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PubMed Score 1118.74
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Disease log2 FC p
psoriasis -1.900 5.7e-04
pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma liver m... -1.198 6.3e-03
lung carcinoma 1.400 6.0e-19

Gene RIF (139)

26569287 The authors show that Human papillomavirus type 16 L2 is cleaved during virion morphogenesis in differentiated tissue and that tissue-derived native virus initiates infection independent of cellular furin.
26488448 Data show that both furin and brain type natriuretic peptide (BNP) were more sensitive than corin in predicting cardiovascular complications in type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) patients.
26346780 the plasma level of FURIN does not predict the severity of infectious disease, it may be of use in the diagnostics of autoimmune diseases.
26283733 PAR1 inhibits the cleavage of HIV-1 gp160 to gp41 by furin
26283728 These data highlight a positive-feedback loop whereby Notch1-dependent furin expression can induce Notch1 signaling by increasing Notch1 processing and by potentiating the activity of ADAM10 and Membrane Type 1 Matrix Metalloproteinase.
26137475 we could not confirm an effect of the SNP on FURIN expression in vitro and no correlations could be found in vivo with FURIN expression or outcome.
26065233 High levels of furin, TNF-alpha and TGF-beta2 may be the reason of proceeding decidualization, placentation, and prevention from abortion, in spite of terminating the fetal life.
25933376 Data suggest that the full Crimean-Congo hemorrhagic fever virus can be reproduced by reverse genetics; in this system, furin cleavage of the nonstructural glycoprotein reveals mature GP38.
25813623 a phenotypic analysis demonstrated that a novel cis-eQTL SNP rs4702 for FURIN is strongly associated with both diastolic (p = 0.012) and systolic (p = 0.035) BP levels, as well as peripheral vascular resistance (p = 0.003).
25552509 Up-regulation of MT1-MMP and furin expression and low TIMP-2 expression make the main contribution to the invasiveness potential of squamous cell cervical carcinomas.
25543063 we show that the K153R mutation significantly increases the rate of proteolysis of promyostatin by furin, but has no effect on the activity of the latent complex or the cleavage of the latent complex by bone morphogenetic protein 1 (BMP-1).
25540379 These data support a model in which HD5 prevents furin from accessing human papillomavirus 16 L2 by occluding the furin cleavage site via direct binding to the viral capsid.
25355923 a central regulator of cell-mediated immunity and Th1/2 cell balance and peripheral immune toleranc.
25175744 FUR transcription is activated by CREB-dependent stimulation of the FUR P1 promoter during human trophoblast syncytialization.
25026302 Hepatic overexpression of human profurin reduced atherosclerotic lesion development in Ldlr(-/-)mice and reduced plasma LDL-c. In the presence of profurin, hepatic ApoB, mainly ApoB100, was degraded by proteasomes.
24666235 The study presents a novel preparation of human furin and the first X-ray crystal structures of this enzyme in complex with noncovalent inhibitors.
24454770 furin appears to be the essential enzyme for the generation of kisspeptins.
24436242 Furin and PC7 siRNAs induced HIF-1alpha protein by increasing its translation, resulting in upregulation of VEGF-A.
24359561 PAR1 inhibits the cleavage of HIV-1 gp160 to gp41 by furin
24257604 H9N2 HA can be cleaved in cells with high levels of furin expression.
24162774 PAR1 inhibits the cleavage of HIV-1 gp160 to gp41 by furin
23936445 the role of serpinB8/furin in obesity-associated chronic inflammation
23861967 PAR1 inhibits the cleavage of HIV-1 gp160 to gp41 by furin
23840860 PAR1 inhibits the cleavage of HIV-1 gp160 to gp41 by furin
23835774 overexpression of furin can have either favourable or detrimental effects, it seems advisable to take indirect proprotein convertase inhibitory activity into account when polyphenols are considered for therapy of hepatocellular carcinoma.
23744066 Data indicate that alpha1PDX-serpin B8 and furin-PC chimeras suggeted new serpin and protease (re)active-site and exosite determinants of reactivity.
23686857 overexpression of PCs, furin and PC5, but not PC7, which are all expressed in SMC, increase PKGI cleavage in a dose-dependent manner
23661674 Endothelial protease nexin-1 is a novel regulator of A disintegrin and metalloproteinase 17 maturation and endothelial protein C receptor shedding via furin inhibition.
