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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 65
PubMed Score 95.87
PubTator Score 41.18

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Accession P04731 Q86YX5 MT-1A
Symbols MT1


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Species Source
Chimp OMA EggNOG
Cow OMA Inparanoid

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26583802 Zn(ii) and Cd(ii) metalation of the human MT1a takes place through two distinct pathways.
26475450 We report on the competitive zinc metalation of apo-carbonic anhydrase [CA; metal-free CA (apo-CA)] in the presence of apo-metallothionein 1A domain fragments to identify domain specific determinants of zinc binding and zinc donation
26401817 The Zinc and Cadmium exchange kinetics between human MT1A and carbonic anhydrase were examined using time-dependent electrospray ionization mass spectrometry.
26167879 Modeling of the reactions showed that at both physiological (7.4) and acidic (5.8) pHs, zinc binding and cadmium exchanges occur essentially randomly between two MT1A fragments.
25208334 Data indicate the calculated equilibrium zinc binding constants of each of the 7 zinc metallothionein 1A species ranged from a high of (log(KF)) 12.5 to a low of 11.8.
24140052 The metal-free, apo-alpha-MT also adopts a folded structure in the presence of the As(3+) even though there is no As(3+) bound.
23947958 Low MT1A expression is associateed with lung carcinogenesis.
23763497 Increased metallothionein expression reflects steroid resistance in renal allograft recipients.
23506369 During the titration with Zn(2+), the electrospray ionization mass spectrometry data show that several metalated species coexist until the fully saturated proteins are formed.
23501100 MT-1A is epigenetically regulated by PU.1 during monocytic differentiation.

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PMID Year Title
26583802 2016 Defining the metal binding pathways of human metallothionein 1a: balancing zinc availability and cadmium seclusion.
26475450 2015 Putting the pieces into place: Properties of intact zinc metallothionein 1A determined from interaction of its isolated domains with carbonic anhydrase.
26401817 2015 Kinetics of Zinc and Cadmium Exchanges between Metallothionein and Carbonic Anhydrase.
26167879 2015 Domain Selection in Metallothionein 1A: Affinity-Controlled Mechanisms of Zinc Binding and Cadmium Exchange.
25208334 2014 The zinc balance: competitive zinc metalation of carbonic anhydrase and metallothionein 1A.
24140052 2013 Topographical analysis of As-induced folding of ?-MT1a.
23947958 2013 Expression of metallothionein and Nrf2 pathway genes in lung cancer and cancer-surrounding tissues.
23763497 2013 Increased metallothionein expression reflects steroid resistance in renal allograft recipients.
23506369 2013 Single-domain metallothioneins: evidence of the onset of clustered metal binding domains in Zn-rhMT 1a.
23501100 2013 Epigenetic regulation of the metallothionein-1A promoter by PU.1 during differentiation of THP-1 cells.