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Accession P03973 B2R5H8 P07757 ALP
Symbols ALP



2Z7F   4DOQ  

Gene RIF (85)

26555393 Ongoing herpes simplex virus infection and resultant downregulation of local levels of SLPI may impart a greater susceptibility for keratinocytes to human papillomavirus type 16 infection through the host cell receptor annexin A2.
26239418 These results demonstrate that SLPI down-regulates pIgR expression through the NF-kappaB signaling pathway by inhibiting degradation of IkappaBbeta protein.
26121748 study identifies a distinct immune response in SA characterized by a dysregulated IFN-gamma/SLPI axis that affects lung function.
25917460 findings support a controlling role for SLPI in NET generation, which is of potential relevance to infectious and autoinflammatory diseases
25851169 Bronchial epithelial cells have decreased SLPI expression in response to hypoxia.
25559229 The elevations in cervical elafin and SLPI expression in the women with preterm delivery might reflect the local response to the pathogen invasion into the cervix preceding preterm labor.
25319722 Abnormal over-expression of SLPI in pancreatic cancer cells may be associated with the development of disease through its roles in promoting cancer cell survival and proliferation as well as anti-apoptosis.
25056659 We identify SLPI as a new player in acquisition of microbial hyporesponsiveness by buccal and intestinal epithelium in the first weeks after microbial colonisation.
25041028 Studies suggest that secretory leukocyte protease inhibitor (SLPI) as a mediator of systemic immune paresis in acute liver failure (ALF).
24764155 SLPI is an independent predictor for both OS and DSS and a relevant prognostic biomarker in OSCC.

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26239418 2015 Secretory leukocyte protease inhibitor inhibits expression of polymeric immunoglobulin receptor via the NF-?B signaling pathway.
26121748 2015 High IFN-? and low SLPI mark severe asthma in mice and humans.
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