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Accession P07992 B2RC01 B3KRR0 Q7Z7F5 Q96S40
Symbols UV20



2JNW   1Z00   2A1J   2MUT   2A1I   2JPD  

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27057082 Evidence strongly indicated the prospect of ERCC1 C118T and C8092A as predictive biomarkers for platinum-based chemotherapy in Asian non-small cell lung cancer patients.
26905109 Identification of ERCC1 expression level of tumor tissues in non-small cell lung cancer patients before treatment was not useful in prediction of treatment response and prognosis.
26823845 the ERCC1 rs3212986 polymorphism was found to influence the response to chemotherapy and overall survival of gastric cancer patients.
26805762 Upon UVC radiation, Nlp interacts with XPA and ERCC1, and enhances their association
26782397 Logistic regression analysis was taken to analyze the association between ERCC1 and ERCC2 genetic polymorphisms and response to chemotherapy.
26722542 there is a significant difference in biological behavior between ERCC1 rs3212986 gene polymorphism and treatment outcome of gastric cancer.
26676887 the highest expression of GGH and EGFR was noted in the left-sided colon; the highest expression of DHFR, FPGS, TOP1 and ERCC1 was noted in the rectosigmoid, whereas TYMP expression was approximately equivalent in the right-sided colon and rectum
26662383 Patients with negative expression of ERCC1 in tumor tissues had a significantly longer median DFS and median OS compared to patients with positive expression of ERCC1
26415382 ERCC1 genetic polymorphisms serve as important drug resistance genetic markers of ovarian neoplasms towards platinum drugs. (Review)
26400354 ERCC1 rs11615 polymorphism might influence the response to cisplatin-based chemotherapy and affect the clinical outcome for osteosarcoma patients.

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KARRLFDVLHEPFLKVP                                                         281 - 297

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PMID Year Title
27057082 2016 A Significant Statistical Advancement on the Predictive Values of ERCC1 Polymorphisms for Clinical Outcomes of Platinum-Based Chemotherapy in Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer: An Updated Meta-Analysis.
26939044 2016 New design of nucleotide excision repair (NER) inhibitors for combination cancer therapy.
26905109 Is there relationship between excision repair cross-complementation 1 expression level and response to treatment and prognosis in an advanced stage lung cancer treated with cisplatin-based chemotherapy?
26823845 2015 Prognostic value of ERCC1 and ERCC2 gene polymorphisms in patients with gastric cancer receiving platinum-based chemotherapy.
26805762 2016 Mitotic regulator Nlp interacts with XPA/ERCC1 complexes and regulates nucleotide excision repair (NER) in response to UV radiation.
26782397 2015 Genetic variability of ERCC1 and ERCC2 influences treatment outcomes in gastric cancer.
26722542 2015 Genetic variability of ERCC1 genes in NER pathway influences the treatment outcome of gastric cancer.
26676887 2016 Association between mRNA expression of chemotherapy-related genes and clinicopathological features in colorectal cancer: A large-scale population analysis.
26662383 2015 Correlation of ERCC1 expression in peripheral blood lymphocytes with outcomes of patients with gastric cancer treated with oxaliplatin-based adjuvant chemotherapy.
26415382 2015 [ERCC1 as a Marker of Ovarian Cancer Resistance to Platinum Drugs].