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pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma liver m... -3.423 2.1e-02

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26908325 HPX is upregulated in non-small cell lung cancer patients compared to those with benign lung disease or no lung disease.
26339767 Heme scavenging is a major mechanism by which Hx defends against oxidative stress and related inflammatory disorders. [Review]
25888135 Plasma hemopexin levels were decreased or markedly decreased in patients with burns or sepsis and in premature infants.
24969553 Data show that HPX, POTEE and ApoA1 are deregulated in breast tumors suggesting un important role in breast tumorigenesis.
24613679 The Bach1-dependent repression of the HO-1 expression is under the control of the Hemopexin-dependent uptake of extracellular he
23620477 Hemopexin is overexpressed in the RPE of diabetic patients with DME and induces the breakdown of RPE cells in vitro.
23350672 hemopexin will be neuroprotective after traumatic brain injury, with heme release in the CNS, and during the ensuing inflammation.
23254305 activated hemopexin might be considered as a factor mediating ang II effects upon blood pressure by modulating AT1-R availability
22993068 In sum, these data indicated that AKI-associated hepatic stress generates Hpx, which gains renal tubule access.
22772444 The findings suggest that hemopexin can modulate the role of hemoglobin in sterile and infectious inflammation
22579751 In conclusion, the current work has identified potential T1DM biomarkers and one of these, hemopexin, can be modulated by glucose through a ROS-dependent mechanism.
21404362 Studies indicate that hemopexin lacks the catalytic triad that is characteristic of many serine proteases but possesses two highly exposed Arg-Gly-Glu sequences that may promote interaction with cell surfaces.
21193411 mutations of amino acids involved in the interaction weakened the dimer interaction of Hpx domains in solution, and incorporation of these mutations into the full-length enzyme significantly inhibited dimer-dependent functions on the cell surface
20628086 Observational study of gene-disease association, gene-environment interaction, and pharmacogenomic / toxicogenomic. (HuGE Navigator)
20610401 hemopexin directly interacts with FLVCR
20149159 elevated Hx predicts late graft failure in kidney transplantation
19966041 In a family with a hypomaturation-type enamel defect, mutational and haplotype analyses revealed an amelogenesis imperfecta-causing point mutation in exon 6 of MMP20 that results in a single amino acid substitution in the hemopexin domain.
19913121 Observational study of gene-disease association. (HuGE Navigator)
19863188 Results indicate that for the discrimination of AD from ND control subjects, measurement of a set of markers including Abeta1-42, ApoA1 and HPX improved diagnostic performance over that obtained by measurement of Abeta1-42 alone.
18044975 these observations result from the binding of heme in form beta with an orientation that differs from the crystallographically observed binding orientation for rabbit hemopexin
17636883 The structural consequences of metal ion binding to the form of hemopexin that dominates in plasma have been evaluated.
17229156 HPX-heme(II)-NO appears to act as an efficient scavenger of peroxynitrite and of strong oxidants and nitrating species following the reaction of peroxynitrite with CO2
17185359 Hemopexin and hemopexin domains of human proteins fulfill functions in activation of MMPs, inhibition of MMPs, dimerization, binding of substrates or ligands, cleavage of substrates, and endocytosis by LRP-1 and LRP-2.
16079987 Hemopexin in minimal change nephropathy relapse subjects may exist in an altered isoform, showing enhanced protease activity as compared with subjects in remission, subjects with other forms of primary glomerulopathy, or healthy controls.
16014037 hemopexin molecule as such can potentially act as a toxic protease, leading to proteinuria and glomerular alterations
15697213 Thermal denaturation of the human hemopexin-heme complex is investigated under a variety of solution conditions to identify factors that influence heme release, including the potential presence of transition metal ions or heme iron reduction.
15697212 The ability of hemopexin to bind metal ions raises the possibility that this protein may participate in the transport of metal ions in blood or in the exchange of metal ions between proteins.
15558018 The conserved binding ability of the Hemopexin domains suggests that CD44 may act as a core molecule assembling multiple Membrane-type 1 matrix metalloproteinases on the cell surface.
12675843 mesangial hemopexin is able to affect glomerular anionic sites, it is conceivable that stimulated mesangium may contribute to enhanced glomerular permeability in corticosteroid responsive nephrotic syndrome through local hemopexin release.

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