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3BH9   1QR1   3BHB   3FQW   3FQX   4NO3   4NO5   2CLR   3MRK   3BGM   4NNX   4NNY   1TVB   1TVH   5EU3   5EU4   5EU6   3UTQ   3UTS   3UTT   5C0D   5HYJ   3FQN   3FQR   1AKJ   1AO7   1AQD   1B0G   1B0R   1BD2   1DUY   1DUZ   1EEY   1EEZ   1HHG   1HHH   1HHI   1HHJ   1HHK   1HLA   1I1F   1I1Y   1I4F   1I7R   1I7T   1I7U   1IM3   1JF1   1JHT   1LP9   1OGA   1P7Q   1QEW   1QRN   1QSE   1QSF   1S8D   1S9W   1S9X   1S9Y   1T1W   1T1X   1T1Y   1T1Z   1T20   1T21   1T22   1UR7   2AV1   2AV7   2BNQ   2BNR   2C7U   2F53   2F54   2GIT   2GJ6   2GT9   2GTW   2GTZ   2GUO   2J8U   2JCC   2P5E   2P5W   2PYE   2UWE   2V2W   2V2X   2VLJ   2VLK   2VLL   2VLR   2X4N   2X4O   2X4P   2X4Q   2X4R   2X4S   2X4T   2X4U   2X70   3BH8   3D25   3D39   3D3V   3FQT   3FQU   3FT2   3FT3   3FT4   3GIV   3GJF   3GSN   3GSO   3GSQ   3GSR   3GSU   3GSV   3GSW   3GSX   3H7B   3H9H   3H9S   3HAE   3HLA   3HPJ   3I6G   3I6K   3IXA   3KLA   3MGO   3MGT   3MR9   3MRB   3MRC   3MRD   3MRE   3MRF   3MRG   3MRH   3MRI   3MRJ   3MRL   3MRM   3MRN   3MRO   3MRP   3MRQ   3MRR   3MYJ   3O3A   3O3B   3O3D   3O3E   3O4L   3PWJ   3PWL   3PWN   3PWP   3QDG   3QDJ   3QDM   3QEQ   3QFD   3QFJ   3REW   3TO2   3V5D   3V5H   3V5K   4E5X   4EMZ   4EN2   4EUP   4FTV   4GKN   4GKS   4I4W   4JFD   4JFE   4JFF   4JFO   4JFP   4JFQ   4K7F   4L29   4L3C   4L3E   4MNQ   4NO0   4NO2   4OV5   4QOK   4U6X   4U6Y   4UQ3   4WJ5   4WUU   4ZEZ   5C07   5C08   5C09   5C0A   5C0B   5C0C   5C0E   5C0F   5C0G   5C0H   5C0I   5C0J   5D2L   5D2N   5D9S   5DDH   5E9D   5EU5   5HHM   5HHN   5HHO   5HHP   5HHQ   5IRO  

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Species Source
Macaque OMA EggNOG

Gene RIF (1205)

26974162 Promiscuous Recognition of a Trypanosoma cruzi CD8+ T Cell Epitope among HLA-A2, HLA-A24 and HLA-A1 Supertypes in Chagasic Patients.
26967484 HLA-A alleles are associated with dermatitis herpetiformis in Chinese population.
26787886 Vitiligo risk associated with the MHC class I region thus derives from combined quantitative and qualitative phenomena: a SNP haplotype in a transcriptional regulator that induces gain-of-function, elevating expression of HLA-A RNA
26656886 the carriage of HLA-A SNP rs1655900 studied is not associated with the susceptibility to CT infection based on the data from the STD cohort.
26621839 Data indicate that adoptive transfer of peptide-induced cytotoxic T lymphocytes (CTL) cells from HLA-A2 transgenic mice into human tumor xenograft SCID mice significantly inhibited tumor growth.
26600404 This report presents results of a study of similarities and dissimilarities comparing all possible pairs of 43 high resolution X-ray structures of human HLA-A2.
26564811 expression on melanoma variants with B-Raf kinase inhibitors plays a major role in their susceptibility to NK-cell cytotoxicity
26507656 mutant N-terminally extended peptides exhibited significantly increased HLA-A*02:01 binding affinity and elicited CD8(+) T cell stimulation in vitro similar to the wtgp100209-217 epitope.
26490229 HLA-A*31:01 was confirmed to be significantly associated with definite/probable cases of Stevens-Johnson syndrome/toxic epidermal necrolysis
26448174 HLA-A*02:06 with Toll Like Receptor 3 polymorphisms and HLA-A*02:06 with prostaglandin e receptor-3 polymorphisms exerted additive effects in Stevens-Johnson Syndrome with Surface Ocular Complications

AA Sequence

DSAQGSDVSLTACKV                                                           351 - 365

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PMID Year Title
26974162 2016 Promiscuous Recognition of a Trypanosoma cruzi CD8+ T Cell Epitope among HLA-A2, HLA-A24 and HLA-A1 Supertypes in Chagasic Patients.
26967484 2016 The HLA Alleles B*0801 and DRB1*0301 Are Associated with Dermatitis Herpetiformis in a Chinese Population.
26787886 2016 Autoimmune vitiligo is associated with gain-of-function by a transcriptional regulator that elevates expression of HLA-A*02:01 in vivo.
26656886 2016 Potential protective effect of a G>A SNP in the 3'UTR of HLA-A for Chlamydia trachomatis symptomatology and severity of infection.
26621839 2016 A HLA-A2-restricted CTL epitope induces anti-tumor effects against human lung cancer in mouse xenograft model.
26600404 2016 Clusters of Structurally Similar MHC I HLA-A2 Molecules, Found with a New Method, Suggest Mechanisms of T-Cell Receptor Avidity.
26566883 2016 Homozygous missense mutation in the LMAN2L gene segregates with intellectual disability in a large consanguineous Pakistani family.
26564811 2016 HLA class I downregulation is associated with enhanced NK-cell killing of melanoma cells with acquired drug resistance to BRAF inhibitors.
26507656 2015 The T210M Substitution in the HLA-a*02:01 gp100 Epitope Strongly Affects Overall Proteasomal Cleavage Site Usage and Antigen Processing.
26490229 2015 Development of a simple genotyping method for the HLA-A*31:01-tagging SNP in Japanese.