23653353 His-69 functions as a pH sensor that regulates compartment-specific furin activation
23598405 The furin function is required for the development of syncytiotrophoblast structure in the labyrinth layer, as well as for normal embryonic development.
23568742 Genetic variations of Furin gene are not associated with obesity in Kazakh general population.
23558288 Liver endothelial differentiation-associated protein (LEDA-1/PIANP) is processed by a furin-like proprotein convertase.
23390091 Among the PC family members, only furin activates hepcidin in hepatocytes, and uniquely the full-length membrane-bound PC7 can directly shed hTfR1 by cleavage at Arg100
23302673 The genetic variation of furin is not associated with insulin resistance in this Chinese Kazakh cohort.
23135270 Furin-cleaved proprotein convertase subtilisin/kexin type 9 (PCSK9) is active and modulates low density lipoprotein receptor and serum cholesterol levels.
23065687 High FURIN expression is associated with lung cancer.
22995191 Cellular furin abundance in five cell lines was shown to be strongly correlated with productive IBV infection. Cleavage of IBV spike protein by furin may contribute to the productive IBV infection in these cells.
22808247 Furin overexpression inhibited hepatocellular carcinoma tumor growth.
22577343 expression of furin in the basal layer of the epidermis increased tumor development and enhanced tumor growth
22479394 Data show that the Notch-1-Furin interaction is regulated by the non-receptor tyrosine kinase, c-Src.
22247010 Furin-resistant Sema3E inhibits endothelial cells and hampers tumour angiogenesis and tumour growth.
22038627 the association between Furin and its substrate MT1-MMP is regulated by PDGFR stimulation and c-Src.
21889147 FURIN and its substrate cytokines BAFF and APRIL are over expressed in atherosclerotic plaques.
21880759 The authors found that partially mature virions incorporating considerable amounts of uncleaved prM protein do not require furin-like proteases for infectivity.
21550985 Furin is the major processing enzyme of the cardiac-specific growth factor bone morphogenetic protein 10.
21503879 These observations support the notion that hypoxia promotes the formation of a peripheral processing compartment where furin translocates for enhanced processing of proproteins involved in tumorigenesis.
21406565 PAI-1 forms stable complex with furin, which leads to the inhibition of the intra-Golgi activity of furin.
21296375 Using siRNA approach the demonstrated that hepatitis C virus-induced furin and thrombospondin-1 (TSP-1) are involved in the proteolytic activation of TGF-beta1.
21147780 in hepatocytes furin regulates PCSK9 mRNA levels and is the key in vivo-inactivating protease of circulating PCSK9.
20945401 miR-24 might play an important role in modulating the induction of TGFbeta1 mediated by cyclical mechanical stress through direct targeting of FURIN.
20811902 Furin expression was found to be increased in salivary glands of Sjogren's syndrome patients.
20707915 Our results suggest that the FURIN gene may be a candidate gene involved in human hypertension, and that the G allele of 1970C > G may be a modest risk factor for hypertension in Xinjiang Kazakh and Uygur populations.
20707915 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
20635860 The furin hydrolysis of the peptides was activated between 60- and 80-fold by MgCl.
20634490 transferrin receptor 2 and HFE are involved in holotransferrin-dependent signaling for the regulation of furin which involved Erk phosphorylation. Furin in turn may control hepcidin expression.
20628086 Observational study of gene-disease association, gene-environment interaction, and pharmacogenomic / toxicogenomic. (HuGE Navigator)
20608975 GRASP55 may function as an adaptor protein coupling MT1-MMP with furin, thus leading to the activation of the zymogen.
20605791 (108)RRKR(111)/Y(112) cleavage by furin completes the removal and the degradation of the autoinhibitory prodomain and the liberation of the functional activity of the emerging enzyme of MT1-MMP.
20101215 Processing of CD109 into 180 kDa and 25 kDa proteins by furin, followed by complex formation with the type I TGF-beta receptor is required for the regulation of TGF-beta signaling in cancer cells and keratinocytes.
