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20179341 crystal structures of a crenarchaeal and the all-human SRP19-signal recognition particle RNA binary complexes presented here show that the asymmetric loop is bulged out in both binary complexes.
17881443 Overexpression of SRP19 reduces the HIV-1 NC-mediated packaging of 7SL RNA and A3G into virions in a dose-dependent manner
17434535 Data show that the presence of SRP54 during SRP19-RNA assembly dramatically alters the folding energy landscape to create a non-native folding pathway that leads to an aberrant SRP19-RNA conformation.
12244299 crystal structure of a human SRP ternary complex consisting of SRP19, the M domain of SRP54 and the S domain of 7SL RNA
12050674 Structure of the SRP19 RNA complex
11641499 1.8 angstrom resolution crystal structure of human SRP19 in complex with its primary binding site on helix 6 of SRP RNA was determined

AA Sequence

KKKK                                                                      141 - 144

Text Mined References (25)

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