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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 177
PubMed Score 6804.77
PubTator Score 7950.54

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  Disease Sources (3)

Disease Target Count P-value
psoriasis 6685 4.22619523846498E-25
periodontitis 269 5.93348983231031E-25
non-small cell lung cancer 2798 2.05648032901352E-14
lung adenocarcinoma 2714 1.94715825920176E-6
lung cancer 4473 3.91422238744043E-6
osteosarcoma 7933 8.69991289505328E-6
invasive ductal carcinoma 2950 0.0283077718669026


  Differential Expression (7)

Disease log2 FC p
psoriasis 3.400 0.000
osteosarcoma 1.182 0.000
periodontitis 1.300 0.000
non-small cell lung cancer -2.080 0.000
lung cancer -4.300 0.000
invasive ductal carcinoma -1.999 0.028
lung adenocarcinoma -1.171 0.000


Accession P09919 A8MXR7 G-CSF
Symbols GCSF


PANTHER Protein Class (2)


1CD9   1GNC   1PGR   1RHG   2D9Q  

  Ortholog (12)

Species Source
Chimp OMA EggNOG
Macaque OMA EggNOG Inparanoid
Mouse OMA EggNOG Inparanoid
Rat OMA EggNOG Inparanoid
Dog OMA EggNOG Inparanoid
Horse OMA EggNOG Inparanoid
Cow OMA EggNOG Inparanoid
Pig OMA Inparanoid
Opossum OMA EggNOG Inparanoid
Platypus OMA EggNOG
Anole lizard OMA EggNOG
Xenopus OMA EggNOG Inparanoid

Gene RIF (146)

26992288 G-CSF stimulates beta1 integrin expression and Swan 71 cell migration by activating PI3K and MAPK signaling pathways.
26666576 tumor G-CSF expression is an indicator of an extremely poor prognosis in cervical cancer patients that are treated with chemotherapy.
25976379 these data suggest that G-CSF may contribute to tumor growth and decrease the antitumor effect of radiotherapy, possibly by promoting vascularization in cancer lesions.
25721620 Colony Stimulating Factors 1, 2, 3 and early pregnancy
25510103 Transgenic poultry with a gene of human granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (gcsf) was developed by arti- ficial insemination with the transfected sperm
25400792 Case Report: undifferentiated colon carcinoma producing G-CSF.
25389911 GM-CSF, through its stimulatory function on macrophages, may promote aneurysm progression.
25249155 increases MMP-2 activity and VEGF secretion in trophoblasts through activation of PI3K/Akt and Erk signaling pathways
24994458 Elevated IL-8 and G-CSF may be involved in the pathophysiology of narcolepsy.
24975135 G-CSF constrains cancer to grow and progress by, respectively, supporting the survival of sympathetic nerve fibers in 6-hydroxydopamine-sympathectomized mice.

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Text Mined References (180)

PMID Year Title
26992288 2016 Granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF) upregulates ?1 integrin and increases migration of human trophoblast Swan 71 cells via PI3K and MAPK activation.
26666576 2015 The significance of G-CSF expression and myeloid-derived suppressor cells in the chemoresistance of uterine cervical cancer.
25976379 2015 Administration of granulocyte colony-stimulating factor with radiotherapy promotes tumor growth by stimulating vascularization in tumor-bearing mice.
25721620 2015 Colony Stimulating Factors 1, 2, 3 and early pregnancy steps: from bench to bedside.
25510103 [Development of transgenic chicken with a gene of human granulocyte colony-stimulating factor using sperm-mediated gene transfer].
25400792 2014 Granulocyte colony-stimulating factor-producing undifferentiated carcinoma of the colon mimicking a pulmonary giant cell carcinoma: a case showing overexpression of CD44 along with highly proliferating nestin-positive tumor vessels.
25389911 2015 Potential role of granulocyte-monocyte colony-stimulating factor in the progression of intracranial aneurysms.
25249155 2014 The granulocyte colony-stimulating factor (G-CSF) upregulates metalloproteinase-2 and VEGF through PI3K/Akt and Erk1/2 activation in human trophoblast Swan 71 cells.
24994458 2014 Increased plasma IL-6, IL-8, TNF-alpha, and G-CSF in Japanese narcolepsy.
24975135 2015 Granulocyte colony-stimulating factor off-target effect on nerve outgrowth promotes prostate cancer development.