20062797 enzymatic activity of furin is critical to render the internalized immature dengue virus infectious
20055586 PAR1 inhibits the cleavage of HIV-1 gp160 to gp41 by furin
19998449 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19913121 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19541935 increased levels of soluble Axl and Mer were associated with increased levels of mature ADAM17, mature ADAM10, and Furin
19492430 common SNP in the P1 promoter of the Fur gene affects furin transcription activity and HBV infection outcome, possibly by increasing furin messenger RNA expression.
19492430 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19477160 furin substrate specificity requirements in addition to the motif R-X-K/R-R
19193799 The study reveals genotypic differences in HBeAg processing and implicates furin as the major enzyme involved in the cleavage of the first and second RXXR motifs.
19152512 level of furin expression in Colo16 cells correlated to changes in pp38 levels in the cells following exposure to UV radiation
19056739 Kinesin adapter JLP links PIKfyve to microtubule-based endosome-to-trans-Golgi network traffic of furin.
18826955 Activin stimulates endogenous inhibin alpha- and betaB-subunit mRNA, protein, and proteolytic processing. Simultaneously, activin stimulated the proconvertase furin through a Smad2/3-dependent process.
18665212 PAR1 inhibits the cleavage of HIV-1 gp160 to gp41 by furin
18546152 Proteomic profiling of CHO cells with enhanced rhBMP2 productivity following co-expression of furin is reported.
18544638 the interaction between the PTB domain of Mint3 and the acidic peptide signal of Furin regulates the specific localization of Furin in the trans-Golgi network
18467449 T(3) regulates furin gene expression via a novel mechanism or in cooperation with TGF-beta to enhance tumor metastasis in vitro and in vivo.
18353966 PAR1 inhibits the cleavage of HIV-1 gp160 to gp41 by furin
18323532 CysLT1 is involved in remodeling processes through modulation of furin transcription.
18245819 fibrates simultaneously decreased PCSK9 expression while increasing PC5/6A and furin expression, indicating a broad action of PPARalpha activation in proprotein convertase-mediated lipid homeostasis.
18174282 The Ca2+-binding capacity of epidermal furin is disrupted by H2O2-mediated oxidation in vitiligo.
18064302 PC furin is a major IGF-1 receptor convertase.
18037384 These data support the hypothesis of a direct binding of heparin with site1 and site2, allowing selective exposure/accessibility of the REKR sequence, which is only then optimally cleaved by furin.
18037384 PAR1 inhibits the cleavage of HIV-1 gp160 to gp41 by furin
17948127 Data suggest that furin levels in cystic fibrosis respiratory epithelial cells contributes to bacterial toxin-induced cell death, fibrosis, and local immunosuppression.
17938254 s-HJV originates from a furin cleavage at position 332-335
17909005 ppFurin expression in breast cancer cells decreased MMP-9 activity, but had no significant effect on TIMP-1 secretion.
17905609 the hepatic prohormone convertase furin mediates the posttranslational processing of hepcidin. The proteolytic cleavage of prohepcidin to hepcidin is not regulated by iron-transferrin or the HIF pathway
17641413 Furin may constitute a marker for ovarian tumor progression and could contribute to predict the outcome of this disease.
17525470 PAR1 inhibits the cleavage of HIV-1 gp160 to gp41 by furin
17477394 This study provides valuable insights into the structural properties of the furin prodomain in relation to its role in the folding of the furin zymogen and its inhibitory action toward furin.
17360815 Furin P1A promoter undergoes transactivation via Sox9 binding during chondrogenesis.
17301129 PAR1 inhibits the cleavage of HIV-1 gp160 to gp41 by furin
17283058 These findings highlight a pivotal role for furin, MT1-MMP, and MMP2 in TNF-alpha-induced sphingolipid signaling, and they identify this system as a possible target to inhibit SMC proliferation in vascular diseases.
16942750 furin enhances alpha-secretase activity via the cleavage of ADAM10 and TACE, and attenuated furin activity is connected to the production of Abeta
16912035 PCSK9 levels are finely regulated by the basic amino acid convertases furin and PC5/6A
16648485 Furin mediates cleavage of a receptor tyrosine phosphatase and regulation of beta catenin's transcriptional activity.
