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Accession P01850 A0A5B8 A6NH51
Symbols TCRB



2AK4   2NX5   2PO6   4L4T   4L4V   4LCW   4NQC   4NQD   4NQE   1YMM   1ZGL   1AO7   1OGA   2BNQ   2BNR   2F53   2F54   2GJ6   2P5E   2P5W   2PYE   2VLJ   2VLK   2VLR   3D39   3D3V   3O4L   4JFD   4JFE   4JFF   4MNQ   1FYT   1J8H   1KGC   1KTK   1MI5   2AXH   2BNU   2CDE   2CDF   2CDG   2ESV   2IAL   2IAM   2IAN   2NTS   2NW2   2PYF   2VLM   2XN9   2XNA   3ARB   3ARD   3ARE   3ARF   3ARG   3DX9   3DXA   3FFC   3HE6   3HG1   3KPR   3KPS   3TN0   4G8E   4G8F   4GG6   4GG8   4IIQ   4JFH   4JRX   4JRY   4L9L   4LCC   4MJI   4OZF   4OZG   4OZH   4OZI   4P46   4PRH   4PRI   4PRP   4X6B   4X6C   4X6D   4ZDH  

AA Sequence

GVLSATILYEILLGKATLYAVLVSALVLMAMVKRKDF                                     141 - 177

Text Mined References (13)

PMID Year Title
19167249 2009 The shaping of T cell receptor recognition by self-tolerance.
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