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26225830 Ang-(1-7) downregulated AT1R mRNA, upregulated mRNA levels of Ang II type 2 receptor (AT2R) and Mas receptor (MasR) and p38-MAPK phosphorylation and suppressed H22 cell-endothelial cell communication
26080617 MAS1 might act as an inhibitory regulator of breast cancer.
25068582 Data show that MAS receptor exhibited constitutive activity that was inhibited by the non-peptide inverse agonist.
24168260 Up-regulation of the ACE2/Ang-(1-7)/Mas axis protected against pulmonary fibrosis by inhibiting the MAPK/NF-kappaB pathway.
24128372 A proximal promoter construct for the MAS gene was repressed by the SOX [SRY (sex-determining region on the Y chromosome) box] proteins SRY, SOX2, SOX3 and SOX14, of which SRY is known to interact with the KRAB domain.
23592774 Control of adipogenesis by the autocrine interplays between angiotensin 1-7/Mas receptor and angiotensin II/AT1 receptor signaling pathways.
23488800 Data suggest that angiotensin converting enzyme 2/angiotensin II-(1-7)/MAS1 axis regulates leukocyte recruitment/activation, cell proliferation, and inflammation/fibrosis; main topic here is kidney/inflammatory renal disease. [REVIEW]
23459756 Mas appears to be a critical component required for NO-mediated vasodilatation induced by renin angiotensin system-dependent and RAS-independent agonists and therefore arises as a key pharmacological target to modulate endothelial function
22048948 MasR was significantly upregulated in colon adenocarcinoma compared with non-neoplastic colon mucosa, which showed little or no expression of it. ACE gene expression and enzymatic activity were also increased in the tumors.
22003054 Activation of Mas during myocardial infarction contributes to ischemia-reperfusion injury and suggest that inhibition of Mas-G(q) signaling may provide a new therapeutic strategy directed at cardioprotection.

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26460884 2015 G protein-coupled receptors directly bind filamin A with high affinity and promote filamin phosphorylation.
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26080617 2015 Expression of MAS1 in breast cancer.
25068582 2014 Atypical signaling and functional desensitization response of MAS receptor to peptide ligands.
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