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27129211 Alpha B-crystalline plays an important regulatory role in exosome biogenesis.
26878210 alphaB-crystallin is an important regulator of epithelial-mesenchymal transition, acting as a molecular chaperone for SMAD4 and as its potential therapeutic target for preventing subretinal fibrosis development in neovascular age-related macular degeneration
26657544 Similar to wild type alphaA- and alphaB-crystallins, the deamidated mutants showed strong interaction with betaA3-crystallin.
26620801 Data show that phosphorylation of crystallin alphaB (cryAB) deters its packaging into vesicles for exosomal secretion.
26464626 alpha B crystallin is an independent prognostic factor of infiltrating ductal carcinoma of the breast
26458046 These data suggest that alphaB-crystallin uses its inherent structural plasticity to expose distinct binding interfaces and thus interact with a wide range of structurally variable clients.
26415747 Phosphorylation of alphaB-crystallin has dual role that manifests either beneficial or deleterious consequences depending on the extent of phosphorylation and interaction with cytoskeleton. [review]
26402864 two novel missense mutations, p.R11C and p.R12C, in CRYAB associated with autosomal recessive congenital nuclear cataracts.
26351848 In the lens epithelium of the high myopia-related cataract group and the age related cataract group, the mRNA and soluble protein expression of aA- and aB-crystallin were both decreased.
26341790 The multifunctional activity of human alphaB crystallin results from the interactive peptide sequences exposed on the surface of the molecule. [review]

AA Sequence

GVLTVNGPRKQVSGPERTIPITREEKPAVTAAPKK                                       141 - 175

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PMID Year Title
27129211 2016 Inhibition of the Expression of the Small Heat Shock Protein ?B-Crystallin Inhibits Exosome Secretion in Human Retinal Pigment Epithelial Cells in Culture.
26878210 2016 ?B-Crystallin Regulates Subretinal Fibrosis by Modulation of Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition.
26657544 2015 Interaction of ?A3-Crystallin with Deamidated Mutants of ?A- and ?B-Crystallins.
26620801 2016 Phosphorylation negatively regulates exosome mediated secretion of cryAB in glioma cells.
26464626 2015 Expression of alpha B crystallin and BCL2 in patients with infiltrating ductal carcinoma.
26458046 2015 The chaperone ?B-crystallin uses different interfaces to capture an amorphous and an amyloid client.
26415747 2016 Phosphorylation of ?B-crystallin: Role in stress, aging and patho-physiological conditions.
26402864 2015 Missense Mutations in CRYAB Are Liable for Recessive Congenital Cataracts.
26351848 2015 UPR Activation and the Down-Regulation of ?-Crystallin in Human High Myopia-Related Cataract Lens Epithelium.
26341790 2016 Functional sequences in human alphaB crystallin.