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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 154
PubMed Score 658.36
PubTator Score 91.82

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Accession P02489 Q53X53
Symbols CRYA1


PANTHER Protein Class (1)

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Gene RIF (113)

26975472 alphaA-crystallin membrane insertion is oligomer-size dependent
26867756 The p.R21Q mutation of CRYAA is the most likely cause of paediatric cataract in this family.
26719333 Collectively, these studies show that FGF signaling up-regulates expression of alphaA-crystallin both directly and indirectly via up-regulation of c-Maf.
26700637 isomerization of Asp might disrupt the higher order polymeric state of alpha-crystallin, resulting in decreased solubility and function, ultimately contributing to lens protein impairment and cataract formation with aging
26657544 Similar to wild type alphaA- and alphaB-crystallins, the deamidated mutants showed strong interaction with betaA3-crystallin.
26459035 these results suggest that individuals carrying the alphaA-Crystallin R12C mutation are at an increased risk to develop early-onset cataract under condition of oxidative stress
26351848 In the lens epithelium of the high myopia-related cataract group and the age related cataract group, the mRNA and soluble protein expression of aA- and aB-crystallin were both decreased.
26116912 Since alpha-crystallins play an important role in preventing cataract in the eye lens and in the development of diverse diseases, understanding their mechanism and substrate spectra is of importance. [review]
26080000 Congenital cataract causing arginine mutations alters the structure and decreases the chaperone function of alpha-crystallin. These mutations also affect the lens morphology and phenotypes (review).
26004348 Identification of a novel mutation in CRYAA associated with congenital cataracts.

AA Sequence

FCGPKIQTGLDATHAERAIPVSREEKPTSAPSS                                         141 - 173

Text Mined References (160)

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