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Gene RIF (8)

25087955 Exogenous 5-HT decreased beta-casein expression in MCF-12A human mammary epithelial cells and was responsible for inhibiting phosphorylation of STAT5, resulting in a decline in lactational function.
24364857 The acidic fragment of human Abeta (Abeta1-11) and a phosphorylated fragment of beta-Casein induced tau fibrillization in vitro.
24189037 Milk congestion gives rise to higher levels of beta-casomorphin-8 in milk and plasma than in lactating women without problems.
19463972 derivatives of peptide fragment (54-59) exhibit immunosuppressant activity
19460752 Knockdown of casein beta (CSN2) by shRNA library screening inhibits HIV-1 replication in cultured Jurkat T-cells
16973758 a negative cross talk between PR and Stat5a/GR may contribute to the physiological role of progesterone to repress lactogenic hormone induction of the beta-casein gene
16947075 The RCM-kappa does form concentration-dependent micelles. Also, beta-CN phosphorylation level influences micelle formation. Complexes were low-temperature reversible and RCM-kappa fibrils were seen.
12788072 New functions of lactoferrin and beta-casein in mammalian milk as cysteine protease inhibitors. They might play a role in antiseptic and antiinfectious functions due to cysteine protease inhibition of bacteria and viruses.

AA Sequence

YPVTQPLAPVHNPISV                                                          211 - 226

Text Mined References (25)

PMID Year Title
25087955 2014 Serotonin suppresses ?-casein expression via inhibition of the signal transducer and activator of transcription 5 (STAT5) protein phosphorylation in human mammary epithelial cells MCF-12A.
24364857 2014 The role of anionic peptide fragments in 1N4R human tau protein aggregation.
24189037 2014 Enhanced levels of immunoreactive ?-casomorphin-8 in milk of breastfeeding women with mastitis.
19463972 2009 Derivatives of human beta-casein fragments (54-59) exhibit highly potent immunosuppressant activity.
18847231 2008 Analysis of the human casein phosphoproteome by 2-D electrophoresis and MALDI-TOF/TOF MS reveals new phosphoforms.
16973758 2007 Progesterone receptor repression of prolactin/signal transducer and activator of transcription 5-mediated transcription of the beta-casein gene in mammary epithelial cells.
16947075 2006 Reconstituted micelle formation using reduced, carboxymethylated bovine kappa-casein and human beta-casein.
16502470 2006 Human colostrum: identification of minor proteins in the aqueous phase by proteomics.
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12788072 2003 New functions of lactoferrin and beta-casein in mammalian milk as cysteine protease inhibitors.