recent analysis of its action on the uterine LE in regulating endometrial receptivity and implantation.
26776907 Women with dormant genital tuberculosis were found to have decreased endometrial LIF-STAT3 signaling.
26723254 Taken together, we firstly demonstrate that LIF enhances the adhesion of trophoblastic cells to endometrial cells by up-regulating expression of integrin heterodimer alphaVbeta3 and alphaVbeta5.
26716902 Overexpression of LIF promotes Epithelial-mesenchymal transition and results in cancer.
26296968 Data show that leukemia inhibitory factor (LIF) signaling promote chemoresistance in cholangiocarcinoma by up-regulating myeloid cell factor-1 (Mcl-1) via phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase (PI3K)/c-akt protein (AKT)-dependent pathway.
26271643 LIF was frequently overexpressed in osteosarcoma, which could promote the growth and invasion through activating the STAT3 pathway.
26187859 Despite common signal transduction mechanisms (JAK/STAT, MAPK and PI3K) LIF can have paradoxically opposite effects in different cell types including stimulating or inhibiting each of cell proliferation, differentiation and survival.
25885043 LIF/p21 signaling cascade as a novel tumor suppressive-like pathway in melanoma, acting downstream of TGFbeta to regulate cell cycle arrest and cell death, further highlight new potential therapeutic strategies for the treatment of cutaneous melanoma
25879318 LIF structure, signaling pathway, and primary roles in the development and function of an organism are reviewed--{REVIEW}
25790555 Studied the association of tubal pregnancy with leukemia inhibitory factor (LIF) and leukemia inhibitory factor receptor (LIFR) expression in oviduct tissues.

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PMID Year Title
26817565 2016 The Multifaceted Actions of Leukaemia Inhibitory Factor in Mediating Uterine Receptivity and Embryo Implantation.
26776907 2016 Dysregulated leukemia inhibitory factor and its receptor regulated signal transducers and activators of transcription 3 pathway: a possible cause for repeated implantation failure in women with dormant genital tuberculosis?
26723254 2016 Integrin ?V?3 and ?V?5 are required for leukemia inhibitory factor-mediated the adhesion of trophoblast cells to the endometrial cells.
26716902 2016 Leukemia inhibitory factor promotes EMT through STAT3-dependent miR-21 induction.
26296968 2015 Leukemia inhibitory factor protects cholangiocarcinoma cells from drug-induced apoptosis via a PI3K/AKT-dependent Mcl-1 activation.
26271643 2015 Leukemia inhibitory factor promotes tumor growth and metastasis in human osteosarcoma via activating STAT3.
26187859 2015 Leukemia inhibitory factor (LIF).
25885043 2015 The leukemia inhibitory factor (LIF) and p21 mediate the TGF? tumor suppressive effects in human cutaneous melanoma.
25879318 2015 Role of leukemia inhibitory factor in the nervous system and its pathology.
25790555 2015 Aberrant expression of leukemia inhibitory factor receptor (LIFR) and leukemia inhibitory factor (LIF) is associated with tubal pregnancy occurrence.