16627761 IL-12 caused Furin to be preferentially expressed in differentiated Th1 cells in a Stat4-dependent manner
16600625 PAR1 inhibits the cleavage of HIV-1 gp160 to gp41 by furin
16537537 pro-ADAMTS9 is processed at the cell surface by furin
16407210 an amino acid substitution in the PC1/3 propeptide can induce significant modifications of its inhibitory profile toward furin
15911696 furin and PC5 play a role in a MT-MMP-MMP-2 proteolytic cascade, involving provision of macrophage MT1-MMP for the activation of pro-MMP-2; furin and PC5 are expressed in monocytes and colocalize with MT1-MMP in macrophages in the atherosclerotic plaque
15659365 serpin/furin complex stability depends on pH and regulation at the deacylation step
15637056 furin can directly cleave the RXXR amino acid sequence in the propeptide domain of proMMP-2 leading to inactivation of the enzyme.
15611046 Analysis of furin promoters revealed the presence of putative binding sites for HIF-1; hypoxic/HIF-1 regulation of furin correlated with increased proteolytic activation of substrates MMP1 and TFGbeta1.
15606899 From a brain cDNA library of possible interacting proteins, furin efficiently processes both the beta-secretase beta-amyloid protein converting enzyme pro-BACE1 and its novel interacting partner brain-specific type II membrane protein pro-BRI3.
15584904 HGF and BCL-2 family proteins use a furin-dependent pathway to promote invasion via TGF-beta and MMP in human malignant glioma cells and the pro-invasive properties of TGF-beta require furin- dependent MMP activity.
15564468 releases Feline foamy virus (FFV) Env leader protein (Elp)from ENV precursor protein.
15371436 HIV-1 gp160 processing by furin is inhibited by polyarginine
15371436 PAR1 inhibits the cleavage of HIV-1 gp160 to gp41 by furin
15247425 Results report the identification of Spn4A, a previously uncharacterized secretory pathway serine protease inhibitor (serpin) from Drosophila melanogaster that contains a consensus furin cleavage site.
15240540 furin is responsible for VEGF-C processing in human oral tongue squamous cell carcinoma progression
15135058 PAR1 inhibits the cleavage of HIV-1 gp160 to gp41 by furin
14741044 modelling of furin's pro-region revealed that Ile-60 and His-66 might be crucial in forming the binding interface with the catalytic domain, while residues Trp-34 and Phe-67 might be involved in maintaining a hydrophobic core within the pro-region itself
14739277 furin is a novel chemokine-modifying enzyme in vitro and most probably also in vivo, generating a C-terminally truncated CXCL10, which fully retains its (inverse) agonistic properties.
14644155 findings established the existence of a novel alternative/complementary pathway by which furin increases tumor cell invasion through an amplification/activation loop between MMP-2 and TGFbeta
14596804 Data suggest that mutations that diminish domain 2 Ca(2+) binding allow furin access to an otherwise protected cleavage site, initiating the proteolytic cascade that leads to gelsolin amyloidogenesis and familial amyloidosis of Finnish type.
12736257 furin has a role in processing human pro-CNP
12584323 role in Semliki Forest virus p62 processing
12547702 Increased activity of this enzyme enhances the malignant phenotype of human head and neck cancer cells.
12411321 involvement of the proximal GATA recognition motif in the P1 promoter and impact on the maturation of furin substrates of Furin gene regulation in differentiating megakaryoblastic cells.
12354117 PAR1 inhibits the cleavage of HIV-1 gp160 to gp41 by furin
12220680 results show that shedding of furin occurs rapidly and further suggest that specific cysteine residues may impart a conformation to the enzyme, thereby affecting its susceptibility to proteolysis
12071862 PAR1 inhibits the cleavage of HIV-1 gp160 to gp41 by furin
11921231 PAR1 inhibits the cleavage of HIV-1 gp160 to gp41 by furin
11861826 PAR1 inhibits the cleavage of HIV-1 gp160 to gp41 by furin
11861638 Furin proteolytically processes the heparin-binding region of extracellular superoxide dismutase
11723118 we investigated the specificity and potency of complete prodomains and short C-terminal prodomain peptides of each SPC on highly purified, soluble enzyme preparations of human SPC1, SPC6, and SPC7.
