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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 99
PubMed Score 8089.07
PubTator Score 5732.72

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Disease log2 FC p
diabetes mellitus 1.100 0.001
Multiple Sclerosis 1.100 0.000


Accession P01350 P78463 P78464
Symbols GAS


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26161647 Results suggest a role for Toll-like receptor 4 in gastric acid regulation and that the Toll-like receptor 4 (TLR4) +896 and +1196 wild type homozygozity increases peptic ulcer risk via gastrin secretion.
25993755 Small (</=10 mm) gastric carcinoids with normal serum gastrin level confined to submucosa can be treated with endoscopic or local resection unless lymphovascular invasion.
25977510 Gastrin stimulates MMP-1 expression in gastric epithelial cells and stimulates cell migration.
25601282 treatment with gastrin, a CCK2R agonist, stimulated the secretion of GLP-1, and that this effect was likely due to increased expression of proglucagon and PCSK1 (also known as prohormone convertase 3 (PC3 gene)).
25109333 Progastrin is a new pro-angiogenic factor in colorectal cancer and an attractive therapeutic target.
24388886 In autoimmune gastritis, the authors were able to find evidence for a new gastrin-mediated mechanism for ghrelin suppression as a gastro-protective marker.
24210828 Gastrin values were higher in erosive esophagitis patients taking proton pump inhibitors compared to controls. There was no correlation between gastrin levels and treatment duration. Female patients had significantly higher gastrin values than males.
24086717 NR4A2 is regulated by gastrin and influences cellular responses of gastric adenocarcinoma cells.
23121767 A novel signal pathway involved in gastrin-stimulated AE2 expression mediated by EGR1 in gastric cancer cells.
22593272 hypoxia up-regulates the gastrin gene in AGS cells by HIF-independent mechanisms

AA Sequence

DPSKKQGPWLEEEEEAYGWMDFGRRSAEDEN                                            71 - 101

Text Mined References (102)

PMID Year Title
26161647 2015 Toll-Like Receptor 4 Wild Type Homozygozity of Polymorphisms +896 and +1196 Is Associated with High Gastrin Serum Levels and Peptic Ulcer Risk.
25993755 Risk factors of lymph node metastasis in patients with gastric neuroendocrine tumor with normal serum gastrin level.
25977510 2015 Gastrin stimulates MMP-1 expression in gastric epithelial cells: putative role in gastric epithelial cell migration.
25601282 2015 Expression of cholecystokinin2-receptor in rat and human L cells and the stimulation of glucagon-like peptide-1 secretion by gastrin treatment.
25109333 2015 Progastrin a new pro-angiogenic factor in colorectal cancer.
24388886 2013 Gastrin mediated down regulation of ghrelin and its pathophysiological role in atrophic gastritis.
24210828 2014 The effects of long-term therapy with proton pump inhibitors on meal stimulated gastrin.
24086717 2013 NR4A2 is regulated by gastrin and influences cellular responses of gastric adenocarcinoma cells.
23121767 2013 EGR1 is critical for gastrin-dependent upregulation of anion exchanger 2 in gastric cancer cells.
22593272 2012 Induction of gastrin expression in gastrointestinal cells by hypoxia or cobalt is independent of hypoxia-inducible factor (HIF).