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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 80
PubMed Score 762.82
PubTator Score 511.94

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Accession P05451 P11379 Q4ZG28
Symbols P19


PANTHER Protein Class (2)


1LIT   1QDD  

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Species Source
Chimp OMA EggNOG
Rat OMA Inparanoid

Gene RIF (47)

26240291 We have established a novel, three-protein biomarker panel that is able to detect patients with early-stage pancreatic cancer in urine specimens:LYVE-1, REG1A, and TFF1 were selected as candidate biomarkers
25813126 REG Ialpha protein may play a role in angiogenesis during progression of gastric cancer
25793700 post-operative serum PSP levels were significantly associated with the presence of infection in both the on-pump and off-pump setting.
25767811 the expression of REG Ialpha and REG Ibeta may be upregulated in human beta cells under inflammatory conditions through the JAK/STAT pathway
25656613 Collectively, these findings suggest that REG Ialpha activates c-Jun via the JNK and ERK pathway, thereby enhancing radiosensitivity
25234740 PSP/reg is significantly up-regulated in T2DM patients, and PSP/reg levels are related to the duration of diabetes.
24594294 PSP/reg levels were significantly higher in patients with a PELOD score of 12 or higher or in those with multiple organ dysfunction syndrome. Patients who died tended to have higher PSP/reg levels.
24225137 REG Ialpha overexpression is a characteristic ofsessile serrated adenoma/polyps of the colon, which appears to reflect aberration of crypt cell compartmentalization.
24065141 The effects of REG IA on AD and SCC cells were different in the in vitro study, and a correlation between REG IA expression and patient prognosis was noted in the in vivo study
24055447 Reg family proteins stimulate pancreatic beta cell proliferation.

AA Sequence

TSSTGFQKWKDVPCEDKFSFVCKFKN                                                141 - 166

Text Mined References (81)

PMID Year Title
26240291 2015 Identification of a Three-Biomarker Panel in Urine for Early Detection of Pancreatic Adenocarcinoma.
25813126 2015 Effect of REG I? protein on angiogenesis in gastric cancer tissues.
25793700 2015 Pancreatic stone protein predicts postoperative infection in cardiac surgery patients irrespective of cardiopulmonary bypass or surgical technique.
25767811 2015 Synergistic activations of REG I ? and REG I ? promoters by IL-6 and Glucocorticoids through JAK/STAT pathway in human pancreatic ? cells.
25656613 2015 REG I? activates c-Jun through MAPK pathways to enhance the radiosensitivity of squamous esophageal cancer cells.
25234740 2015 Pancreatic stone protein/regenerating protein (PSP/reg): a novel secreted protein up-regulated in type 2 diabetes mellitus.
24594294 2014 Pancreatic stone protein - a possible biomarker of multiorgan failure and mortality in children sepsis.
24225137 2013 Overexpression of regenerating gene I? appears to reflect aberration of crypt cell compartmentalization in sessile serrated adenoma/polyps of the colon.
24152035 2014 Variants in the 1q21 risk region are associated with a visual endophenotype of autism and schizophrenia.
24065141 2013 REG I? gene expression is linked with the poor prognosis of lung adenocarcinoma and squamous cell carcinoma patients via discrete mechanisms.