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NCBI Gene PubMed Count 393
PubMed Score 1735.52
PubTator Score 270.82

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Disease log2 FC p
diabetes mellitus 1.300 0.001
pituitary cancer -9.900 0.000
psoriasis -1.200 0.000


Accession P01241 A6NEF6 Q14405 Q16631 Q5EB53 Q9HBZ1 Q9UMJ7 Q9UNL5
Symbols GH



PANTHER Protein Class (2)


1BP3   1A22   1AXI   1HGU   1HUW   1HWG   1HWH   1KF9   3HHR  

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Species Source
Chimp OMA Inparanoid

Gene RIF (342)

27151213 evidence that hGH synthesis follows a diurnal rhythm and of dynamic associations of the circadian machinery with a component of a chromosomal structure of the hGH1 locus that is essential for efficient expression.
26915772 Gene polymorphism of leptin (loci rs7799039) and leptin receptor (loci rs1137101) are correlated with Growth hormone deficiency susceptibility.
26522057 These results showed that hybrid training system on a cycle ergometer (CE) was more efficient in stimulating acute increases in GH, lactate and IL-6 than CE at the same workload.
26485222 This is the first report of a family suffering from short stature caused by autosomal dominant form of GH deficiency II, which severely affects intracellular GH folding and stability as well as secretion
26256649 These data on pregnancy outcomes in a large group of women with hypopituitarism revealed no relationship between GH replacement therapy regimens and pregnancy outcomes.
26225688 Growth Hormone 1 T1663A Polymorphism were at a decreased risk of breast cancer.
26202070 the phenotype of MIP-FoxM1-hGH mice is due primarily to hGH activity and that the FoxM1 protein remains largely inactive
25873390 Human Growth Hormone stimulates the microRNA 96-182-183 cluster, which promotes the epithelial-mesenchymal transition and invasion in breast cancer
25782001 Effect of oral glucose administration on rebound growth hormone release in normal and obese women: the role of adiposity, insulin sensitivity and ghrelin.
25662214 The results demonstrate that activation of noncoding transcription reflects an autonomous activity of the human growth hormone long-range enhancer that is fully independent of interactions with linked gene promoters and occurring in spatial and temporal synchrony with initiation of GH expression in the embryonic pituitary.

AA Sequence

VEGSCGF                                                                   211 - 217

Text Mined References (399)

PMID Year Title
27151213 2016 Evidence for a Circadian Effect on the Reduction of Human Growth Hormone Gene Expression in Response to Excess Caloric Intake.
26915772 2016 The Relationship Between Gene Polymorphism of Leptin and Leptin Receptor and Growth Hormone Deficiency.
26862561 2016 Curated eutherian third party data gene data sets.
26697363 2015 Third party data gene data set of eutherian growth hormone genes.
26522057 2015 Cycling Exercise with Electrical Stimulation of Antagonist Muscles Increases Plasma Growth Hormone and IL-6.
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26202070 2015 Transgenic expression of the human growth hormone minigene promotes pancreatic ?-cell proliferation.
25873390 2015 Autocrine/Paracrine Human Growth Hormone-stimulated MicroRNA 96-182-183 Cluster Promotes Epithelial-Mesenchymal Transition and Invasion in Breast Cancer.