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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 103
PubMed Score 2309.71
PubTator Score 2763.52

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Accession P01563 H2DF54 H2DF55 P01564 Q14606 Q6DJX8 Q96KI6 IFN-alpha-2
Symbols IFNA



1ITF   1RH2   2HIE   2HYM   2KZ1   2LAG   2LMS   3S9D   3SE3   4YPG   4Z5R  

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Species Source
Chimp OMA EggNOG
Macaque OMA Inparanoid

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27087087 Report biased expression of human interferon alpha-2b and Escherichia coli methionine amino peptidase genes under control of single promoter in E. coli.
26679999 Data suggest IFNA2 binding to extracellular domain of IFN receptors IFNAR1 or IFNAR2 promotes proximity between intracellular domains; signaling depends on duration of activation and affinity of binding rather than specific conformational changes.
25995245 IFN-beta was significantly more effective than IFNA2 in protecting human head and neck squamous cell carcinoma lines from oncolysis by vesicular stomatitis.
25982860 The structure, mechanism of action and biological activities of IFNalpha2. [Review]
25972534 HIV-1 isolate R3A Nef mutants G2, WL58, RR106, LL165, E160NNSLL165, and DD175 fail to induce release of IFN-alpha in pDCs, suggesting that the Nef function responsible for CD4 downregulation is crucial for pDCs stimulation by R3A
25837663 interferon alpha-2b gene mutations were identified among brain tumor patients; highest percentage of frameshift mutations was identified; patients were found to be under environmental stress from contaminated drinking water and from local gamma radiations
25768396 The chronic use of low dose of radiations by occupational workers has a significant correlation with mutational effects on interferon alpha 2b gene, further evident by depressed interferon alpha levels in serum.
25734487 PPARalpha activation by an agonist WY-14643 could potentiate IFN-alpha responses, reverse IFN-alpha refractoriness, and enhance viral eradication in hepatocytes.
25678471 modulates transitional B cell signaling and function in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus patients
25049393 these findings establish critical and essential roles for SKAR in the regulation of mRNA translation of IFN-sensitive genes and induction of IFN-alpha biological responses.

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PMID Year Title
27087087 2016 Biased expression, under the control of single promoter, of human interferon ?-2b and Escherichia coli methionine amino peptidase genes in E. coli, irrespective of their distance from the promoter.
26679999 2016 Type I Interferon Signaling Is Decoupled from Specific Receptor Orientation through Lenient Requirements of the Transmembrane Domain.
25995245 2015 Interferon Beta and Interferon Alpha 2a Differentially Protect Head and Neck Cancer Cells from Vesicular Stomatitis Virus-Induced Oncolysis.
25982860 2015 IFNA2: The prototypic human alpha interferon.
25837663 2015 Mutations of the human interferon alpha-2b gene in brain tumor patients exposed to different environmental conditions.
25768396 2015 Mutations of the human interferon alpha-2b (hIFN-?2b) gene in occupationally protracted low dose radiation exposed personnel.
25734487 2015 The Mechanism of Interferon Refractoriness During Hepatitis C Virus Infection and Its Reversal with a Peroxisome Proliferator-Activated Receptor ? Agonist.
25678471 2015 Interferon-? induces altered transitional B cell signaling and function in Systemic Lupus Erythematosus.
25049393 2014 Regulatory effects of SKAR in interferon ? signaling and its role in the generation of type I IFN responses.
24866020 2014 Multifaceted activities of type I interferon are revealed by a receptor antagonist.