10452538 PAR1 inhibits the cleavage of HIV-1 gp160 to gp41 by furin
10225274 PAR1 inhibits the cleavage of HIV-1 gp160 to gp41 by furin
9521771 PAR1 inhibits the cleavage of HIV-1 gp160 to gp41 by furin
9094426 PAR1 inhibits the cleavage of HIV-1 gp160 to gp41 by furin
8995623 PAR1 inhibits the cleavage of HIV-1 gp160 to gp41 by furin
8940009 PAR1 inhibits the cleavage of HIV-1 gp160 to gp41 by furin
8670066 PAR1 inhibits the cleavage of HIV-1 gp160 to gp41 by furin
8189547 PAR1 inhibits the cleavage of HIV-1 gp160 to gp41 by furin
8163529 PAR1 inhibits the cleavage of HIV-1 gp160 to gp41 by furin
7774724 PAR1 inhibits the cleavage of HIV-1 gp160 to gp41 by furin
7639757 PAR1 inhibits the cleavage of HIV-1 gp160 to gp41 by furin
1360148 PAR1 inhibits the cleavage of HIV-1 gp160 to gp41 by furin

AA Sequence

CPSDSEEDEGRGERTAFIKDQSAL                                                  771 - 794

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14596804 2003 Gelsolin domain 2 Ca2+ affinity determines susceptibility to furin proteolysis and familial amyloidosis of finnish type.
12787574 2003 Neurotrophin secretion: current facts and future prospects.
12736257 2003 Furin-mediated processing of Pro-C-type natriuretic peptide.
12670890 2003 The proteolytic processing of pro-platelet-derived growth factor-A at RRKR(86) by members of the proprotein convertase family is functionally correlated to platelet-derived growth factor-A-induced functions and tumorigenicity.
12644459 2003 Type XXIII collagen, a new transmembrane collagen identified in metastatic tumor cells.
12586364 2003 Novel insights into cadherin processing by subtilisin-like convertases.
12584323 2003 Furin processing and proteolytic activation of Semliki Forest virus.
12547702 2003 Increased furin activity enhances the malignant phenotype of human head and neck cancer cells.
12482870 2003 Characterization of sorCS1, an alternatively spliced receptor with completely different cytoplasmic domains that mediate different trafficking in cells.
12477932 2002 Generation and initial analysis of more than 15,000 full-length human and mouse cDNA sequences.
12460941 2002 Reduction of alpha-Gal expression by relocalizing alpha-galactosidase to the trans-Golgi network and cell surface.
12411321 2002 Furin gene (fur) regulation in differentiating human megakaryoblastic Dami cells: involvement of the proximal GATA recognition motif in the P1 promoter and impact on the maturation of furin substrates.
12220680 2002 Ectodomain shedding of furin: kinetics and role of the cysteine-rich region.
12058067 2002 Extracellular signal-regulated kinase phosphorylates tumor necrosis factor alpha-converting enzyme at threonine 735: a potential role in regulated shedding.
12058031 2002 Human mannose 6-phosphate-uncovering enzyme is synthesized as a proenzyme that is activated by the endoprotease furin.
12006600 2002 Intracellular activation of human adamalysin 19/disintegrin and metalloproteinase 19 by furin occurs via one of the two consecutive recognition sites.
11861638 2002 Furin proteolytically processes the heparin-binding region of extracellular superoxide dismutase.
11804956 2002 Proteolytic processing of human zona pellucida proteins.
11723118 2002 Inhibitory potency and specificity of subtilase-like pro-protein convertase (SPC) prodomains.
11571266 2001 Biologically active APRIL is secreted following intracellular processing in the Golgi apparatus by furin convertase.
11422372 2001 Proteolytic processing of a human salivary proline-rich protein precursor by proprotein convertases.
11416205 2001 Mutations within a furin consensus sequence block proteolytic release of ectodysplasin-A and cause X-linked hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia.
11380615 2001 Proprotein convertase expression and localization in epidermis: evidence for multiple roles and substrates.
11331585 2001 PACS-1 binding to adaptors is required for acidic cluster motif-mediated protein traffic.
11323410 2001 Post-translational processing of bovine chondromodulin-I.
11294867 2001 Activation and functional characterization of the mosaic receptor SorLA/LR11.
11237874 2001 'Shed' furin: mapping of the cleavage determinants and identification of its C-terminus.
