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Patent (92,093)


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Color Blindness, Blue 1
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Tritanopia 1
Disease Target Count
Tritan color blindness 1


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25605338 A novel homozygous PDE6C mutation was identified as the cause of ACHM. In addition, we identified an OPN1SW mutation in the sibling with complete achromatopsia.
23022137 Individuals with the T190I S-opsin mutation behaved as mild tritans at 12.3-92.3Td, but as tritanopes at 1.2-9.2Td, for both light-adapted and dark-adapted conditions. The results are consistent with the mutant opsin causing abnormal S-cone function.
20801516 Observational study of genetic testing. (HuGE Navigator)
19493002 Immunoreactivity to anti-OPN1SW antibodies was seen in the upper layer of human epidermis & reconstructed skin. The opsin mRNA was seen in total RNA from human skin. Neither immunoreactivity nor mRNA expression was seen in cultured human keratinocytes.
19386593 11-cis-retinol had no significant effect on the activity of human blue cone opsin
19189139 Results show that, although light absorption behaves differently in blue, green and red opsins, their low-frequency vibrational motions are similar.
16961973 A novel mutation(prolin/leucine) in the short-wavelength-sensitive cone pigment gene associated with a tritan color vision defect.

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