11071887 2001 Processing of beta-secretase by furin and other members of the proprotein convertase family.
10900462 2000 The proprotein convertases furin and PACE4 play a significant role in tumor progression.
10888676 2000 Regulation of membrane type-1 matrix metalloproteinase activation by proprotein convertases.
10887202 2000 Characterization of Alzheimer's beta -secretase protein BACE. A pepsin family member with unusual properties.
10593987 1999 Recycling of furin from the plasma membrane. Functional importance of the cytoplasmic tail sorting signals and interaction with the AP-2 adaptor medium chain subunit.
10567353 1999 The prosegments of furin and PC7 as potent inhibitors of proprotein convertases. In vitro and ex vivo assessment of their efficacy and selectivity.
10526337 1999 Furin mediates enhanced production of fibrillogenic ABri peptides in familial British dementia.
10409610 1999 Proteolytic processing in the secretory pathway.
10373500 1999 ADAMTS-1 is an active metalloproteinase associated with the extracellular matrix.
10050053 1999 Subtilisin-like proprotein convertases, PACE4 and PC8, as well as furin, are endogenous proalbumin convertases in HepG2 cells.
9927419 1999 Propeptide cleavage conditions sortilin/neurotensin receptor-3 for ligand binding.
9827567 1998 Proprotein cleavage of E-cadherin by furin in baculovirus over-expression system: potential role of other convertases in mammalian cells.
9695949 1998 PACS-1 defines a novel gene family of cytosolic sorting proteins required for trans-Golgi network localization.
9653148 1998 The Notch1 receptor is cleaved constitutively by a furin-like convertase.
9642263 1998 Human ADAM 12 (meltrin alpha) is an active metalloprotease.
9599222 1997 Furin: a mammalian subtilisin/Kex2p-like endoprotease involved in processing of a wide variety of precursor proteins.
9442015 1998 Inhibition of soluble recombinant furin by human proteinase inhibitor 8.
9412467 1997 Cytoskeletal protein ABP-280 directs the intracellular trafficking of furin and modulates proprotein processing in the endocytic pathway.
9242664 1997 Processing of prothyrotropin-releasing hormone by the family of prohormone convertases.
9166946 1997 Comparative analysis of expression of the proprotein convertases furin, PACE4, PC1 and PC2 in human lung tumours.
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8940009 1996 Identification of the paired basic convertases implicated in HIV gp160 processing based on in vitro assays and expression in CD4(+) cell lines.
8846780 1995 Intracellular trafficking of furin is modulated by the phosphorylation state of a casein kinase II site in its cytoplasmic tail.
8615794 1996 Cellular processing of the nerve growth factor precursor by the mammalian pro-protein convertases.
8546712 1996 The low-density-lipoprotein receptor-related protein (LRP) is processed by furin in vivo and in vitro.
8262946 1993 Differential processing of proenkephalin by prohormone convertases 1(3) and 2 and furin.
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8020465 1994 Homology modelling of the catalytic domain of human furin. A model for the eukaryotic subtilisin-like proprotein convertases.
7782070 1995 Chromosomal assignment of the genes for proprotein convertases PC4, PC5, and PACE 4 in mouse and human.
7781597 1995 Two independent targeting signals in the cytoplasmic domain determine trans-Golgi network localization and endosomal trafficking of the proprotein convertase furin.
7737999 1995 Processing of transforming growth factor beta 1 precursor by human furin convertase.
7721880 1995 Proparathyroid hormone is preferentially cleaved to parathyroid hormone by the prohormone convertase furin. A mass spectrometric study.
7690548 1993 A mutation of furin causes the lack of precursor-processing activity in human colon carcinoma LoVo cells.
7592877 1995 A second mutant allele of furin in the processing-incompetent cell line, LoVo. Evidence for involvement of the homo B domain in autocatalytic activation.
7508380 1994 Intracellular trafficking and activation of the furin proprotein convertase: localization to the TGN and recycling from the cell surface.
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2251280 1990 Expression of a human proprotein processing enzyme: correct cleavage of the von Willebrand factor precursor at a paired basic amino acid site.
2112085 1990 Proteolytic processing of the 600 kd low density lipoprotein receptor-related protein (LRP) occurs in a trans-Golgi compartment.
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